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50 Polls in Groups of Five Part Seven

Updated on March 30, 2016

What do you do while waiting for your spouse at a doctors appointment?

At my wife's doctor appointment I went out side and walked back and forth for about a half an hour. When I came back in I asked for a piece of paper and pulled out my pencil. I started writing again. Within a matter of minutes I had the first seven sets of polls written out. When I got home I ran a review of all my prior polls to make sure that there were no duplicates. I found one but it was a quiz subject and polls are different then quizzes.

It was weird that the last three sets of polls are what took me the longest. Normally when I sit down to do a poll site they are easy. OK so the 101 various polls were a bit more tricky as they did not follow my usual pattern. But still progress is progress.

With that being said I have made progress and now have a new poll site for you to enjoy. So please do go forth and enjoy.

Things to do while waiting for your wife

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The Astronaut by Accutron Automatic LIMITED EDITION Men's Watch

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Group One

More on Trees

Poll # 1

Have you ever climbed a tree?

See results

Poll # 2

Have you ever cut down a tree?

See results

Poll # 3

Have you ever tried to grow a fruit tree from a seed?

See results

Poll # 4

Do you grow your own Christmas tree?

See results

Poll # 5

Have you ever planted a tree on Arbor Day?

See results

Visit the National Arbor Day Website

Image from the Arbor Day Website
Image from the Arbor Day Website

Just click on this link - Arbor Day Foundation

Group Two


Poll # 6

Do you go for walks just for the fun of it?

See results

Poll # 7

Have you ever participated in a Walk-a-Thon to raise money for a charity?

See results

Pole # 8

Have you ever taken a dog for a walk?

See results

P0le # 9

Have you used a walk-man?

See results

Poll # 10

Have you ever had a toy that walks?

See results

Group Three


Poll # 11

When you go for appoints are the magazines new or old in the waiting room?

See results

Poll # 12

For this question - Think of me and the floor of the dentist waiting room.

Have you ever fallen asleep in the waiting room?

See results

Poll # 13

Rescheduled an appointment because the wait was too long?

See results

Poll # 14

Have you ever double booked an appointment and had to reschedule one?

See results

Poll # 15

Has the person you schedule the appointment with have to reschedule?

See results

Group Four


Poll # 16

Have you ever had a butterfly land on you?

See results

Poll # 17

Have you ever watched a bug zapper?

See results

Poll # 18

Have you ever been stung by a bee?

See results

Poll # 19

Have you ever given your pet a flea bath?

See results

Poll # 20

Have you watched A Bugs Life?

See results

After the questions about Bugs I just had to add this one in

Group Five


Poll # 21

Can you ride a unicycle?

See results

I have not tried this yet - But maybe this will help both of us

Poll # 22

Did you learn with or with out training wheals to ride a bike?

See results

Poll # 23

Have you ever heard the song Bicycle Built for too?

See results

A Bicycle Built for Two - By Nat King Cole

Poll # 24

Have you ever broken a bone when falling off of a bicycle?

See results

Poll # 25

Where would you rather have the brakes on your bike?

See results

Group Six

Night Life

Poll # 26

If you have caught a fire fly how many did you put in a jar?

See results

Poll # 27

How many shooting stars have you seen in one night?

See results

Poll # 28

When do you tend to get more mosquito bites?

See results

Poll # 29

What do you think of a planetariums?

See results

Poll # 30

Which are you?

See results

Alicia Bridges - I Love the Nightlife

First I am showing my age again.

Second this song fits in with this set of polls somehow.

Group Seven


Poll # 31

When donating blood which would you rather use?

See results

Poll # 32

What would you prefer to donate?

See results

Poll # 33

If you had the chance to donate would you?

See results

Poll # 34

Has the Red Cross called you to see if you could come in and donate?

See results

Poll # 35 - I am A+ the wife is O- and the daughter is O+. Look we got together and the daughter got a little bit of both of us.

What type are you?

See results

If You Would Like to Donate - Or Even Just Volunteer Your Time

Just click on this link - American Red Cross

Its interesting how just taking a little of your time can help others. I am now over three gallons donated. And the next time I go I will be trying to do the platelets donation. This means that I will have to go to one of the local centers as the mobile units are not set up for that type of donation. This will be another first for me to try.

Thinking Cap
Thinking Cap

Do you remember reading the intro at the beginning of this page?

If you do then you will remember that I had the first seven groups of five just flow onto the paper. Well here we are and its time for the last three groups of five. And I am racking my brain as I try and come up with some good polls for you to enjoy. The scary part is they will either take me forever and a day to come up with or I will get inspired and have enough to do up another poll or even quiz site. Either way I hope you enjoy the rest of these polls.

Group Eight


Poll # 36

What kind of test would you rather take?

See results

Poll # 37

Do you use a thermometer to test food you are making?

See results

Poll # 38

Have you ever used the line - You are testing my patients?

See results

Poll # 39

When you were in school, how did you feel about those pop quizzes?

See results

Poll # 40

When taking a drivers test did you pass it on the first try?

See results

Group Nine

Field Project

Poll # 41

Which of these would you grow in a field?

See results

Poll # 42

Have you ever gone through a corn maze?

See results

Poll # 43

I have gone out to pick berries and make jelly, how about you?

See results

Poll # 44

After a farmer plows his field have you ever gone looking for arrow heads?

See results

Poll # 45

I was married out in a field, how about you?

See results

Group Ten

Natural Disasters

The ones I have lived through

Poll # 46

Have you ever been in an earth quake?

See results

Poll # 47

Have you ever been in a tornado?

See results

Poll # 48

Have you ever been in a Flood?

See results

Poll # 49

Have you ever been in an ice storm or two?

See results

Poll # 50 - This was not so much of a disaster but it could have been had I not pulled off the side of the road while I was watching it and the way it lit up th

Have you ever had a meteor go over head?

See results

You maybe tired from all those polls... - So leave a comment and then take a well earned break.

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    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from State of Confusion

      @anonymous: Glad you are enjoying them and the points that they are bringing you.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Terrific polls. Thank you for the points!

    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from State of Confusion

      @TanoCalvenoa: Thank you. On behalf of all of the above. I am glad that you have enjoyed them.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Amazing how many polls you've made. Accolades, medals of honor, badges, and other assorted awards and prizes are in order.

    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from State of Confusion

      @tonybonura: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you were the first to go through these polls.

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 

      5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      I love bug zappers and I have used a chain saw and also pushed over a not dead tree. I was much younger and stronger then.



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