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50th Lens Milestone

Updated on May 21, 2013

My 50th Lens Milestone

This lens is my 50th Lens so far, and now I have reached a new milestone of 50 lenses! I have been a member on Squidoo ever since February 14, 2012, and in less than 2 months, I am proud to say that I have 50 lenses which allows me to qualify for the Level 50 Giant Squid. I already nominated myself for the Level 25 Super Giant Squid awhile ago. When I was new to Squidoo, I always looked at other lens masters with the 50th lens trophy, but now I am proud to have it and to have accomplished this great feat.

Giant Squid

I applied for the Super Giant Squid club awhile ago in hopes of being recognized with 25 quality lenses. Now, with 50 lenses, I am very likely to try for the Level 50 Giant Squid in May or June. Before I do that, I will be earning more trophies and creating more god quality lenses. I am happy to have 50 lenses so far, and I hope that list grows on to 1,000.

Seth Godin's Books

On man that I looked up to during my Squidoo journey was and still is Seth Godin. He has many inspirational books about business and making good money. Seth has a great sense for the online world, and I am one of the many people who loves his books.

What The 50th Lens Milestone Means To Me

When anyone reaches a milestone, they feel very happy. Well, I feel no different, but now that 100th Lens milestone is not far away. I can see that 100th lens milestone, and that urge to get that reward urges me to keep going. I will never stop creating lenses. The 50th Lens milestone puts you above a lot of Squidoo lensmasters, but not all of them. The drive keeps me going, and I will never stop. I am a squidoholic until the end.

My Future Goal

My Future Goal on Squidoo is to obtain the 100th Lens Trophy and then write a lens about it similar to this one. My goal doesn't end at 100, and it won't end at 1,000 either. I can't wait to have 100 lenses. Then, I'll see how much money you can really earn on Squidoo.

Looking Back

When on Squidoo, I always look back at what I have done on Squidoo. At the time of writing this post (4/9/12), I have nearly 60 lenses/pages. I got the 25th lens trophy on Squidoo awhile ago on March 13, 2012, less than a month after I started on Squidoo. I used to be a red squidoo monster based on lenses, but now I'm a blue one and ready to create even more awesome lenses.

How I Reached 50 In Less Than 2 Months

I made an average of one lens per day, but in the beginning, I was no Squidoo addict. I only had about 5-10 lenses at the beginning of March, and I had 25 on my 1 month anniversary on Squidoo. So, what was the main inspiration? I created a lens that told my visitors/viewers that I would create 5 lenses every week. As you can see, most of the time, I create and publish over 5 lenses a week, but 5 is my minimum. So, I must create at least 20 lenses every month and at least 260 lenses every year. I will have 1,000 lenses within 4 years or less at this pace. I hope it is less than 4 years, but if I didn't create the 5 lenses or more a week lens then I might not even have 50 lenses (or this one).


Now, by having over 50 lenses, I have learned the importance of writing about various topics. I have extended my boarders based on what I am writing about. Now, I write more about animals. It is good to have diverse lens topics.

I Want All of My Lenses To Be At Least Tier 3

Yes, it will be hard to do that to all of my lenses, but it is a goal that can be reached with a lot of hard work and dedication. I am looking at over $50 in June, but then I realized that less than 40 of my lenses are in Tiers 1-3. That was a disturbing number since I had 85 lenses at the time, so I want to spend more time lowering the lensrank of those lenses than focusing on creating more. I will still create 5 lenses this week, but I will slow down because on one week, I created 17 lenses. Now, I want those lenses to earn me money, so I am going back and making them better.

Don't Abuse Power

I love creating lenses, but I might have been going at a way too rapid pace. I was annoyed to find out that only about 33% of my lenses are actually getting paid anything. However, I am editing my other lenses so that they get their places in Tiers 1-3. I want to create lenses, but I don't want to have 400 lenses that aren't getting paid a cent.

A Long Time Ago

When I Reached The 50th Lens Milestone

I am proud to say that I now have over 100 lenses! I have almost half of those lens in Tiers 1-3, so more of my lenses than ever are getting paid for their content. I always look back at these milestones, and I would have never thought that I would create 50 lenses in 1 month. It didn't feel like 50, but the results show it.

Did You Reach The 50th Lens Milestone?

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    • MillBucks profile image


      6 years ago

      Congrats on your achievements here on Squidoo, simply amazing how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time! Keep moving forward and much continued success!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I did. It is such an accomplishment. Congratulations! Great lens. God bless!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      congrats on your 50th lens, keep going strong, liked!

    • Ahdilarum profile image


      6 years ago

      May your wish comes true on this Easter day..


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