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6 Easy Ways to Write More Hubs - And Make More Money

Updated on October 27, 2012
Write hubs and make money. Write more hubs and make more money.
Write hubs and make money. Write more hubs and make more money.


Can't think of what to write? Not a problem. Look for headlines on major news websites. Choose a favorite website of yours, and read everyday, at least browse through the major headlines. Soon, you will find your favorite news section, and new hub ideas will start flowing in.

2. Voice > Information

The hubs you wrote and will write will be featured on the Internet. Internet is flooding with new information. Secrets information are rare. In other words, there is no such thing as information monopoly. And this is a good news for hubbers like you and me. In order to write a good hub, you don't need to be the first one with the information. In fact, you can wait for other people to do the hard work of finding new and fresh information. Then you can reproduce them with a UNIQUE voice. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean you can just copy and paste, or use an article spinner to produce a garbage. Instead, be a good storyteller. Why don't young people read newspapers now days? First of all, they don't like to read. Why don't they like to read? Because reading is boring. If you want to attract people to read your hub, make it enjoyable. Let there be something to be learned, and make that learning process fun.

My hub ideas list
My hub ideas list

3. Create an Idea List

Sometimes, an idea flies faster than a bullet. And that idea could've been a big hit. And this is a big deal for writers, and for hubbers like you and me. So have a notepad file on your desktop. Keep a list of things that can be put into a hub. When you on the go, take a note on your smartphone or on a napkin. When you get home, add those ideas into notepad file. And time to time, read through your list and pick out good ones and throw out the bad ones.

I prefer Notepad to keep my ideas because it is simple. Of course there is no fancy features like grammar check, but it serves its purpose perfectly: to keep a list of ideas.

4. Make a Hub Template

There are many features on HubPages, and you can do many creative things with your hubs. And as you write hubs, you should establish a template. This way, you don't waste time messing with different features and what will work. Test different layout and features, and stick to the one that works the best. Spend time writing, not publishing.

Here is the list of things I gather before I come to Hubpages to publish:
1. Content - Content is the most important. I write the content on a Microsoft Notepad. I prefer notepad because it is simple, so there is no distraction when I write. I can worry about the grammar and spelling later.
2. Pictures & videos - I find related pictures and videos to make my hub more lively. A simple Goolge or Youtube search will do.
3. Reference Link - If I am retelling a news, I post a link to the actual news article.

5. Set a Goal and Make a Plan

I did my math, and a hub equals to approximately $1 earning per month. And I am not talking about superstar hubs. My goal is to earn $5,000 per month on HubPages. That equals to 5,000 hubs, and it will take about 14 years if I write one hub everyday. If I write 2 hubs, it will take about 7 years. If I write 3 hubs everyday, it will take about 5 years. It takes about 5 years to get a bachelors. Extra 3-4 hours of work everyday for 5 years and $5,000 / month extra income? Not bad.

6. Never Stop Writing

A research revealed that in order for something to become a habit, it has to be done everyday for at least 21 consecutive days. So, in order to write a hub everyday, start a 21-day project. After 21 days, you will not only have 21 hubs under your belt, but more importantly, you will be able to write a hub everyday with ease.

I've noticed that as I write a hub, I come up with ideas that is related to the hub I am writing. I add them to my hub idea list. And guess what. I never run of things to write about. I just can't keep up with the ideas that come up.


Read, reproduce, keep a list of things you want to write about, build your own template, set a long-term and short-term goals, and never stop writing. Writing will teach you how to write, and hubs will make you money.


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