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75th Lens Milestone

Updated on May 16, 2013

75th Lens Milestone

I reached my 75th Lens Milestone in April 16, 2012, just two months after I started using Squidoo. I have learned a lot about Squidoo ever since I created and published my 75th lens. I am proud to have 75 lenses and be able to tend to them all and earn money for myself and charity. It was a great run, but I finally have 75 lenses, and I am more than happy for my accomplishment here on Squidoo. I have been a member on Squidoo ever since February 14, 2012, but I see good potential on Squidoo as I create and publish lenses as well as see good results for my older lenses.

When I Reached The 50th Lens Milestone

I reached the 50th lens milestone on April 6, 2012, so 10 days later, I created 25 more lenses to give me a grand total of 75 lenses. Squidoo has been a blast, and I love creating lenses based on milestones. In fact, I created a lens about my 50th lens milestone which you can see by clicking on the 50th lens trophy.

75 Lenses In How Much Time?

It took me only 2 months to create and publish 75 lenses. The strange thing is that I got this trophy after my 74th lens, but now with 75 lenses, I know that I deserved the trophy. I created 75 lenses in 2 months because February was a leap year, so that month had two days less than the average month. I am more than honored to have 75 lenses.

My Next Goal

100th Lens Trophy

My next goal on Squidoo is to get the 100th lens trophy in a week or two. I am on a rapid pace for creating lenses. Some have stayed up in Tier 4, but most of my lenses are at Tier 3. I have some lenses swaying back and forth in the Tier 2 spot, but the former Tier 2 lenses will most likely regain their ground, and I have a solid Tier 1 lens that I refer to as The Lego Station. I hope to have 100 lenses soon and see more Tier 1 lens ranks.

I Love Creating Lenses

I no longer like creating Squidoo lenses. I love to create Squidoo lenses. Be on the lookout this week because I could have 100 lenses very soon.

Did You Reach The 75th Lens Milestone?

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