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6 Deadly Serious Time Wasters in Hub Pages That Kills Your Earning Potential

Updated on September 25, 2012
Desperate for time
Desperate for time | Source

Writers are known sometimes by many as greatest time wasters. Some say writers live in a fantasy world with no connection to the physical world. To most successful writers, time is not money as it is in business and they are usually accountable only to other chronic time wasters. With almost complete control over their time, many have devised a thousand and one ways to waste it. Those engaged in intellectual exercise like research are among the world’s worst time wasters.

Those who are here in hub pages to write for income have to read this hub because I have something important to tell that will give you wings to soar higher with high flyers of hub pages.



Before you can learn to minimize your time wasters my better managing your time you need the following preconditions

Right state of mind -The first quality of time save is a personal commitment to hard, well disciplined work.

Good habits –You need to know why good habits are necessary to be successful in hub pages and what habits are needed and what are not needed

Sound planning – You need to know how to plan your days in hub pages wisely and how to implement your plans effectively

After being in hub pages for 8 weeks, there are certain things I have found to be great time wasters. There is absolutely no problem for any hubber spending more than 3 quarters of his day glued up to hub pages. The question that becomes eminent is "Are those times spent in hub pages being used wisely?

Seriously some may say to me, OK, Ian, I don't see my time in hub pages as wasted time. Great if you very efficiently use your time. But with all the best effort I have put in to stay disciplined in hub pages, I still forget or get carried away doing something I didn't intend to do when I initially set out.

Take for instance, I said today to learn all about Google Adsense but during the course of my search for hubs on Google Adsense I bump into another hub on relationships that catches my attention and leads me to a very different page altogether. Isn't this wasted time?

Basing on my experience, I have put up a checklist you can use to assess your time management in hub pages.

6 Common Time Waster

To me this are15 things I consider to be time wasters in hub pages. It may not be the same as your list but I am sure some of our lists will cross paths somehow somewhere.

1.Having No Daily Plan

I put this number one because without a daily plan I don't get much out from a day. When it comes to hub pages, I normally plan ahead what I want to write about next. Before I go to sleep, I brainstorm what I want to write about the next day. Then I program the information into my mind according to my plan. In the morning when I come to the office and log in to hub pages, my mind presents me with amazing results.

If I don't have a plan, I waste my time all day without at least achieving or learning a new thing about hub page during that day.

2. Setting No Deadlines

Having a dead line puts your mind in motion and gets creative writing juice flowing. It gives one sense of urgency. Without a dead line, one will either try to do everything at once or never do anything at all. A day is just wasted.

3. Reading Without Purpose

Sometimes you will find yourself in this situation. You just read and read without absorbing anything. That is good if you are reading for leisure like I normally do. But if you are in hub pages and want to be successful, you have to read with purpose. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

4. Day Dreaming

Day dreaming is not bad. I enjoy it to. But it can be a time waster when you do it at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are to be successful in hub pages, you should be researching, collecting, collating information and writing publishable hubs than to be day dreaming away and wasting your day.

5. Not Anticipating and Preventing Interruptions

Do your friends sometimes interrupt you from you daily plans in hub pages? It doesn’t kill to kindly tell your friend that you have a plan to follow and that you will find time to talk to him later and keep to your word or you risk losing your friend.

If you tend to be the person that just goes with the flow, than I have to tell you that most of your time to be successful in hub pages is going down the drain.

Out of the 6 times waters, how many do find yourself doing the most?

See results

6. Taking Inappropriate Breaks From Writing

Being successful I hub pages requires lot of effort and determination. I have soon come to realize this. If you aren't committed in your writing, you don’t expect miracles to happen. If you set your mind to a hub, by all means finish it. If you take inappropriate breaks during your writing, then you are only wasting your time and I don’t have to emphasis this.


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