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A Hub for Hubbers:Content

Updated on October 14, 2012

To expand your writing style or not?

Having been on hubpages for about fifteen months now,I have had the opportunity to read and learn from other people's style of writing.

There is a great variety of writing here from the hub containing information in an ordered fashion to the poem and also some short stories.

It looks to me that the hubs that get most views are those which are of a general nature and the most successful hubbers are those who write content for the readers rather than what they would prefer to write themselves sometimes. This is well worth doing as one can put one's own individual writing style across in the hub as well as getting more readers this way.

There are some topics that are saturated i.e. they have a lot of materials written about them.Examples are healthy living and weight loss,two topics that I have written on myself.

Some would argue that one would get more readers if one wrote for a specific niche,i.e. only writing on very specific topics that fewer people are writing on. This may be the case to some extent but there are popular topics of general interest which are not saturated and people like to read more about them

Changing one's writing style to suit the reader

This is something that I am considering not just to get more readers but to learn and develop a more conversational style of writing.It is a challenge to do so because I have been trained at work to write reports containing information.It seems that the most successfull hubbers are the ones who can appeal to the reader's personal experience and perhaps it is a natural skill rather than one which can be learned.

Some hubbers just write about things they know well,using a conversational style approach which is something I would like to do better as time goes on as I have already tried to do this

Although I enjoy researching and putting together the information hubs,I do look forward to learning to write in a different way from what I have done to date.

So change your style or stay the same?

When I started writing on Hubpages first,I really didn't think much about content or writing style. I just enjoyed researching a particular topic and writing a hub on it.Now from observation of and reading the content of the most successful hubbers,it is clear that there is a broad niche there of hubs written to inspire and evoke a response from the reader rather than just giving information. I am looking forward to learning to write hubs like that because although there is nothing wrong with the information hubs that I have been doing,it is time to step out of the box so to speak and try something more creative and challenging.This will not be instead of the information hubs but will just be an opportunity to learn another style of writing.

There are some hubs that possess the creativity I am looking forward to learning in such a natural way and it will give me much pleasure to read and learn from other hubbers who are much more practised at this than I am.

Do you choose subjects to suit your readers?

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    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 5 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      I am glad you liked it.Thank you for your feedback.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      That was quite interesting. I can speak about myself--I like to write about things, which I have experienced myself and I am sure about it. But , no doubt there is variety here and every day you learn something new. Every hubber inspires and motivates me.

      Nice hub. Thanks for sharing.