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A Hubbers' - Juelstephen's to be exact - Place 1

Updated on June 27, 2010

First Log... a... Blog. LOL-EV--ERYBODY!!!


A truly unique frontier.

These are the voyages, of a husband and a father...

Dare I say?

A Hubber.


I have to type that with a capital H.

But, seriously.

This hub is dedicated to all you marvelous Hubbers, Hub fans, Hub visitors-anyone that has visited this extraordinary venue that has become

This hub almost feels like an apology. However, in retrospect, of the reason that I have decided to write this hub, in the first place, it occurred to me that I am probably not alone.

When I first came across this amazing place, in cyberspace, initially I felt an amazing excitement build in side of me, to have such an open field, to not only share and improve upon my writing and express myself, but also enjoy an extremely wide and diverse buffet of knowledge, intellect, entertainment, and information.

I did not at first realize the extreme challenge that it would be for me, to present knew ideas and material, while at the same time have to balance-juggle, to be more precise-my other two full time jobs, as a husband and father.

Needless to say, it has been a learning experience.

This has become apparent to me, in the light that I could not have imagined that my work would have been received with such accolade and expectation, that I have felt that I have been keeping my readers and followers waiting, expectantly, for timely delivery of the follow ups.

That having been said, I would like to offer my apologies and give assurance that our adventures are indeed forthcoming, and I humbly request your patience.

With this new hub group addition, entitled A Hubbers' - Juelstephen's, to be exact - Place, it is my intent to add a personalized feel to my own hubpages, and share my humanistic and flawed qualities, in earnest and perfect candor.

I would encourage my fellow hubbers-friends-to do the same, as it is my belief that in this place, in this vast place of cyberspace, that we not only express and find ourselves, but also each other.

Please look forward to the next installments of my current hubs, coming soon, to a hub near you. :)

Until next time, well met and be well.


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    • Juelstephen profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      Nellieanna, I HAVE read your hub "Following Other Hubbers" and appreciate your very own personal touch. The demands of life, coupled with my passion for writing, are quit strenuous, at times, to juggle. But I would not have it any other way. LOL. It is always a pleasure.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      I love it, Juelstephen. Don't know whether you had time to read my hub about hubbing, titled "Following Other Hubbers" but in it I talked about the pleasure of meeting others here, enjoying each others' writing and following up in giving encouragement and acknowledging that given to us. I love doing it - but it does take a lot of one's discretionary time - and of course, one must always keep priorities straight! No matter how diligently I want and try to keep up with all the new hubs of those I follow and the other follow-through for their comments on mine, I literally cannot always do it and surely couldn't if I did nothing else, including refraining from writing my own hubs! LOL.

      Sometimes I feel imposed upon to have to take time to make myself something to eat and to attend to the other normal "Tiresome Details of Living"! But I simply do them and find everything is still in orbit just as if I'd been making sure! hehe

      Anyway - I loved this you wrote - expressing the passion of your own commitments and love of writing. There's no cause for any anxiety, I've discovered. One does what one can without apology or over-concern, and with one's heart in the lead, it works out well.

      Thank you for your intelligence and fine examples!


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