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AdSense on HubPages - Whose Ads Are They

Updated on January 17, 2010

HubPages and Author AdSense Split

Chances are unless you are on HubPages writing just for fun, you have added your Google AdSense publisher number to your HubPage account. If not, you add your AdSense publisher number by clicking My Account and then clicking on the Affiliate Settings link.

Keep in mind that the number you enter in the field isn't the standard publisher number that you may have used in other places like WordPress plugins. You need the one that starts with CA-PUB (if you are in the U.S. at least), not just the one that shows up in the top right corner of your AdSense Manager screen.

Of course, HubPages isn't a charity either. They make money the same way you do, by displaying ads on Hubs. Instead of processing some sort of split or revenue sharing, HubPages splits the impressions with you. Each Hub on HubPages will show the author's AdSense ads 60% of the time, and it will show HubPage's ads 40% of the time.

So, how do you know if the ads you are seeing on your hub are "your" ads, or "HubPage's" ads?

Ad Revenue on HubPages

Which Ads Are HubPage's Ads or Author Ads

For the most part, it really doesn't matter whether the ads displayed on any given impression are your ads or HubPage's ads. Over the long run, displaying the ads in a 60/40 split will eventually average out so that 60% of the ad clicks are yours, and 40% of the ad clicks are theirs. However, there may be reasons you need, or just want, to know whose ads are whose.

For example, if you are banning low-paying ads in the Competitive Ad Filter, you will want to know whether or not those ads are actually displaying (and counting against) your AdSense account or not. If unrelated one-cent per click ads are dragging your account into smart pricing territory, its better to ban than display.

Find Out If Ads Are On HubPage's Account or Author Ads

Remember, you are never allowed to click on your own ads, on HubPages or anywhere else, for any reason.

Right click on the ad link you are interested in finding out about. From the drop down menu, choose "Copy Link Location" or its equivalent, depending upon which browser you are using. Then, open your text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++, and paste the link so that you can examine it.

Don't worry about trying to figure out everything you see. As a publisher, you only care about two things:

  1. Is This Ad Displaying on My AdSense Account?
  2. If so, what domain should I add to the competitive ad filter to block these ads?

Just scan through the huge line of text looking for distinguishable domain names and words. Also, look for the publisher number embedded in the link. Here is an example.<cut for space>...&okw=Desi+Girl

That first domain name you see is NOT what you are looking for. That directs the clicking user's browser to the ad site, in this case which is owned by Google. After that, you'll notice ca-pub and then a number. If this is your AdSense publisher number, then this is your ad.

After looking at a few ad links, you won't even have to examine them that closely. It turns out that HubPages ad links are much bigger than standard ad links, likely because they include some tracking information in their links.

Also, notice that in this case, there is no domain name for who placed the ad. It is moot since this isn't your account anyway, so any additions you made to your AdSense filter would not affect these ads. When the ad is from your account, there will be a domain name in the last half of the link that is where the ad goes / comes from.

Keep in mind that most of the time, it will not be necessary to add many domains that appear as advertisers on your Hubs. However, if your particular topic, or your AdSense account, have been singled out as targets for unrelated ads, then adding their domains to the Competitive Ad Filter is your only defense.

Good luck. I hope you all make tons of money.


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    • Dear God profile image

      Dear God 5 years ago from Here on Earth

      Nice. Just the kind of help I've been looking for. Thank you!

    • eswar profile image

      eswar 6 years ago from India

      ok nice if i am not able see my pub id at all then what should i do?

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 6 years ago from Denver, CO

      Googmandisability, It's me! Want to flirt? Just kidding. It's a stock photo I found, part of an old experiment to see if hot girls increase traffic.

    • Googmandisability profile image

      Googmandisability 6 years ago from Midwest


    • mitshell profile image

      mitshell 6 years ago from worlwide

      nice and informative hub, keep up

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 7 years ago from Denver, CO

      No Adsense account = no revenue share

    • opensourcevarsity profile image

      Ivan Bayross 7 years ago from Mumbai / India

      Hi Hub Llama,

      Thank you for an informative Hub. Its really well written, crisp and easy to understand.

      I have a question, what happens if you do not have a Google AdSense account at all, does Hub pages share any of the revenue it may earn with you?

      All of the Google ads displayed under these circumstances will belong to Hubpages exclusively.

    • sherrylou57 profile image

      sherrylou57 7 years ago from Riverside

      Thank you for sharing the Adsense hub. Very interesting!

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 8 years ago from Denver, CO

      Or, if you want a quick and easy check, if it says "Bollywood" or something about Indian actresses, then it is probably a HubPages ad. Apparently, HubPages is very popular with this demographic.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Great hub! I think I'll try out your advice.

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 8 years ago from Denver, CO

      Holy typo, Batman!

      Thanks for spotting that. I've fixed it now.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      60% + 60% = 120%. ;)