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Additional Accolade Badges Needed

Updated on December 18, 2017
Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank wrote humorous bits for her college newspaper many years ago. Her funny observations have continued in print and online.

**** We Need New Ones ***


HubPages accolades are those curious little round badges which are usually displayed as victory wreaths of various colors --with numbers, letters or symbols inside.

They represent various attributes worthy of hubber praise and adulation. They appear off to the right side and a bit further down from your avatar picture on a profile page.

Mixed Feelings

Actually, they don't appear for all hub authors. A new hubber may not yet have any suitable attainments deserving a glorious badge, and other writers are just too humble to display their awards.

There are also those who think of the awards as being silly, distracting, meaningless, misleading, or even infantile. We therefore have the been given the choice to display our honors proudly and gloriously, or keep them a deep, dark secret. You can choose not to display them if you are proud of your humility.

As I said, there are mixed feelings about the little symbols, but I'm here to suggest that we need even MORE accolades for numerous achievements, accomplishments and feats which have been heretofore unrecognized. There are even several "non-achievements" which should be recognized. I'll explain those as well.

Opinions about current accolades run the range of reaction from "What are those?" to "I am both extraordinarily proud and very humbled by my Accolades and would like to thank the academy.. or whomever..".

I have taken it upon myself to design a number of new accolades to pay tribute to many ignored attainments of hubbers. Though these have not yet been officially approved, I am giving both hubbers and staff a chance to preview and comment upon the ideas before they are adopted.

Some Unofficial Definitions of Current Accolades.

  • Accolades indicate HubPages achievements and milestones.
  • One looking like a gold police badge indicates hub views .
  • The violet faceless head enumerates followers .
  • An olive green pen nib shows total number of hubs, (no one uses pens anymore).
  • The dull grey number shows the number of years one has been on HubPages. You can be honored just for being here.
  • There is an olive drab green Q and an A to indicate numbers of Questions and Answers.
  • A certain number of "Best Answers" gets a gold wreath with a little crown . OOoooh.

Others accolades celebrate ways people contribute to the site, including those listed here:

  • A brick red cartoon dialog bubble identifies a "Great Commenter" and responder.
  • The black loving cup -- probably silver, before it tarnished -- is the popularity prize, for those who get loving feedback to their Hubs.
  • An aqua-colored giant single quote and unquote means "Great Discussion Starter" or has as hubs with a buco-buncha really good comments.
  • The deep pink thumbs up and thumbs down is awarded to "Great HubPages Citizens" who help new users, and also rat out those who are breaking the rules.
  • A yellow hourglass--Engaging Writer: A writer who is engaged, or writes Hubs which visitors love to read from start to finish or vice versa.
  • One large brass color star rising over a Kremlin type building indicates a "Rising Star", or a new Hubber winner in the R.S. competition.
  • A solemn black ribbon, reminiscent of a Victorian funeral decoration, denotes a "Hub of the Day Winner"
  • The golden flowing pen nib-- "Hubbie Award Winner" who was selected by our community annually as worthy of acclaim or infamy!

How do you feel about accolades?

See results

New Suggestions

The Bell -- award for clarity of writing, clear easily understood messages with no garbled thoughts, grammar or punctuation. (Not to be confused wit the No-bel prize.)

The Smiley --The wreath of this one is gold, though the smiley, itself, should be "smiley face yellow". It is earned by a person using lots and lots of emoticons. This would be mainly for forum posters.

The Evergreen -- With an evergreen wreath we can't use a deciduous type of branch, because the standard looks more like a deciduous leaf -- and therefore wouldn't be evergreen. The fir tree in the center also looks a bit Christmasy, although these are not seasonal. These would be awarded to hubbers who have a quantity of articles that will never go out of style, despite season, holiday, time or eternity.

Fuzzy Paw award -- with a fuzzy wreath, for hundreds of cute pet photos. Dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, jackalopes and any other cute fuzzy pets qualify. Sorry,Those of you with reptile, amphibian, insect or parasite pets will not be considered.

The Unattributed Photos accolade -- is a question mark superimposed on a camera icon, for those who don't let us know the source of their pictures.

Band Aid Award -- Is a beige wreath with a band-aid icon, for having over 10 hubs that need some first aid or little fixes that might help stop hubscore bleeding.

Conspiracy Theory Award -- With a cloak-and-dagger shadowman in the center, could be awarded for more than 10 hubs describing alternative clandestine plots, schemes and machinations which oppose conventional wisdom, common sense and firmly established facts about historical events. These may involve secret societies, intergalactic beings, corporate think-tanks, or muppets.

Diamond in the Rough accolade -- is for more than ten hubs that get close to having everything right, but still need considerable cutting and polishing.

Bigfoot Award -- for more than ten hubs about dubious sightings of mythical or semi-mythical or hoaxed creatures.

The Brace and Bit award -- For having a certain number of hubs that keep going round and round and are-- frankly-- boring. Similar to the Bulwar-Lytton award of "dark and stormy night" fame. (A Brace and Bit is an old fashioned carpenter's drill.)

Kicked off the Forums award -- shows a big combat boot surrounded by poison ivy. It is closely related to the...
Banned from the Forums accolade -- displays an executioner's hood, mask and axe

Wildflower Accolade -- is a totally random accolade with a wildflower in the center. It is given for no reason whatsoever, and relevant to no attributes or calculations, it just pops up and down wildly from time to time, for no particular cause -- kind of like hubber scores.

Passion Accolade -- Has a large red bleeding heart in the center, and is given to people who write passionately about something, and don't care one whit about earnings. It is related to the...
Misplaced Passion Accolade -- which shows a heart falling out of the surrounding wreath and is given to people who write passionately about something no one else cares about.

The No Accolade Award -- A big zero for someone who wants to display their accolades but doesn't have any to display. This award continually blinks on and off, because once it IS displayed, it is no longer applicable, and once it disappears, it again applies.

Finally, the ultimate accolade, the 
Flabbergastterisk- is a combination of exclamation point !, question mark ?, and asterisk *, given for collecting all of the other accolades, or the highest number of accolades, ever-- so far.


One Additional Accolade

Night Owl Award -- surrounded by a black wreath for darkness.

Only presented for the publishing of a certain number articles that seem to written by people who have typed and edited all of their hubs in the dark, or by someone who seems to be completely in the dark about spelling, punctuation, grammar and their subjects.

Disclaimer: Basically for HubPages writers, these are suggestions that should not be taken too seriously. Please reserve judgement and engage your sense of humor.

Note to Staff: If this reduces my current accolades, I will deny, retract, recant and do appropriate penance.


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