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Advantages of Blogging Platforms like WordPress and Blogger

Updated on June 18, 2011

Here in this post we shall examine the advantage of Blogging platforms over the other two platforms we have listed in the first post which are

1. Publishing platforms like HubPages, Squidoo

2. Your personal website

Now,The Blogging platforms are very good and have a lot to offer to every one of us.This website is also a Blogger site.

Now following are the most famous and widely used Blogging platforms:

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

Advantages of Blogging Platform

There are many others blogging platforms are available but are not as feature rich and nor they claim popularity as above both do. Hence for an amateur, making accounts on one of the blogging platforms will suffice.

Now let's list the positive points of these Blogging platforms:

1. Ease of setup and use
You are up and working in a matter of seconds and these blogging platforms have very user friendly interface which enables anyone to start using them with almost no learning curve.

2. No HTML knowledge required.

3. No hosting or registration required.

4. They have very large no. of features which you may not afford in your personally set-up website.

5. They do not share the revenue which your site has generated unlike the other publishing platforms like HubPages and Squidoo which share the revenue which your content has generated.

6. Wide variety of Gadgets and Plug-ins can be installed in the Blog.

7. Flexibility.

8. No publishing rules and monitoring from Moderators.


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    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 7 years ago from Blogosphere

      My reason to join HubPages is solely to earn but to disseminate the experiences I have and help them in their endeavours.

      You follow up comment provides me with a sense of satisfaction and pushes me for more.

      Thanks Professor M for your valuable time. I hope that your journey with Hubpages yield you results which you hope. My wishes are with you and your initiatives.

      Thank you


    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 7 years ago

      Participation and interaction with others allows people to discover more about you as a person. When they get feedback on their comments then they can make their own choices of how to approach you in the future, Big Journal!

      I chose to reply here because you gave good content and backed it up with a quick response to my comment! I enjoy

      the diversity of philosophies, the uniqueness of topics and the way that Hubbers express their feelings on all these topics.

      I believe that to really know people you must be willing to approach them with an open mind and interact with the Golden Rule as your guide. The courtesy you displayed in your reply to my comment told me that you appreciate the value of the reader's time and even more the fact that the comment had value for you.

      Both are commendable and will serve you well on HubPages, BigJournal! I wish you get success in all your future Hubs! Regards Aka Professor M! ;D

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 7 years ago from Blogosphere

      Thanks Professor M for taking out your valuable time and providing feedback with many valuable thoughts.

      I seek your valuable feedback on my other post, I will try my level best to provide content to hubpage live community which is usable and unique.

      Your comments will keep me in right track and keep me inspire




    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 7 years ago

      Perhaps New Writers are somewhat intimidated by the idea of hosting their own site, BigJournal! While some are at ease within the anonymity of an established forum like HubPages Or Squidoo they are still privy to the drawing power that those established sites have! To take the big step to Blogging under one's own Title, Name and / or Subject is much harder for these people to take.

      The truth of being self-published is the realization one gets of the commitment needed to provide content. To prove ones ability in writing good readable copy. To accept the critical commentary it will receive and the ability to be objective in how to deal with the readers or the lack of them!

      Providing a platform in a niche market is daunting for most. It requires adaptability, both in gauging the way your blog is received and how that exposure will affect you! If you get too personally involved you are in for a reality check which will test your mettle! If you are too detached you will be quickly forgotten by the crowds as they search for the balance in their desire to find that special appeal which fills their need.

      I look forward to your revelations on this subject and will, when I can, comment as to the merits each of your submissions has for me! As an established blogger I will read your posts with interest as to they content and veracity!

      Thanks for this Hub BlogJournal! ;D