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Advice and Tips for New Hubbers

Updated on July 2, 2011

Hey this post for the Newest Hubber. Welcome to this community. 

Now let’s get this straight, you stay here only if you know nothing because this contains most basics of the blogging and hubbing tips and you will feel quite bored and left out if you have been blogging and hubbing for some time now.

 Let's get started.

Know your position

Yes new Hubber you have to know your subject and position because if you are not focused and ready to devote some time then I think that you are really wasting your time and if it is otherwise then I request you to stay on and read this whole hub, it's not long and boring I assure you.

·         You are new and are in learning stage. Hence try to learn from the featured authors around the HubPages. The best part is to go out to the forum and straight away ask anything you want to and I guarantee you will find best of the answers.

·         You should have a username which goes with your blogging theme and which you can use at different platforms and website accounts. Because if you are deep then I tell you that you will find it difficult later on. Your username is like you brand and when the readers will connect with you it will be via you brand (username) and if you are having second thoughts change it right away Hubber. Reregister now here.

·         Inspire yourself - Yes to keep yourself focused, you need to inspire yourself. There are large no. of success stories right here on HubPages. Read them and get inspired

·         And the last one keep writing. For new one it's best to just keep writing. Your aim should be to keep creating quality content on the daily basis because what you will be reading and experimenting next will be only if you have good amount of content to back you up like SEO and backlinking.They will only help and give you result if and only if you have good content base.

That it for this hub but I will follow this up with another one soon.


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    • Shirley Aguas profile image

      Shirley Aguas 6 years ago from Philippines

      thanks for the advice. Keep on writing is priceless. After all, in our busy schedule, it would be a challenge to consistently find time to sit and write.

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Thanks surfraz.

      Hope this hub has been of some value to you and other Hubbers.


    • Surfraz profile image

      Surfraz 6 years ago from India

      really the information was useful for a new hubber, within 3 weeks you have made a tremendous achievement of more than 100 followers with 11 useful and informative hubs.great

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 6 years ago from Blogosphere

      Hey thanks revmjm for stopping by and making some valid points yourself.

      Now the thing is that blogging has given me a lot in the gone years and I wanted to return the same to new starters.

      I am a very active blogger and have been live for around 5 years now. I will be stating my blogs in the coming time.

      I actually wanted to start a blog on the blogging tips but the internet space is very crowded for the subject and hence I made a profile dedicated to the subject i.e. BlogJournal on HubPages as this is a fitting platform having a great live and vibrant community.

      Hope you like my hubs and tips so that you can have a whole richer blogging & hubbing experience.


    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 6 years ago from Richmond, VA

      According to your profile, you have been on HubPages only 2 weeks which isn't a long time. You have a profile score of 79 which isn't that high since you have not been on long enough for the score to inch its way up. You have written only 10 hubs which aren't very many. And you wrote to new hubbers even though I would consider you a new hubber yourself. While I find all this strange, you did make some valid points. Keep up the good work and welcome to HubPages!