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Applying for Adsense Chapter 4 (Protecting account from Fraudulent Clicks)

Updated on November 10, 2013

Avoiding Fraudulent Clicks

Click fraud? What’s that all about then? Well sadly there are some
malicious idiots out there who will land upon your site and decide that
they will click on 5+ ads in just a few seconds, thinking that they are either helping you make money, or trying to get you banned from the Adsense programme. In either case this could be classed as click fraud and lose you your account. So what can you do to combat this? Well the onus is certainly on you and not Google. This means that you need to pay careful attention to your account.Personally I recommend using the great free tool which enables you to not only get great stats on your visitor traffic but also to be able to see who is clicking on your ads. Whilst there is a paid
option, the free statcounter will do for most of us. Now I use this in
conjunction with another free tool, which is an
Image/video, capture tool. If I spot what I think are fraudulent clicks then I use Jing to get a screenshot and send it to Google, as it displays the time of the clicks as well the ip address.However you may not want to leave it to chance and as your Adsenseincome grows then so will the need to protect it, and if this makes sense to you then I would recommend Adsense Click Lock which enables you to put a clickblocker in place. Thus if you are ads are clicked on more than a set number of times then the Adsense clicklocker stops your ads from being displayed, thus safely protecting your account.Just note that the emphasis is on you to prevent click fraud and not
Google, so investing in an Adsense Click Locker is money well spent.

How to Monitor Adsense Click Fraud in Wordpress?

If your website is hosted on Wordpress platform you can use different plugins to track fraud or invalid clicks easily, though you can use a plugin or stat plugin to keep an eye on the ip address of the visitors who come to your website but you also need a separate plugin in place to detect invalid or excessive clicks beforehand.

You need to install Adsense Click fraud Monitoring plugin which you can get here. The plugin helps you avoid getting in unexpected trouble with Google by protecting your website or blog from malicious viruses and invalid clicks.Sometimes your competitors send fake traffic to your way or make someone to click on your ads to get your Adsense account disabled permanently, what you can do to secure yourself is installing the Wordpress plugin which I have mentioned.The plugin disables your ads if it detects that someone is clicking too often or too frequently upon a given number of ads you have specified click-able per user. The plugin sometime works with any theme but some of its features may not be compatible with all templates so you may need a separate theme to configure it for use.

Check this link to watch a demo of Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring plugin

Using this plugin you can block a certain ip address from clicking your ads above a specified number
Using this plugin you can block a certain ip address from clicking your ads above a specified number

Install Plugin in Wordpress Dashboard

You can install plugin easily through your Wordpress dashboard or upload it in there by clicking 'upload new plugin'. Click on 'activate' button to configure the button, for special settings you need to go to setting>Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring.

Activate the plugin from the dashboard to make it work
Activate the plugin from the dashboard to make it work

How to do settings in the Plugin?

You have to add numbers manually to make the plugin work effectively. Check out the image given below to understand how it works. The first box is 'click limit', you can write any number of your choice here, if you write 2 in the box it means the visitor can't open more than two Adsense ads per day.

The second box is 'clicks during last n days' you can write write any number here.

To get the reports about invalid clicks you need to write your email next to the box 'Email Address', a report will be sent to your email id daily or weekly as per your requirements and settings.

At the bottom of the page, you can see one ip being blocked for two clicks. So this is what you need to do, if you find that you are constantly getting fake clicks or too many clicks from a particular ip address you can put it there. That ip address will still be allowed to visit your website, but it won't be allowed to click on your ads anymore.


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    • majida123 profile imageAUTHOR

      Majida Liaqat 

      4 years ago from Pakistan

      Yes, you should. I remembered an incident that happened long time ago, I shared my website on a forum where majority of users was either from India or Indonesia, One of the guys asked me what My earning was from ads, I told the truth, my bad. As luck would have it, I noticed a lot of clicks after that day but couldn't figure out as where those were coming from until Google suspended my ac. So I have a fear for social media networks as well because when people get to know about your website or at least know you personally they feel more inclined to harm it just to feed their excietment.

    • alikhan3 profile image


      4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      I will definitely investigate these steps as protecting our account from jealous people is very crucial.

      voted up


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