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Are there any interesting people on HubPages?

Updated on February 13, 2013


They go on and on about their dumb or dim or daft poems that never rhyme or scan or tell you anything that you couldn't have thought up by yourself, like 'I'm unhappy' or 'I was happy once'. Me, me, me.

• Writing about what happened to you is DULL, it's POINTLESS, it is being RUDE to the internet. • "I think this, I think that, I saw a beautiful flower".

• So has everybody else. Just because you have a keyboard and a computer does not mean you are fit to be interesting.

• Just because you can (sort of) type does not mean you can right, sorry write.

•The internet is a great thing. Unfortunately, it allows the third division to write whatever they want on message boards, forums, their children's heads.

• People think they write, not as in J B Priestley actually writing, but 'write' as in doing one-fingered typing.

How do you turn this thing off?


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