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Article Ideas Tool Removes Writer's Block

Updated on August 11, 2011

Article Ideas Tool Cures My Writer's Block

The most helpful thing I've found so far for researching any topic or subject online is this cheap little program called the Article Ideas Tool.

Although it's inexpensive the Article Ideas Tool is so powerful it cures my writer's block every time I use it. One click and the tool pops up on my screen. I type in one or more keywords, click GO and within seconds it starts to produce far more ideas than I could use or need.

I know it sounds fantastic. But I think this little program is perfect for writers, students, in fact anyone researching any subject online, anyone needing ideas for articles, essays, projects, assignments, etc.

If you need help to write a book, a hubpage, lens, articles or essays then this gem of a program is ideal. It could be the only thing you would ever need to produce endless ideas for anything you are trying to write about.

Further down the page you will see an article produced using this great little program. I've called it One-Liners because all I did was type the keyword one-liners into the Tool and click Go. Now, get this - I didn't write one word of that article personally! It was produced in seconds using only the Article Ideas Tool!

Produces article ideas direct from top search results
Produces article ideas direct from top search results
Produces article, essay ideas, etc. fast!
Produces article, essay ideas, etc. fast!

Example Article Produced By Article Ideas Tool

One-liners are short and pithy, some of them are poignant reminders of how to live our lives with passion.

One-liners are probably as old as language. Here are some classic examples:. "I have nothing to declare except my genius." (Oscar Wilde).

History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. (American satirist Ambrose Bierce)

One-liners are the only weapons needed in the arsenal of a successful seducer. But a psychological study into the art of seduction will reveal next month the secret that history's greatest seducers have known all along: it's easier to laugh a woman into bed than to get her there using any other ploy.

One-liners are not the same as epigrams or aphorisms or pithy quotes. The true classic one-liners are usually slightly naughty, in some way or another.

Some really funny one-liners are:. Mitch Hedberg: "i haven't slept for ten days, 'cause that would be too long. Steven wright: "A friend asked me if i slept well. I said, 'no, i made a few mistakes'. Jay london: "A window of opportunity for me usually involves a rock. "Do I have amnesia? i've forgotten.

Personal anecdotes are great because they're true, uniquely yours and generally easy to tell. Here's one of mine

An example of moviestars using one-liners frequently is Arnold Schwarzenegger. One-liner jokes are still very populair, also by stand-up comedians

One-liners are really nothing new. After the crash of 1929, the jokes sounded much like today's. ''I have an uncle working on wall street,'' goes one golden oldie. ''He used to have a corner on the market. Now he has a market on the corner. '' and: ''Get my broker, miss jones.

Article Ideas Tool - cheap solution for writers block
Article Ideas Tool - cheap solution for writers block

Produce Unlimited Ideas For Articles, Essays, Projects, Etc.

Well, what do you think of the above One-Liners article?

Obviously it's not a complete, ready for submission quality article. But remember, I didn't write one word of it. I didn't even correct grammar and punctuation.

The purpose of the exercise was simply to demonstrate what the amazing Article Ideas Tool can do for any writer or researcher. And if you are reading this page then guess what? There is not even a duplication issue with it even in the copy and paste format you see above.

Obviously if I wanted to submit the article somewhere or turn it into a unique HubPage then I would fix it up - add an introduction, summary, some of my own words and ideas, etc.

How I "Wrote" The Above

This is how I created the above One-liners article, in about two minutes -

1. Clicked the Article Ideas Tool icon on my desktop to open it.

2. Typed the keyword one-liners in the Main Topic window of the program.

3. Selected 100 in the Results window (can choose from 10 to 900 or more!)

4. Waited 30 seconds for the window to fill with text.

5. Clicked X to stop program (or it continues to extract ideas from 100 websites).

5. Copied the raw text from the window into a text file on my desktop.

6. Copied & pasted selections from the text file into this hubpage

Voila! Instant article!

Great Writing Tool

Bear in mind, to produce a quality Hubpage article it's necessary to avoid duplicate content. the Article Ideas Tool produces key text and ideas from the best pages all over the internet. Then it's up to you to use those ideas to help produce your article, essay, etc.

In my opinion the Article Ideas Tool is simply brilliant for any writer, student, researcher - in fact, anyone at all who wants to grab a lot of information fast on any topic under the sun.

I found it cheap to buy (worth much more than the $15 I paid), easy to download and install, and very easy - and fun - to use. It's almost like cheating!

Highly recommended, The Article Ideas Tool is a must-have for students, writers and researchers at any level! Watch the short video to learn more. Maybe it's still only $15!

Watch video demo of Article Ideas Tool in action!!

The video shows how to research the internet for information for an article. It then shows how  the Article Ideas Tool does it faster and more easily saving time and labour. Writer's block? Not with this thing!


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    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 7 years ago from UK

      Andrea - thanks for dropping by, and welcome to Hubpages ;-) Enjoy the Article Ideas Tool - I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

    • profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago

      Charles, Thank you. I'm a newbie to hubpages and am in the process of researching topics. I'm definitely going to purchase Article Tools.

      Thanks for getting me started.

    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 7 years ago from UK

      essays101 - thanks for dropping by! Yes, I just used the Articles Tool again, this time to to do some Vitamin C research. It's so useful!

      Yes, that's a good site you mentioned, lots of info on writing, research, essays, etc. Also, I really enjoyed reading your hubpage,

      Oh, remember to add a "comments" module to your hubpage/s so visitors can contribute, give feedback, etc.

    • essays101 profile image

      essays101 7 years ago from USA

      your hub is great one to know about Article Ideas Tool

      topics, thanks. blog has a lot of useful information's like this. feel free to check it out."