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Become a Better Writer, Find Your Audience and Earn Some Money

Updated on April 29, 2017

The internet has changed the writer's world!

In some ways, it is the best of times to become a writer. The internet has opened up an avenue to publishing that never existed before. You can test the water and see if your writing has appeal...find out what attracts readers or even find out what does not work... by writing online for a site like HubPages!

Imagine this...

you can reach the reader directly in their home without going through the long process of submitting your work to various sources and being rejected over and over. Besides HubPages has an audience you will not find on your own. The internet has many distractions.

But wait...

This isn't an easy avenue to instant stardom... leave that to the stars among us. No instant anything promised here. Just the satisfaction of having "somebody" read what you wrote, comment on it and maybe even strike a chord that resonates with your readers.

The process of becoming an established writer still takes time. However, here you have the ability to stretch your wings and become the master of your own fate so to speak.

You have to learn to pack your ego away and realize everything you write is NOT pure gold. Just because you write it....does NOT mean people will automatically want to read it...ha,ha,ha.

I have spent over 6 years writing online and with critique groups, I realize many people have an inflated opinion of how good their writing is. Be realistic. You might stink out of the gate, but if you are willing to improve things only get better.

HubPages has been a constant for me even though I have been on and off here. I find each time I come back, I rewrite articles and discover how I have improved by my own standards.

In the background my purpose is to actually publish a children's book one day. I am in no particular hurry except for the passage of time. I am writing for the joy of expressing myself and creating something lovely for others to enjoy. It is a goal, but the joy for me is the learning!

First, you must want to write!

That has to be the first essential ingredient. I realize people come online and just want to write the minimum possible and get their money and run. Then you are not a writer, period. Really, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Writing is still an art. Writing well takes skill and revision. If you say, " Not me... my writing just flows off the keyboard!" Uh-huh; well, I won't be reading what you write anytime soon and that goes for most of the million possible people out there.

If you love to write, you will revise and revise some more...because you love to get the words just right!

I realize some people write here just to make extra money. I like and appreciate the extra money like anyone else; but I do not follow the stats and despair and delight over blips and dips. For me, that kind of effort just is not worth my time as many writers have expressed over the years.

To earn money, I would rather get a real job that pays a minimum wage. This is not the place to earn a living. This is the place to earn something extra and work at your craft. That way the world is your oyster! I love that I get paid "something" to do what I love!

Love of books goes hand-in-hand with love of writing


HubPages community is a great place to start

Here you can establish your "brand", which is your particular way of relating to people.Find the style of writing that comes naturally to you; connect with people. Have your say in matters that mean something to you. People who agree with you will read you. Those that disagree won't. Here is a good place to develop some resilience as a writer. Most comments are encouraging.

Practice, practice, revise, revise, research, learn, rinse and repeat. It sounds daunting, but if you are a writer you won't be discouraged. You just want to write.

Trying to find readers on your own in the world of the internet is a formidable task. It invovles a lot of marketing and spending time promoting rather than writing. At this time, I would rather be writing.

Here at HubPages you can have a following and there are statistics to encourage you along.

Sometimes it is encouraging, sometimes discouraging. However, think of it this are gaining exposure with each person that reads what you have written. Take pride to make it your best effort and enjoy the process. Getting some money for your effort is icing on the cake!

Curious? ... What are you waiting for?... (Join here!)

Hints for beginners at HubPages

  1. The best way to begin is by writing about something that you are familiar with, have specific knowledge of or are interested in.
  2. An example of what "not" to write a Hub about would be "do it yourself car repair" because it is something many people search for. The problem would be if you do not have a clue about repairs. Just do not do that!
  3. Chose "evergreen topics" those are subjects that will interest a reader a year from now, two years from now, etc.There are so many topics they are limitless. The proof is when you read your Hub a few years from now, it does not feel like old news.
  4. Consider the questions you would like answers to and then research them well and create an informative Hub on the subject. Create value for your readers.
  5. As a beginner, you can get caught up in the excitement of having a Hub published. It is exciting and heady, but it is not any proof that your career has shot up to the stratosphere. You have an article online and people may or may not read it. It is up to you in many ways to engage your readers.
  6. HubPages is a community and other writers will help you and engage with you but they have their own lives and pursuits. Spend as much or as little time on here as you want.
  7. HubPages does indeed make money from your Hubs but only if people read them. Without their platform most writers here would be hard pressed to earn on their own keep that in mind. HubPages needs to make a profit in order to provide you with a platform and more readers than you could find on your own.
  8. Have fun!


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  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to HubPages Ddraigcoch! I agree with you completely. I do this because

    a.) I love to write

    b.) I love having readers and responses to what I write!

    Sure it would be great to do this for a living, but I am stil learning the ropes as I go along and HubPages is a great way to do "market research" on the writing life. Having some revenue from Adsense is a bonus at this moment in time for me!

  • Ddraigcoch profile image


    7 years ago from UK

    I think you have to do it for enjoyment or you just get major headaches.

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Hi Jill, I hardly notice I am actually learning a lot about writing for the web in the HubPages community...LOL. What more could one ask for? Well, maybe to learn "to earn" a little faster, but the journey is fun! Maybe that is the point, you do need to enjoy the process!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  • jill of alltrades profile image

    jill of alltrades 

    8 years ago from Philippines

    I enjoyed this! Like you, I also discovered Hubpages by chance. I was just reading a photo website that I follow and Hubpages was mentioned as a great site for writing so I followed the link and here I am having the time of my life!

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Tony, glad you enjoyed my story; sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it! I was enchanted by this site from the start! I still am!

    In the time I have been on here I have learned so much!

    There are so many talented people here! However, the surprise bonus is the wonderful shared personal stories from around the world, some informative, some funny and many poignant, and all worth reading, because as writers we intensely want to know about other people and how they view their world. I agree, it is the "best" writing site and a great writers' community!

  • tonymac04 profile image

    Tony McGregor 

    8 years ago from South Africa

    I enjoyed reading your story of how you came to find this site - which is the best writing site on the web IMHO! I too have looked at (and even joined, though not for long) quite a few others and have stuck it out here.

    Love and peace


  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    dsletten Thanks for the wishes and for stopping by! Yeh, my avatar is also my real life buddy, so he belongs here with me! Love your avatar as well!

  • dsletten profile image


    8 years ago from United States

    HubPages is a good find. Good luck. Love your avatar. :)

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Glad to give a Good Hub publicity. This is a great site to grow, learn and practice or just have some entertainment!

  • ZarkoZivkovic profile image


    8 years ago from Serbia

    Thanks for the link, and as you already know and judging by the comments, it just takes time. Anyway, HubPages are more than just a site that offers you a chance to make money. You get to meet people here, share honest opinions, join discussions and my favorite, learn about almost anything there is :)

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada


    Thank you!

  • Bloget profile image


    8 years ago from Minnesota

    Best Wishes to You...

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Thanks CaityBugsMommy

    for your comments! I wish you great success in your writing endeavours. This is a great outlet and a good community to be a part of!

  • CaityBugsMommy profile image


    8 years ago from Fort Bliss (El Paso),Texas

    Great Hub! I feel the same as you, just looking for an outlet and a something new to learn about. I hope you become as successful as you wish to be here. Good Luck!

  • Scribenet profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Ontario, Canada


    Thanks for your support. There is a ton of ways to market the articles...Hub Pages just seems like a natural outlet and such a great community of interesting writers to learn from!

  • suziecat7 profile image


    8 years ago from Asheville, NC

    Keep it up. It's a slow process but very rewarding.


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