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Best Free Tools for Bloggers & Online Content Writers

Updated on July 12, 2011

As a Hubber, Blogger, Content Writer it is great challenge to find out interesting content that content consumers want to read online. You will also want to write on the right platforms like HubPages so your content gets great exposure and reaches huge audience. Online Content Writer need to constantly learn and adapt to the challenge and changes they face every day from the Search Engine. It is all about getting your content on the Top 10 list of Google search and yahoo, ask and msn searches.

This hub lists online free tools that they can use to simply their research. Some of them might go a long way in helping you in your research. These tools will not only help you in HubPages but even in your blog or other content platforms.

Not writing in HubPages? You should; find out why?


The list:
Google Insight and Trends: This has been beaten to death in N numbers of hubs. If you still ask me what they are, here are some searches to get you started,

Google, Insight will give you an idea of what are the hot searches and what words people are using to search for them. You can also find out from which geographic region these terms are searched most. Google, Trends does the same thing the only difference being it actually tries to predict the traffic into future.

Google Insight results - Present
Google Insight results - Present
Google Trends results - Forecast
Google Trends results - Forecast

Google Ad Planner: I bet not many of you have heard about this one. To put it in simple terms, you have access to Google’s data gold mine. Google has billions of records of useful information about online content consumers and this is a tool for you to analyze all that information in minute detail.

Google Insight and Trends give you a very broad analysis and is a starting point. These two tools will tell you the search traffic but how about what age group is searching for "Cell phones". What Gender searches for the "Twilight merchandise"? What sites people visit for a specific search term.

This is a tool meant for the Advertisers/Marketers - to research audiences and design their ad campaign based on that. But who says we can't use it? It gives you immense insight into audience who come to a site. We can drill down to find out by Gender, Age, Household Income, Education or special groups like Active Internet User, Affluent 100K+, Auto Buyers, etc on any site. The data you can get is mind boggling. If you go nuts over data like me, you will probably spend weeks pondering over this tool. This single tool might be worth your time spent on this hub.

I started writing about Google Ad Planner with so much excitement and ended up writing so much, I had to move it to another Hub. That Hub will show you what Google Ad Planner can do.

Google Ad Planner
Google Ad Planner
This helps you to find out if your website or blog is accessible around the world. Enter the url and the tool will ping it from 37 different check points located in different geographic areas around the world. This helps to ping your new web page aka make it visible to web search crawlers around the world. This will also tell you if your blog or website has been blocked in some parts of the world like China due to inappropriate content. results. results.
It lets you know about other websites that are hosted on the same web server as your site/blog. It is very important since one bad site and Google will be angry with you for being in the bad neighborhood. You can then ask your web hosting company to move your site to another server.
It even pinpoints exactly where your server is located. They also have a host of other network tool that you might want to take a look.

Shows other websites hosted on the same server.
Shows other websites hosted on the same server.
Your hosting server mapped.
Your hosting server mapped. This is another great tool to find out if your post or web page has been bookmarked in any of the top book marking sites. You can now find out how popular your webpage or post is. The social websites checked against are, Digg, Furl, Google Links, Reddit, Sphere, Spurl, Technorati Links, Yahoo My Web. results results Another tool like the that helps find the popularity of a site, with respect to page rank, inbound links, etc. This along with will help you find out the web popularity of your website or blog. results results,,
All three of them are site statistics tools. is very basic and gives you some visitor count, traffic rank, etc. and are more detailed.

My favorite is It is completely free and the UI is absolutely easy to use. You can also filter data based on Age group, Gender, Demography etc. It also shows you “People-Who-Liked-This-Might-Also-Like” section. results results results results Summary Results Summary Results Results by Special Category Results by Special Category related sites related sites
Oh boy, this is one got be one of the best. It combines many of the tools discussed above into one. It gives traffic rank, popularity, technical information, multimedia, company information, offices etc in one page! Results Results
Results can be viewed for the shown tabs for any website
Results can be viewed for the shown tabs for any website
Similar to DataoPedia. It combines the results from several traffic monitoring & social sites and displays them in one page. You can compare different site on several basic criteria.You can compare upto 5 sites. results results

Google Page Rank Report
A nice Google page rank tool, which can compare page ranks of 10 sites. Save you the trouble of installing the Google tool bar (for page rank) on your browser.

Hope these tools are useful for you. I have added very little information about each tool. You might find a wealth of information if you explore them in detail.

Warning: Don't blame me if you spend weeks using these tools and waste your time. :)

Please add a comment if you found them useful. If you know more tools that are very helpful for online content writers please let me know so that I can add them here. Happy writing!


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    • adrienne2 profile image

      Adrienne F Manson 6 years ago from Atlanta

      Hey Lisa, A lot of these sites I have never heard of, I have bookmarked in order to use for future references. This article is a true find. I have voted up, and useful! Thanks for being part of the HP community.

    • profile image

      Max 8 years ago

      This is great! Thanks alot for these tips.

    • chronage profile image

      chronage 8 years ago from England

      great hub full of information r4eally insightful

    • BundleBoy profile image

      BundleBoy 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks Lisa! That's a first, will check it out.

    • profile image

      Lisa 8 years ago

      Hi! I have seen many such websites that provide competitive analysis for free. My personal favourite is . It seems to generate very accurate traffic information, too.