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The Best Revenue Share Website is Hubpages

Updated on October 4, 2016
Best Revenue Share Website is Hubpages.
Best Revenue Share Website is Hubpages. | Source

I feel Hubpages is the best revenue share site to join. Hubpages is the only site I actively recommend to my close friends. Below I've given the reasons I feel this way - and I urge you to join Hubpages if you are serious about making money online using a revenue sharing model.

Quick Overview of How Hubpages Works

Firstly, nothing on Hubpages will ever cost you a cent. There are no hidden packages, no upgrades, no "premium accounts" - everybody's treated the same and there are no charges at all.

With Hubpages, you simply sign up, then create articles on (almost) any subject you wish. The interface is easy to understand. Once you have written your article and are happy it is complete, you "publish" it - this makes it live on the Internet. Hubpages then place adverts within that page - and you have the opportunity to earn an income as visitors find your article and click on the adverts.

What is a Revenue Share?

To make money under the revenue sharing, you need to sign up with Google Adsense (or use your existing Adsense account), simply copy/paste your ID number into the box. After that 60% of the time your article is being read YOUR ID is being used, so the clicks are yours. 40% of the time it is the Hubpages ID that is used. This is the basis for revenue sharing - and the "deal" you are entering into in exchange for having a great website, with high Google ranking, to write on that is not costing you anything.

Is This a Bad Deal?

No. I'd rather get a 60/40 split with a website that has sent me nearly 2,000,000 readers .... than have 100% of my own efforts on a website that takes me a lot of time to set up and promote!

Is Anybody Unhappy with Hubpages?

There will always be unhappy people, even if you're giving them a free lunch. If you look around, the people who are unhappy are those that didn't read the rules, wrote poorly, gave poor value to readers - and so, in the medium to long term, would have been damaging the income potential of all the good writers who are investing their time, heart and soul into writing.

Hupages WORKS.

Hupages WORKS. You can, and I DO, earn money writing with Hubpages. You are helped every step of the way to understand how you can tweak your articles, how you can improve them - and, ultimately, how you can make more money from them.

Hubpages continually improves their site

Hubpages continually improves their site and actively works to improve the returns on your writing. The team of staff continually work to ensure that Hubpages articles are well-written and provide readers with a high quality experience. As a new writer you will be helped to improve your work so you start to feel really excited about what you are producing.

Over time, the Internet changes - and Hubpages continually improves their technology, their site, their methods, to keep up with the way the Internet is changing. This means that you can be assured that you won't be let down in the future by discovering that you were part of a second-rate site all along.... very important!

Hubpages are transparent in the way they work

Hubpages are transparent in the way they work, explaining every change, every feature and every reason that things are changed.

Many sites will change - and suddenly you've no idea why. If Hubpages rules change and you "fall foul" of those rules, they'll email you - and, ultimately, your work would be unpublished. But, what Hubpages do better than the other sites is they enable you to always continue to access these unpublished articles, so you can edit them, tweak them and comply with the new rules.

Hubpages are "on your side" and not working against you, like so many other sites that simply delete entire accounts. This doesn't happen with Hubpages.

The Best Revenue Sharing websites work WITH large Internet companies.
The Best Revenue Sharing websites work WITH large Internet companies. | Source

Hubpages works closely with leading Internet companies

Hubpages works closely with leading Internet income generators to ensure Hubpages writers get the best return for their efforts.

When Google changed all the rules in the big Google Panda update (among others), they opened up communications, found out how they could continue to get good ranking with the Google search engine, then tweaked the quality criteria to ensure main players still see Hubpages as worth visiting.

Friendly Staff and Community

The community and staff at Hubpages are the most welcoming, approachable and friendly, supportive group you can meet.

If there is one problem - it is that you get too much help..... the forums are packed with help, tips, people who will give you feedback .... and the staff are very approachable and will also answer direct questions as well as pointing you in the right direction for your needs.

High Standards

Hubpages keep their standards high, so you feel that your efforts are not being squashed by inferior articles.

Never feel "Oh, high standards... not sure if I am professional enough". Hubpages takes complete beginners and help you to improve, improve, improve - while keeping it all pleasurable. Yes, Hubpages have high standards - but they help you attain and maintain those high standards too. NEVER feel you might not be good enough!

Best Revenue Sharing Website is Hubpages.
Best Revenue Sharing Website is Hubpages. | Source

Ideas Galore to Write About

The Hubpages model ensures that you always have plenty of things to write about. In the forums there are ideas, you can ask for ideas in the forums. Competitions are run every month giving a core subject to get you motivated (plus there are cash prizes for those too, often).

Hubpages' members also post Questions that you can Answer. In fact, what you are reading now is in answer to a question somebody asked! This instantly gave me my "what to write about today" inspriation and head start!

Additional Ways to Earn Money with Hubpages

Alongside the Adsense revenue sharing, you also get the chance to earn an income by using the ebay and Amazon modules.

But there are other ways to earn money from Hubpages, promoting businesses and products.

For now - I'll keep it simple, just join, you can find out how to do all this in a little bit! There's a lot to learn and always something new to explore.

Is Hubpages Your Best Revenue Share Website?

What do you think ..?

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