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Bidvertiser PPC Super Traffic

Updated on June 10, 2011
Bidvertiser - Get $20 Free Clicks!
Bidvertiser - Get $20 Free Clicks!
My Bidvertiser campaigns
My Bidvertiser campaigns

Bidvertiser Super Traffic

This is how I averaged 9+ signups to my affiliate program daily using only free Bidvertiser PPC advertising.

Bidvertiser, like Google, is an advertising service where you can advertise your business or website across thousands of websites on a pay per click (PPC) basis.

Unlike Google, I found Bidvertiser so much easier to work with. Also, Bidvertiser gives you $20 worth of free clicks so you can test your ad before you spend any of your own money.

Bidvertiser results - 9 April
Bidvertiser results - 9 April

Above, you can see my first ever Bidvertiser PPC campaigns. I began getting signups almost straight away, days before I used up my $20 in free clicks! I set my budget for $5 per day and you can see the results.

Here you can see the signups that occurred on 9 April, my second day of using Bidvertiser PPC advertising. (You can even see that number 16 cancelled - But check out the other signups on that day awaiting confirmation!)

Began With Bidvertiser 8 April - Immediate Results!
Began With Bidvertiser 8 April - Immediate Results!

Here you can see the signups from my first ever day of using Bidvertiser, on 8 April.

Compare the Bidvertiser rate of signups to my previous rate of signups - prior to 8 April. You can clearly see how hard it was for me to get even two signups in one day!

Prior to Bidvertiser, my signups were far less, achieved using traffic exchanges and various other sources of traffic.

I wanted to get this information out fast, especially to my own downline but also to anyone struggling to get targetted traffic and signups to their websites or affiliate programs.

One particular feature of Bidvertiser I really liked was the geo targetting - because the program I was promoting was only relevant to the fifty states of the USA whereas the affiliate program was available worldwide. This is a perfect example of the need for such targetting in advertising.

As I said, I found Bidvertiser much easier to use than Google Adwords. In fact, I opened a Google Adwords account about a month ago, put money into it, and tried to run an ad for my affiliate program and just bombed. I've tried three times so far, and I've got books and documents on using Adwords - and videos!

Compared with Google, my Bidvertiser PPC ad campaign was super easy to setup and my second ad was soon up and running also - and the signups kept coming. So Google can wait. <grin>

I highly recommend Bidvertiser for:

1. Advertisers - to get targetted traffic/signups, or

2. Publishers - to monetize websites/blogs, or

3. Affiliates - to refer advertisers and/or publishers for nice commissions

Now - Claim Your $20 Free Clicks with Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser Recommendation

Hi Charles,

Just wanted to thank you for your email about Bidvertiser
you sent out last time you emailed your downline.

I never paid much attention to the program but looked
at your hub and seen results and posted a few ads for
AdsAndCash there and in 2 days I have received 26
signups at AdsandCash from them.

Jason (Owner) AdsAndCash

I was very impressed with Bidvertiser's targeted traffic to my affiliate program, in fact so much so, I had to stop the campaign. I just felt so guilty about recruiting so many people into a program I had lost faith in!

I was even more impressed with my affiliate earnings from Bidvertiser. If you're looking for a program worth promoting, then Bidvertiser will pay you monthly and has heaps of promotional material, banners of all sizes, etc. and a huge market. Promote to advertisers and publishers, etc.

If you're promoting anything online, definitely sign up with Bidvertiser and get the $20 in free targeted visitors.If it "doesn't work" for you then you will have lost none of your own money. But I'm sure you will be happy with the results.

When I first started with Bidvertiser I capped my spending at $5 per day. I was so impressed with the results I was happy to then continue by using my own money when the $20 was used up.

Claim Your $20 Free Clicks with Bidvertiser

I had excellent pay per click results with Bidvertiser...
I had excellent pay per click results with Bidvertiser...


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    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 4 years ago from UK

      With Bidvertiser success with your text ad depends on many factors. Sometimes I find it easier to use a banner ad provided by the product I'm promoting or one made by myself.

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 5 years ago from United States

      I tried ,Sometimes it works great

    • Charles S profile image

      Charles Russell Stockdale 7 years ago from UK

      Hi Phobos - thanks for your comment. Haven't used Bidvertiser for months, but just now started using it again because I still had money in my advertiser account. Hope to have an update soon. Also, did make nice monthly income when I was actively promoting it too - excellent affiliate program!

    • profile image

      Phobos 7 years ago

      Hey Charles. Thanks for the useful info on Bidvertiser. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to costly PPC engines like Google and Yahoo and stumbled upon this excellent hub. I will certainly try bidvertiser soon. Cheers.