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Making a Choice to Blog for Profit

Updated on July 9, 2013

Have a strong need to write

Making up your mind to switch from pleasure to profit writing

Blogging first appeared on the Internet in 1994, and by 1999 we had Weblog. A complete history of blogging can be read in the New York magazine, .under this link; It has been often mentioned to me that I should blog. In the 1990’s and 2000’s I was known through Internet chat rooms as one who was well informed in metaphysical and new age topics. It was not until three years ago that I finally took the leap and joined Hub Pages. Writing has always been one of my passions, and after writing a couple hubs it was easy to see why people love hubbing or blogging. Those three years my hubs were written when the mood struck. It was not a constant activity for me, until late last year. At that time I still just wrote down my thoughts and just clicked on publish. I never paid attention to what could become possible, if I took my hubs to a new level. I just loved writing. Every time that I received an accolade I would just stare at the email in wonder. How did this happen? Three months ago I began to ponder if I could do more with my writing and my hubs? If I took my hubs up a notch would it be possible to make a profit?

Before making a decision, I had to go educate myself on how one makes a profit on Hub Pages. I began to spend considerable amount of time reading through the Hub Tutorials to gather all the information that I deemed important. I learned that making a living as a blogger or hubber is not something that occurs overnight. This did not surprise me. It seldom happens that way in any profession. It takes time to build your name, and a person must be consistent. To me it seemed that you needed to treat this as a full time profession to see a decent profit. This would include putting in the hard work so you can acquire your desired outcome. I had my work laid out, but I was up for the challenge.

Blogger Who Love Hub Pages

Those first important steps to take when you want to hub for profit

The Hub Tutorials was my saving grace. I had no idea what a SEO meant. I just wrote those past three years for my pleasure. SEO is still an area I struggle with. It is not unusual for me to have to reread often so it absorbs. Through trial and error I am doing better, but I have a way to go.

Stats, this was never a concern, but now it fascinates me. I follow my stats throughout the day, not to get discourage but to learn. I am still discovering more each day, and am amazed within the last six weeks or so, how my stats have improved.

My earlier Hubs needed to be improved or deleted. It took time, yet it was well worth it. I did delete those that contained specific holidays, celebrations regarding those or anything that was not conducive for anytime of the year. I still have a few left to work on, but decided it was time to put in a couple fresh Hubs.

I began reading forums and other people’s hubs. I found valuable information, and also a major warning for myself. It seems like weekly someone is creating a forum that is discouraging in making a profit. Usually these are loaded with figure pointing complaints, but I did find some worthwhile information. Those types of forums you can gather information, but be careful you do not fall it the pit of despair.

The new templates are absolutely delicious when putting in your hub. I could not ask for a better layout, especially since I am not educated in how to do this. There are some that I have shy away from, but I know eventually I will try. I did finally today try the poll. It is not as scary as I thought it would be.

I am enjoying the learning process, and reading all I can, yet there has been a constant nagging in the back of my head. This niche that is often suggested.

What about you?

Would you find a new niche if yours would not make a profit?

See results

The niche factor will it work for or against me.

I have had a niche since I started Hub Pages three years ago, but never gave it any thought. Those first three years I wrote from my heart on different areas of Global Consciousness through Spiritual means. I was writing for a small audience, though hopefully growing. My hubs found room in the Religion and Philosophy section, and mostly under metaphysical topics. That might seem logical, but my writings are never religious base. I often am writing to dispute concepts of New Age, and to write how these concepts have been misconstrued by many. This I knew, even three years ago, would draw a small crowd. My niche felt fine when I was writing hubs for pleasure, but it doesn’t seem like a logical area for making a profit.

This has concerned me and I needed to seek a solution, perhaps two. One thing I begin to learn is there are other departments to place my hubs. I did not consider this before, but after looking through all the departments and sub- departments I begin to see my niche would fit in a few categories. This I have met with some success. Do not forget to check out the other categories. You might have gotten the wrong one or you might discover there is more than just one. It is perfectly fine to broaden your horizon.

I Blog to Teach what I Live

What to do if my niche does not bring me a profit?

My niche is my passion. Educating people on global consciousness and how they can create the change our world needs is as vital to me as my breath. There are people who are thirsty for this information. I love writing hubs on topics that help those who are in need, but what happens if this niche comes up empty handed for profit. I could sell myself short through broadening my niche, by writing for me substandard Hubs. Hubs that do not totally speak my truth, or avoid it all together just to make a profit. My writing style is direct and to the point. I never been the type to cushion ideas. This can be seen in hubs that have been written on Law of Attraction. Law of Abundance and quick band-aide fixes do well, yet it offers nothing to those who are reaching for a new consciousness. This type of writing would bring in the clicks. It would eventually turn into a profit. The question though can I justify doing this? Can I sell my beliefs for a nickel?

This took me awhile to ponder. First I had to get out of black and white thinking. The value of what I write in a hub will always come first. It is who I am, and to do differently would be selling not only me short but others. i will write my truth, even if it costs me a profit. The profit for me cannot supersede the material that I wish to share. I do not need to go back to just writing for the love of writing. I can though proceed writing my hubs with my passion to educate others. Learn all I can about how to improve my hubs, and enjoy what I am doing. This has to always be foremost for me, for the stats going up or down is secondary. That is always a passing event. It should not have me locked in despair. My passion is in teaching and my best avenue for this is through my hubs

My Hubs Count

Hubbing for profit

Hubbing for profit is something we each need to think about. What type of profit are you looking for in your business? Are you willing to work hard at it? Is blogging your ideas more important than the money? Is a niche going to work for you or against you? In my case, I use Hub Pages as an avenue to teach, and it is not the only source of income I have. I have two sources, and my intent is to teach. Teaching through writing and working as a psychic counselor will give me the opportunities I seek. I have high standards that I do place on me, and I am grateful that I recognized them, and did not resist. As stated, I am new to the business end of writing hubs, but I do hope some of my suggestions will be helpful to you. Best of luck!


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      I glad I am not the only one. Though I am not after a major profit, and know my area is not one many would go, it does help me on the steps I plan to take in the future. Thanks Billy, your comments made me feel better.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Good for you!

      HP and I don't mix. I'm only here for the friends that I have made. HP gives me a chance to build my platform but not once do I give any consideration to making money here. It just will not happen for the type of writing that I do.


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