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Building a Viable Online Business: My 60 Day Hub Challenge Journal

Updated on January 29, 2012
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache an

Author's Note: I removed most links because I moved the hubs elsewhere. You can still use this hub as a guide toward building your Hubpages account.

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Background: The 30 hubs in 60 days challenge is a two part challenge:

  1. To write 30 hubs in 30 days. The backbone of this challenge is to write series of hubs rather than the stand-alone variety. I will outline my strategy in the goals section below.

  2. To promote the 30 hubs in the second 30 days for maximum traffic and revenue. The goal is to achieve at least one page view from 10 different sources, per hub, per day.


I am big on goals and writing them down. What is unusual for me is writing them down on the computer. My normal set of goals are hand-written and in my pocket wherever I go. I constantly review and modify my goals as the situation warrants. For example: If I have an annual goal and approach completion by mid-year, I expand the goal, stretching myself to perform even better.

To accommodate my natural style of goal-setting, I will update this journal on a regular basis during and for a short period after the challenge as outlined by Sunforged.

I have several goals for this challenge. They are as follows:

  1. Increase daily hub traffic from the 100-200 page views a day to 500 by mid-summer, 1,000 by year-end 2010, 2,500 by year-end 2011, 5,000 by the end of 2012.

  2. Create relevant information hubs that have a CTR of 3% plus. My current CTR is around 2.23%.

  3. Create relevant product hubs that generate $300 a month in commissions from Amazon. My current Amazon earning are only a few dollars per month. By challenge end, my goal is to break the $10 mark each month and build from there. All effort will be applied to hit $300 per month by Christmas.

  4. Increase AdSense revenue from $55 per month to $500 per month in 2010.

  5. Write more series of hubs.

  6. Learn better linking, backlinking, and other traffic generating skills.

  7. Increase my followers on HubPages to 150 by challenge end; 250 by year-end 2010.


My journal will use a simple listing format during the first 30 days. I have three series of hubs I will finish during the challenge. The three series are:

  1. 10 hubs on IRS audits

  2. 10 hubs on picnic tables

  3. 10 hubs on weather stations

I will list each category in a separate text capsule with date published and the hub number in the challenge. Note that I will not write 10 hubs on one subject before starting another. You can follow each series easily by following the three lists.

I will providing periodic statistics. This will prove beneficial for everyone, as you will see my progress as it happens.

There are two relevant areas of revenue in relation to this challenge: Amazon and AdSense. The revenue and traffic statistics will list weekly.

A Goal Written Down is Half Complete

IRS Audit Manual

Hub #2: April 5, 2010

IRS Tax Audits: The Selection Process: The audit process begins with selection. Learn how to avoid an IRS tax audit by avoiding mistakes sure to bring the tax man calling.

Hub #4: April 18, 2010

The IRS Tax Audit Process: Preparing for the Audit: This is article two in the IRS Audit Manual series. In this article I outline how to prepare before the audit. Following a few simple preparation steps increases your chance of a positive outcome.

Hub #5: April 19, 2010

The IRS Tax Audit Process: The First Meeting: First impressions make all the difference. This one can save you real money.

Hub #8: April 28, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: IRS Audit Procedures: We are into the heart of the audit now, the part where you sweat. What comes out of this section of the audit will determine your actions in the remainder of the audit.

Hub #11: April 30, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: The IRS Appeal: The audit is over and it is time for damage control. Sure-fire ways to reduce a tax assessment from an audit.

Hub #15: May 4, 2010

The IRS Audit Manual Appeals Process Part 2: The appeals process is so important I wrote two parts to the subject. Bookmark for future needs.

Hub #27: May 13, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: Beating the IRS in Tax Court: Tax Court is the final step when fighting the IRS when things go wrong.

Hub #28: May 15, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: The Installment Agreement ond Other Payment Options: Stop IRS collection actions dead with an Installment Agreement.

Hub #29: May 15, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: Secrets to the IRS Offer in Compromise: Learn the facts and settle your IRS debt for the lowest amount possible.

Hub #30: May 15, 2010

IRS Audit Manual: IRS Penalty and Interest Abatement: The final installemt of the IRS Audit Manual outlines how you can get the IRS to abate and refund interest and panalties after they are paid.

Picnic Tables

Hub #1: April 3, 2010

Buy a Little Tikes Picnic Table Online: Kid's need a place to play, relax, and eat. When designing your yard or playroom, consider a kid's picnic table. Your children can entertain friends. By keeping occupied, you have less stress.

There is a vast array of choices when looking at kid's picnic tables. Depending on where you plan on using the table, will determine the size and shape you want.

Why not make your life easier. Buy a kid's picnic table from Amazon today and enjoy free shipping and peace of mind.

Check out more kid's picnic tables: Kid's Picnic Table

Hub #3: April 18, 2010

The Best Cedar Picnic Tables to Buy Online: When you are looking for an investment that will last a lifetime and speaks class in volumes, then you talking about a cedar picnic table in your back yard. Cedar is a reasonable choice when buying a picnic table. The deep rich cedar color adds beauty to your yard. Guests will be impressed at the quality of the surroundings.

There are several choices of size and shapes in cedar. A small cedar picnic table for the kids will last generations. Cedar resists the elements naturally and are nearly indestructible.

You will make a lasting impression with your guests as they spend time with you in conversation at your cedar picnic table. You invested in your home, you invested in your landscaping, now, invest in decor that is affordable, lasting, and beautiful.

Check out the beautiful picnic tables in cedar here: Cedar Picnic Tables

Hub #9: April 29, 2010

Buy an Octagon Picnic Table Online for Less: Looking for a picnic table that allows everyone equal access to the whole table? Perfect for family gatherings, cards, and conversation.

Hub #10: April 29, 2010

Buy a Wood Picnic Table at a Discount: Traditional picnic tables dress up any back yard. Get yours at a bargain basement price.

Hub #13: May 2, 2010

Buy a Folding Picnic Table Online: A folding picnic table for every occasion. A selection for the kids in provided. Folding chairs reviewed, too.

Hub #19: May 7, 2010

Buy a Kids' Picnic Table Online for Less: Make sure the youngsters have a comfortable place to eat and play at the family picnic. You can thank me later.

Hub #20: May 7, 2010

Round Picnic Tables For Sale Online: Round picnic and patio tables dress up any back yard and deck.

Hub #21: May 7, 2010

Buy Tiki Torches online: Tiki torches go nice with picnic tables in the back yard.

Hub #22: May 8, 2010

Discount Picnic Benches for Sale Online: As long as you are enjoying a picnic, a few benches around the yard and gardens really look nice and are great for relaxing.

Hub #23: May 8, 2010

Buy a Director's Chair Online: The final installment in my picnic table series is on director's chairs. What picnic is complete without comfortable seating after the meal. Great for parades, too.


Week 1

Tax season is a poor time for me to start a 30 hub challenge. Still, I managed two hubs and started another. My statistics are doing well due to seasonal hubs I wrote months ago.

Week 2

Tax season stole every moment of time I have as April 15th loomed. I wrote nothing this week. Stats are good due to seasonal hubs written last year and in January.

With tax season over, I will take a weekend with the family and then get serious about getting 30 hubs done by April 30th.

Week 3

I am still recovering from tax season and the after tax season rush. Yes, it gets busier in my office after tax time for several weeks as pent up demand for other services get satisfied.

Traffic is doing well across all types of hubs. My earlier work is doing best as it ranks better in the search engines.

I am the treasurer of the Wisconsin Regional Writers' Association and will spend the entire weekend at the Spring conference. Sleep is deferred to a later date again. I have decided to extend my challenge to May 15th to write my 30 hubs. I want to write quality material and I can't do that fighting to stay awake. I published my 8th hub in the challenge today.

Week 4

I am extending the writing of 30 hubs to May 15th because I got a slow start due to work. This challenge came at about the worst time of year for me. Traffic is very low now with tax season over. I have 19 hubs to write in 14 days. I'll do it.

Week 5

I am catching up now that my work load is easing in the office. Traffic is up; so are sales and advertising revenue.

Week 6

I finished all hubs. Now I need to clean them up and add more cross links. Next week I will check to see what the rest of the group is ahead of me on.

Weather Stations

Hub #6: April 22, 2010

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 6152 Weather Station: Now that I am getting sleep again I can start a regular writing schedule. This hub is the first of 10 on weather stations, a topic and subject dear to my heart. The Vantage Pro2 is a world class professional weather station at an affordable price. Check it out.

Hub #7: April 23, 2010

How to Buy a Professional Weather Station for Home: I outline 10 important considerations when buying a weather station.

Hub #12: May 2, 2010

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 6163: The best of the best when it comes to weather stations.

Hub #14: May 3, 2010

La Crosse Technology WS-1611TWC-IT Professional Weather Station: Everything you need to know about La Cross technology and their weather stations.

Hub #16: May 5, 2010

Acu-Rite Wireless Weather Station: Quality and price make Acu-Rite weather stations worth considering.

Hub #17: May 6, 2010

Buy an Oregon Scientific Weather Station Online: A review of Oregon Scientific's vast selection of weather stations.

Hub # 18: May 7, 2010

Buy a Honeywell Weather Station Online: Honeywell is the unsung hero in the weather station market. As a result, they have great prices mixed with high quality.

Hub #24: May 8, 2010

Discount Atomic Clock Weather Stations Available Online: Discussion on this unique feature on most weather stations, what it means, and where to buy one at a discount.

Hub #25: May 9, 2010

Buy a Wireless Rain Gauge Online: For the garden, the farm, or if you just need to know, a selection of rain gauges for your review.

Hub #26: May 9, 2010

Buy an Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Online: I finish my weather station series of hubs with a diatribe on indoor/outdoor thermometers.


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