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Updated on October 15, 2017

UPDATE: In February 2013 the rss feeds in Hubpages were turned off. Unfortunately, this hub displayed the latest postings by the people below, through an rss feed - so now it looks a bit bare.

I am afraid there is nothing I can do about that :(

My (Real Life) Friends on Hubpages

I've started this hub to help out my friends. We're all hubbing now, so I thought I'd create one simple hub that explains who is hubbing and why.

There are 1000 reasons to write articles on Hubpages - not always to do with earning money! So here are my friends, their hubs - and the reasons why I thought they could benefit from joining hubpages.

Hubpages Isn't Just For People Who Want to Make Money

Hubpages can be good for people who want to be able to write all sorts of things, to explore subjects they're interested in, to see if they do want their own website to run (including buying a domain and being responsible for everything AND content on top), to promote their existing website, to share their flickr photos by discussing particular photos or shoots.... etc etc.

Nobody Was a Writer - They're Just Writing/Sharing Things They Love or Think About

None of my friends would call themselves "writers". We're all just having fun on the Internet, writing about things we're interested in - or even just trying out what writing regularly on a website is like before they commit to getting their own domain etc.

There are 1000 reasons why joining Hubpages can just be fun.

Listed below are people who are my real friends, who I've persuaded to join me on Hubpages. I know these people, so was able to spot a reason why Hubpages might just be fun for them.

I've chosen the picture at the head of this because it's important to remember, when you move onto new things, to keep in touch with your old friends.


Cornwall_UK lives in Cornwall in the United Kingdom and will be hubbing extensively on Cornwall. Places to go in Cornwall, tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, activities and beach. All about Cornwall.

Starting with the September challenge in September 2010, the objective is to quickly build up to 150 hubs, with location maps.  The hub challenge allows up to 5 hubs/day to be written ... so that's an amazing challenge - and all the hubs will be about Cornwall, a fabulous holiday destination in the South West of England, with over 200 miles of sandy beaches and a history of pirates, smuggling and tin mining


Wordpress4biz loves to write about Wordpress - to help to share how easy it is to use - and bringing together, over time, a set of comprehensive "You Need This Lot" lists for people in different circumstances, trying to achieve different sorts of websites and blogs.

Wordpress is incredibly powerful - and free - and using a bunch of free plugins you can really get a highly functional site up and running in under a day. All the bells and whistles you can think of have been put into a plugin by somebody.


Webshooter is a keen photographer. He loves to eat, sleep and talk about cameras and photography. With a huge flickr collection, I thought he'd enjoy talking about his photos to a wider audience and get some extra traffic to his photos.

Webshooter: Ramp


SandySeaShore lives in Ireland and has spent many a year working on and around boats. SandySeaShore is a qualified powerboat instructor, hoping to soon become a qualified navigation officer on merchant ships.

SandySeaShore loves writing poetry and is hoping to find a poetry-loving audience within Hubpages that can appreciate his poems and encourage him to write more.


Jordan is 19 and recently moved 200 miles away from her family and the coast, to move inland to live with her long-term boyfriend, who has moved to go to University.

I recommended hubs to Jordan to give her something to fill her time with, while she's job hunting and exploring a new area. I felt she would enjoy researching the local area, in order to perhaps visit places and write about them, reminisce about where she's moved from - as well as sharing the experiences of a young woman away from home for the first time.

Jordan1990: Jordan

True Lies

True Lies works in London, UK in the world of finance. He expects to mainly write about the Government, the economy and things that tick him off.

I recommended that True Lies join Hubpages because he's thinking of getting his own website, so I suggested he writes some hubs just so he can find out if he actually enjoys it - and has the time for the commitment that running your own website or blog entails.

The name True Lies was intended to mean that he'd be exposing and exploring what politicians tell us -v- what they really meant, or where trying to cover up.

True Lies: gs

Tech Bloke

Tech bloke has a well paid, good job in IT. He's come to Hubpages to have a go at writing about techie subjects and IT. Maybe you will find his hubs helpful in solving problems you are having with your systems at work or home.

He's been the slowest so far in getting off the mark and publishing his first hub, but that's not a big deal. It's not a race - and we can all work to our own pace and pick it up at any time.

Tech Bloke: Flame


SweetxoxCheeks is a mum of 5, living north of London, UK, who recently organised her own wedding and expects to be mainly sharing with you her secrets for creating your own wedding favours, invites and decorations.

With a busy life, a new baby and a wedding to organise, she knows a thing or two about creating lovely things on a shoestring budget and with limited time!

SweetxoxCheeks: Fluffy


Wild boy Rareun, father of one, from the Black Country .... will be bursting out in frantic hub activity soon ..... probably telling you what the best car is, the best music and why bad drivers should be banned from the roads.

Rareun: Rareun


Well, this is me.... I forgot to add my own hub rss feed in here ... so have now added it for completeness.

I'm just mad about the Internet and writing. I love all kinds of random stuff and hubs gives me a chance to write short pieces about things I am interested in, from homebaked bread through to sea monsters in Cornwall... and 1001 other things that are purely random.

earner: It's me!

Emma P

Emma_P is a young woman caught up in the fun things in life. Having already been a trainee hairdresser, dashed off abroad to work for the summer, come back and been laid off due to a short-term illness, she's just started a new job working for an online business.

I suggested Emma_P joins hubpages to build up a residual income (over time) to help her through those moments when she's between jobs - and if this current, new, job works out then she can use her writing skill to help promote the company she works for.

Emma_P's only just joined up, so hasn't had time to write a thing yet!

Emma_P: Zemma


Suzanne is a gifted young singer/songwriter, who not only entertains locally, but also has a number of videos getting a lot of eyeballing on Youtube. With the potential to tour the US sometime in the near future, there are great things ahead for this songstress in Scotland.

Check out Suzanne_Maynard's new hubs as they appear ... we're hoping for a full Singalong With Suzanne series, complete with Youtube video and songsheet!

It promises to be a lot of fun. Online Karaoke fans will shortly be able to join Suzanne and record yourself singing along to her original songs, then upload them to Youtube,

Suzanne_Maynard: Sooz, Suzy


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    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      10 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Carmen

      I built the page so we could all find each other easily too. One simple place to check up who has written what this week, without having to bookmark them individually. We're all friends together, so anybody on the list is interested in what all the others are up to. So this was an ideal of doing it.

      Although, they are new, so there are a few that haven't written their first yet :)

    • Carmen Borthwick profile image

      Carmen Borthwick 

      10 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

      Very nice way to introduce your friends to your fans.


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