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Can You Really Make Money Writing Online on the Internet?

Updated on May 20, 2013

Can Someone Really Make Money Online?

Can you really make money online? Is there some type of formula that guarantees success in making money online?

I hope you didn't come here hoping to have finally found the magic article that is going to guarantee your success - because this is not it. You will not find any screaming headlines guaranteeing a prosperous future by reading what I have to say about making money online.

What you will find however are some ideas about going about making money online with some common sense guidelines. I am a common sense kind of gal, so what I have to say directly relates to my own online adventures, and my quest for residual income working and writing on the Internet.

Making Money Online Takes Patience!

As with any business, making money online requires time and hard work
As with any business, making money online requires time and hard work | Source

Yuwie Was My First Attempt At Online Income

Just last year I decided to give a crack at making money online. Being pretty Internet savvy, and looking for a way to bring in some extra revenue, I started my first online adventure at a site called Yuwie. Yuwie is like Facebook or MySpace except it pays it's users revenue based on the ad revenue shares from the site and the number of referrals/page views you bring in. I put alot of time and effort into Yuwie for the first couple of months, and realized within a few months that although I was making a little bit of money, Yuwie was not really the way I wanted to make money online. Bringing in referrals and then supporting their efforts under me reminded me too much of being in business, which I was trying to get away from. A great thing happened while I was at Yuwie though (besides making some fabulous friends) : I clicked on a Google ad from a writing site called Print'N'Post and was introduced into the world of writing online for money. From there I clicked on another ad for HubPages (So Google Adsense really does work- people will click if it's something of interest for them)

I pretty much took to HubPages like a duck to water - at first I was a little overwhelmed by affiliates, social bookmarking and arranging the capsules but pretty soon through trial and error I started producing some nice "hubs".

Not only was I enjoying writing, but I was immensely enjoying the camaraderie here at HubPages, which made it that much easier to want to be part of this creative fun loving group of writers here at the Hubpages.

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A Basic Formula For Making Money Writing Here

I'm not going to make this a long and lengthy hub about my exploits here at HubPages, because the reason you came here was to find out "Can I really make money Online?".

So with that in mind, and talking about HubPages here, I can say yes you can! Although I have not yet got my check from Google Adsense, I am getting close. Everyday when I check my affiliates tab the revenue is adding up, and it's been adding up faster these last few weeks. Writing for me is a natural, so writing for an income here made sense to me. And I can see that in time, I will eventually (and expect) to be receiving monthly income for my efforts at writing online.

The key to making money writing online? For me it's a very basic formula:

1. Write Good content.

2. Stick With It.

3. Be open to learning new things.

4. Be patient.

Apply this basic formula to writing here at HubPages, and you will find that you can make money online too.

UPDATE ON 5-20-2013: I have been a writer now at HubPages for over 5 years. I have been receiving monthly income now from HP for 4 of those 5 years. Some months I have made more than others but I have received thousands of dollars for my writing efforts. If you stick with it, write well and learn as much as you can, you will make money doing this.


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  • NateSean profile image

    NateSean 7 years ago from Salem, MA

    What exactly did the people who expected more...expect?

    I think you summed it up very nicely and from your other hubs you don't come off as someone who is sitting on top of a large pile of money so it's nice to read someone who is on the same page as the rest of us, so to speak.

  • hsofyan profile image

    hsofyan 8 years ago from Indonesia

    Useful hub. Thanks for sharing..

  • andromida profile image

    syras mamun 8 years ago

    Thank you for joining my HUB.

  • profile image

    multimastery 9 years ago

    Content IS King no doubt ~ Keep writing great hubs Dorsi! wish I had the time to write more but I squeeze them out when I can;-)

  • marketingcoach profile image

    marketingcoach 9 years ago from Georgia


    Good Hub. Your right , all we need is time and patience with our writings.

    Donna Wells

  • LY Wong profile image

    LY Wong 9 years ago

    That's really good, writing good content and earn money online is exciting!

  • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

    Cindy Lawson 9 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    Good Hub and gives me hope that it may eventually pay to write on Hubpages :)

  • Constant Walker profile image

    Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

    Good subject matter, Dorsi. I check Craig'sList ad for freelance writers on a regular basis, and even found a site who bought a story, but it seems to me that writers actually can make money writing online if they're willing to write about subjects they don't care about.

  • profile image

    terryg 9 years ago

    Very true, Dorsi, time and effort. The trick is to be patient. It is very exciting to learn and to put in practice what you have learnt.