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Can a novice writer generate hubs traffic on Hubpages? I Say YES

Updated on March 22, 2013

Hello and welcome to my second hub on my series of hubs trying to answer beginner Hubbers about the many questions that bothers them on Hubpages. This is my third month of stay on Hubppages and I still consider myself a beginner, not that I have not learnt a lot about writing on Hubpages but because I feel I have loads of online writing areas that I need cover and get skills on.

When I joined Hubpages, I spent about 15 hours (5 hours a day in three days) at Learning Center digging out all the information I could about writing on Hubpages. I still spend quite a number of hours there and that is the best place to find answers to most of the questions that a beginner Hubber might have about writing on Hubpages. Although I do get a lot of help by going through the articles in Learning center, there are many questions that you might never find answers.

Generating traffic
Generating traffic | Source

The first few days after joining Hubpages I had a lot of questions, some of them unnecessary I would say. As you stay on Hubpages, you realize that some things that used to bother you are no longer a bother.

You stop worrying why your Hubber score is never hitting 90 and above mark, why hub traffic is falling in some days or what “unfollow” means.

However, there are questions that will bother you in and out and you may never find answers unless fellow Hubbers write about them relating to their experiences on Hubpages.

When I wanted to know whether a beginner can make it on Hubpages, I had to stay here and answer that by myself and now you can read the answer here. Another question that I had to stay here and answer by myself was whether a beginner can generate a good traffic to the hubs. Well, the answer is here now and off course that is yes!

Learn more about Hubpages

Writing articles that cause some buzz on the web and drives traffic needs a lot of hard work and dedication, my friend billybuc can ascertain to that. You also need to have passion and strength in what you write.

When I write an article and get a comment that someone got helped, that is all the strength I need to keep on writing. As a beginner, don’t burn mid-night oil trying to solve the mystery of how best to use keywords, just keep on writing what you like and what is useful. Soon, you’ll realize traffic will stream back to your hubs. Whether the traffic you’ll get is cheap or worthy, the first step is to get traffic

I have 3 months here and I have not yet sat down to research on keywords. Even when I hit 10,000 views in two months and said I would work on them, I have not yet done so. Not that I don’t find keywords or SEO necessary but I don’t want to complicate my life here too much to the point where I will end up getting a headache.

In any case I know keywords and SEO can be costly in time and money but on the other side they might work or might not work. I learnt having a niche is another strategy that can bring potential visitors and readers to your site but since I have not established my niche that strategy does not bother me for now.

Hubs stats from "My account"

Hubs stats from "My account"
Hubs stats from "My account" | Source

Stats from Google Analytics

Stats from Google Analytics
Stats from Google Analytics | Source

So what do I write about that brings traffic? I write anything that is of interest to me and others. Because I like computers I write about computers, because I have respect for people and their culture I write about that, because Hubpages has allowed me to have a chance as a writer I write about Hubpages, because I like sports I write about sports.

My suggestion to my fellow beginners still is, write what you like but not overly personal. Do research about what you are writing and then craft your hub to give it an appealing layout that readers would like to read.

Play with capsules until you get that attractive design. Do the necessary promotions on social media but be careful not to overdo it. Participate on Hubpages and engage with other Hubbers and ask questions if you get stuck. Hubpages has the best online writing community. This is what I have seen working for me at the moment and until I find other better options, I’m sticking with these strategies.


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