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Choosing a Gift for a Woman - Mother's Day or Any Holiday

Updated on December 18, 2019
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I enjoy writing about personal experiences with my family. I am interested in traveling, any culture, ancestry relationships and animals.

Choosing a Gift

Choosing great mothers day gifts is not always easy. As our mother’s age it seems they don’t need much, and if you should ask they will often say “I don’t need anything”.

At least that is the response I get from my elderly mother. Then, we really have to put on our thinking caps to come up with a unique gift; yet sometimes it is as simple as a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Peach Hybiscus


Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis spurce templeofisismich
Goddess Isis spurce templeofisismich

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Motherhood has been celebrated through the centuries as the mother Goddess was worshiped as the creator of life. Female Goddess figures have been unearthed in numerous archeology digs. Isis in Egypt ruled over any matter that concerned mothers.

Rhea/Cybele were revered as the mother goddesses in Greece, and it was Hera in Rome. Mothering festivals were typically held in the spring to celebrate the rebirth of the land.

Flowers Are a Winner


Mothering Sunday

During the 1600’s the English celebrated a day called “Mothering Sunday” on the first day of Lent to honor the mothers of England. Many worked as servants living in their employer’s home and their real homes were often far away, so on Mothering Sunday they were encouraged to go home, and spend time with their mothers



Mothers Day in the USA

In the United States in 1870, the first Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation was penned by Julia Ward Howe. She was a social reformer and poet who wrote the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. She was attempting to rally women to call for peace. In 1907. Anna Jarvis went a step further and actually campaigned for a nationally recognized Mother’s Day.

Finally by 1911, Mother’s Day was being celebrated in most states. On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made the official proclamation that Mother’s Day would be a national holiday to be celebrated annually in May. Around the world there are more than 46 countries that have a special day to pay tribute to mothers. Some celebrate in the spring and some in autumn.



How I Was Given a Mother's Ring

The best mother’s day gift I ever received was from my three sons. My house was robed many years ago, and they took every bit of my jewelry they could find, which included a beautiful antique style mother’s ring that I loved.

A few years later my three sons chipped in and bought me a new mother’s ring, which I know wasn’t easy financially as my youngest son was still a teenager working as a busboy. I rarely ever take the ring off, as it means so much to me

New Sweater




Other Ideas

It is ideal if you can find a personal gift that attaches to a pleasant memory of your mothers. Jewelry for mother is usually a good idea. Choosing personalized jewelry is always a good idea, and there are engraved necklaces with the children’s names including their birthstone. Also, you can buy her a piece of jewelry with a type of gem that is her favorite. Of course, as I’ve already mentioned mothers rings are a very special gift.

A woman always use a new sweater. Choose a good quality fabric and her favorite color. Try for something she doesn't already own. Cashmere is always nice, but a little pricey.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Crafts are Special

Dish Towel with Printed Recipe source crafts caboose
Dish Towel with Printed Recipe source crafts caboose

Craft Idea

If you have a particular craft and can make your mother a personalized gift that is a great idea. A particularly neat idea I have seen is using white dish towels with a printed family recipes.

With the help of your child use a marker or crayon to print the recipe while paper. Your child can also write their name and date.Then take the towel and paper to a copy shop, and they can easily transfer the recipe to the towel. This is simple, fun for the children and a personal gift that your mother will love.

Grandmothers always love things from their grandchildren.

How About Gift Cards that Pamper?

Another type of gift is one that pampers your mother, such as a day at the spa, a massage, or even getting a gift certificate for her favorite nail saloon is special.

Mother’s don’t always take the time, or they may not have the money to indulge themselves.

Many women have a favorite perfume or would like a basket of bath accessories if she doesn’t have one.


Obviously Mother’s Day is a happy day for Hallmark, but what if you make a special card using your own words and design? That can really be a precious moment.

You can also take your mother out for a special dinner. We want to make our mothers feel special on this day to show our love.

Most importantly, if possible, spend some time with your mother. No one knows how long we have on this earth, so take advantage of the time to spend with your mother as often as you can.

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