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How to Manage Your Online Time

Updated on November 1, 2017
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I have worked in administration most of her working career, some of my experience and knowledge can be found here. Health & Safety included.

Why did I go to the forums before writing my hub!! Arghh!
Why did I go to the forums before writing my hub!! Arghh! | Source

Oh what fun it is answering forum questions, getting involved and reading other peoples work

All I can say is that I really enjoy reading what others wish to discuss and getting involved in the conversation.

The problem that I am having is that once I start to read these different conversations I can't pull myself away!

Maybe someone could give me some idea of how to do this. I find myself enthralled by what is being discussed.

Although I do not have the answer to many of the questions, my fellow hubber's include me in the conversation and I find that I'm constantly sat at my computer reading what has been written instead of thinking about writing my next hub!

Discipline I hear you say, yes, I must find an answer.

Oh how I love reading the forums and getting involved!

O.k. that's enough now, time to write that hub!
O.k. that's enough now, time to write that hub! | Source

Perhaps the hubpages team pictured below could suggest a plan of action for me!

How do they control what they are doing on hubpages? They have to look at so many hubs per day and also check out the forums to see if there are any problems occurring with our hubs.

Manage my time I hear them say, easier said than done when some of the forum discussions are so, so interesting!

Perhaps I will have to click on write a new hub as soon as I log on? Maybe that would work, or would I feel as if I had not let everyone know that I am here on hubpages today and that I am ready to chat? Your guess is as good as mine but just a little word of advise from someone who takes the time to read comments and get involved, take care because the time you are spending on the forums and reading soon runs out and another day has gone by!

I find that when I have answered questions in the forums I then start to check out the new hubs!

Why oh why do I do that! I should finish the forums and then start writing my hub, but no, not me I start reading others hubs. Why do you all write such good hubs? There interesting, informative and keep me engrossed for far to long!

Thumbs up! Another brilliant hub to add to the others that I have read today!

Wow! what a brilliant hub, now that's enough now tlcs time to write your own brilliant hub!
Wow! what a brilliant hub, now that's enough now tlcs time to write your own brilliant hub! | Source

So what do you my fellow hubbers suggest I do to get out of this lovely situation that I find myself in?

I am sure that you have all planned your time well when you go onto Hubpages, and I would really, really value your input. I believe that you must have at sometime during your time here found yourself in the same predicament as me and I am also sure that you have found ways of dealing with this not so bad problem!

Your view on helping a fellow hubber would be most beneficial and helpful

How do you control the urge to spend more time reading other hub's and commenting and getting involved in the forums

See results

Being introduced to the feed

Today I was introduced to the feed. Now that will make matters even more confusing for me because all new hubs and forum discussions are on this feed and the option of leaving a comment is write in front of my screen. So of course I cannot be rude and ignore the fact that my fellow hubber's want me to comment now can I?

FAQ Answers and Learning Guides are just as interesting

I love going to the Tutorials as well and also looking at the FAQ and here again I need to discipline myself as the writing is so interesting and it always answers the questions that I need to have answered.

The learning guides have given me the information to enable me to write my hubs but that said the more time I spend on them refreshing my memory the less time I have to write my hub!

Oh what a dilemma!

So, this video has put me back on track..... How to be proactive!

HubPages has become my escape from everything around me that becomes boring!

It has to be said that I am addicted to HubPages and the Hubber's alike.

I must take control of the situation.

From today my new challenge will be to write my hub's before going onto the forums or reading other hubber's hubs, I can see no other choice!

Forever the optimist on the next occasion that I log onto Hubpages unless my fellow hubbers have come up with a way of controlling my time spent getting involved I will write my hubs before going onto the forums and before checking out new hubs.

It Has To Be Done...........

Oh it's good to have resolved the problem!

Ahh, problem solved! I wonder what they are discussing in the forums? tlcs write your hub and then you can check the forums out and any new hubs!
Ahh, problem solved! I wonder what they are discussing in the forums? tlcs write your hub and then you can check the forums out and any new hubs! | Source

Pharrell Williams has me back in the Because I'm happy frame of mind! The decision is made

Happy Hubbing my Fellow Hubbers

Oh how I love that video, talk about spreading happiness!!!

So, to summarise, Hubpages is my outlet but I need to remember how I found them and why I am here.

Will see how long I last!

© 2015 Trudy Cooper


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      How about the 30 hubs in 30 days? I did that for nearly a year! That was years ago though and now it is hard to have time with everything here and life too so I know what you are talking about! I have had to wean myself and it is not easy!

    • tlcs profile imageAUTHOR

      Trudy Cooper 

      4 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Wow! One hub per month, I have been doing one or up to three per week and checking out forums, new hubs, no wonder Im in a dilemma! Thanks for that advice.

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      here is what i do everyday:

      read 30 hubs and leave comments,

      answer 10 questions

      answer 5 forums question

      ask one question

      update one of my old hubs

      write one hub per month

      takes around 4 hours to do everything


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