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Cooking Tips & Other Hot Topics by Charron's Chatter

Updated on May 2, 2014

Chef Charron

Don't worry about the smoke...That's supposed to happen!
Don't worry about the smoke...That's supposed to happen! | Source

Cooking Tips, Recipes--and more--with CharronsChatter

Hello, fellow Hubbers!

My name is Karen Robiscoe, and while I am a writer by passion, I am a personal chef by profession, and as such, thought it would be fun to share some Hubs about the latter. Not the one I’m climbing, silly! The cooking one, and to that end, you’ll find weekly installments of recipes & cooking tips here at my Hub Cap, as well as reviews of topical, technical gadgets—like can openers!--and other products and services that are as yet sketchy in my mind.

Each recipe Hub will feature step-by-step instructions, measurements & required ingredients, in-progress pictures of the dish, and the final result. Unless the result is burned, of course, in which case I might try to divert you with a bit of humor. A knock-knock, joke, say, or a blonde one, or even a purposeful misdirection such as: "Look over there!"

In summation, I’d like to say that as the master of my author site: Charron’s Chatter, I look forward to mastering the art of Hubbing with everybuddy, and since I'm familiar with pages (from books) and hubs (from caps) I’m hoping to put a spin on these rims that will be of value to all.

Be a Hubber…Not a Fighter.

And please do visit at my author blog: Charron's Chatter dot com.


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    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Awesome intro, for a writer who I know will take the HubPages community by its heels and give em a swing - in a great way! You keep me on my toes :) I look forward to reading your recipes! Oh, feel to link to your blog above too - you can link to sites outside of HP within your hubs :) Take care! Vote up, awesome, interesting, and sharing too.

    • profile image

      Karen Robiscoe 4 years ago

      Hi Christy!

      I will have to post a baking recipe right away, because you are a cupcake to be so sweet! Thank you for the tips--I am excited to start as soon as I knock this huge project out' the way, that I am even now wrapping up...

      I expect to be up and cooking with fellow Hubbers by mid-week!

    • cuttler profile image

      Cuttler 4 years ago from HubPages

      Can't wait to dig into your hubs. Though am not a good cook, I believe i Can learn a thing or two from your hubs

    • CharronsChatter profile image

      Karen Robiscoe 4 years ago from California

      Thank you, Cutler! The Recipe in Rebus is prolly the best course (for courses!) and besides those, I've added the things that a "real" cook must do in progress, when things seem to be going South!!

      I look forward to mixing in here, too, and I am excited there are so many writers here. I have an author blog at a dot com of this same name, but I thought I would branch out a little--and I appear to be in good company! A truly, multi-talented & multi-tasking group of individuals, here!

      Happy Wednesday! :)

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