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Cyber Attacks On My Hubs

Updated on September 17, 2012

Cyber Attacks On My Hubs

This makes my 564th hub I have written over a year on hubpages. I write about everything and anything that blows your hair pack. Anyone who knows me knows what I write is not a reflection of me but of a persona which I live out in this digital world. However, I occasionally like to infuse reality in my writing. It is a political season and a particular nasty one in which the local dog catcher is more popular then people in DC. They just don’t get it that the game is over. They are truly faced with a crisis of leadership no matter who becomes president. Everyone outside the beltway is sick of DC.

Be that as it may while Americans are thrust into poverty, which by the way the government keeps changing the definition of poverty so you have to be extremely poor to qualify for any benefits. They are giving citizenships to disenfranchised citizens from the wealthiest countries in the world particular the countries known as BRIC while they rip off the extremely impoverished Americans. I wrote an article about this occurring and provided proof.

Now sadly, I have been working to help find a treatment for autism and I have been preparing to present my findings to the scientific community. This has required all of my time and I have not been able to write for hubpages and I hadn’t checked this article. Tonight I was up late working and I did. Amazingly, I found code had been inserted into this article without my consent. It obstructed the article and took advantage of anyone who read it. In all my time I have never seen this before. I consider this to be an attack on a legitimate news article about illegal immigrants collecting welfare benefits who will never be self sufficient and at the expense of the American people.

This has never occurred before and I believe proves illegal immigrants are a substantial threat to the homeland of the United States and therefore our country is required to become isolationists. This was a cyber attack against a legitimate news article which was posted on a legitimate news sight.

Now What?

Take one last month of welfare for all these illegal welfare recipients and deport them back to their country of origin. It is time. Those BRIC countries would not be nearly as wealthy as they are if they had to spend their own GDP on their poor instead of spending ours and at the expense of our citizens.

The Real Question

The real question for everyone in Washington, DC to ask themselves is how can they expect to maintain the moral authority and hence the loyalty of the country when they are giving all of our social program money to illegal immigrants from wealthy nations who could readily pay for their own impoverished citizens?

Why would we ever be loyal to anyone in Washington, DC when they are so busy giving everyone outside the beltway the shaft except the illegal immigrants who they raid all our social and welfare programs to pay off. Is our standing really better in the world or has DC just bought its acceptance by being disloyal to the people they are sworn to serve?

The Fleeting Illusion of Control of Government

Besides the illegal population, who believes they can rip off the people of this country by raiding our welfare systems, our country is filled with decent people. We are people who have had enough of tyranny and injustice from their so called leaders. We have lived through an era that makes the great depression look like the Reagan years and still managed to be decent to each other and civil. Many of us have pulled together through this time. Now it is time government start doing their jobs. Right now everyone involved in government and raiding education and welfare who are in DC are standing with their pants or skirt around their ankles and they are almost naked. We see exactly who you are and what you are. It is time you changed. And no one from either party wants DC to change but it will have to as an order of survival.

It is shameful to give away our social welfare to illegal immigrants from the wealthiest nations in the world because they don’t want to spend their GDP to care for their own people. And our politicians financially benefit from this arrangement. No more visas to the USA unless;

1) You can speak the language.

2) You have a job.

3) You and your family are automatically disqualified for any welfare, cash assistance, food stamps etc…

4) You pay a higher percentage of taxes.

DC get it in your thick dense drunken heads, the illusion of control is fleeting. DC’s behavior is the biggest threat to National Security. And if there is no loyalty then there can be no leadership, government or country.

And I have made it a point to be silent during these last moments before the presidential election so that candidates can reveal themselves. Where I could be lobbying for one party or the other I have choosen silence.

Some of the HTML code inserted into my hub.

title="Click to Continue > by Text-Enhance"


<a id="_GPLITA_3" style="text-decoration: underline;" title="Click to Continue &gt; by Text-Enhance" href="">phone</a>

<a href=";q=mortgages&amp;p=wtiieusk">

This code only exists on this hub and not one of my other hubs.

While don't we all move into George Clooney's Mansion and live off him for a while since he is such a generous man, nobel prize winner and has benefitted so richly while others have lived in despair for the last decade? And when that gets boring we can always move in with the Pitts.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hey Ubani,

      You would be the most welcome visitor to my land. It is true my country imports from all around the world for work but the conditions and pay for the illegal immigrant or even the legal immigrant is horrible.

      I have been working on my research and haven't been able to publish on HP lately but I am still making money. I am also starting a non-profit. I don't know if my government will listen but I m hopeful Obama won the election.

      Cheers Mate,


    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      6 years ago from Lagos

      I read every letter written here, though for a fact am not American but I see and support the points raised here. Illegal immigration be it in America, France etc does not help the origin occupants of the land especially when the resources of the people is being used to further the interest of the immigrants at the expense of the original owners(citizens)

      I pray your government listens.

      All the best.

      Let's chill for a moment, I see you ve been doing a lot of writing these days. I am perplexed but glad to see the rapid writing progress.



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