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Top Ten Monsters And Killers

Updated on May 31, 2017

Horror. One of the most dominant things in the movie genre. Blood, screams, scares and probably a bit of mutilation is what you will see here. This is a Top Ten list of the best Monsters and Killers in the world and as always this isn't in any kind of order so sit back and relax.

#10. Dracula. Alucard otherwise known as is one of the most recognizable monsters in history. His pale complexion, stylish digs and some how quite handsome features depending on who you ask are quite known. God like strength and speed, enhanced senses and the ability to transform into other forms is only a few of the powers he possesses. His bloodlust is almost cannot be quenched and his ability to turn others into Vampires is well know, but he can't go to the beach since he can't stand in sunlight, what a bother.

#9, Alien/Predator. Both of these aliens have become culture icons both for their fearsome looks but also their kick butt-ery. The Predator is a space hunter with some high tech gear. Invisibility cloak, high powered cannon, arm blades and grenades this guy comes armed to the teeth to take on whatever kind of thing he can find, while he does enjoy hunting down other creatures he also enjoys long walks on the beach. The Alien however is on the other side of the spectrum, while the Predator uses tech to hunt the Alien uses it's animal like instincts. It's pitch black body helps it blend into the dark, it's razor tipped tail is good for impaling enemies and it has acid like blood. Also its babies likes to hug peoples faces so you might wanna watch out for that.

#8, Jason Voorhees. This silent masked killer is not the only popular one but he is my favorite so he is going on the list. Jason was drowned in a lake by several kids when he was at a camp, his disfigured self was the cause of much of his abuse from others. Hearing that her son was killed due to the counselors not paying attention cause they were banging it caused Mama Voorhees to go on a killing rampage. Back to Jason anyways. Jason Voorhees is a tall and rather big guy considering he was killed as a child. He usually wears a hockey mask and some nice disgusting clothes. While his signature weapon is the machete he has used an axe, pipe and really anything he can get his hands on. He has survived being impaled by his own blade and even an axe to the face, however killing him doesn't seem to work since he has even crawled out from the depths of Hell.

#7, Godzilla. This King of the Kaiju has been one of the best monsters in history and has had countless movies made of him. This giant lizard which kind of looks like a T-Rex and can't decide what size it wants to be has fought dozens of other large monsters like King Ghidorah and King Kong. The big daddy of monsters may not have a perfect record but he ha proven he is tougher then tough can possibly be. He has alot of strength and durability, his Atomic Breath is powerful and has beaten many a foe.

#6, Jaws. While this wasn't a monster before the people at Hollywood decided to turn him into one. Jaws is a Great White Shark with a strong hunger for human flesh and blood. Most of the movies he likes to hover below the surface before reaching up and taking a small nibble out of your leg. While there isn't much to say how he is different from a regular Great White Shark we all know to get out of the water when we hear is theme.

#5, The Lochness Monster. Nessie has been around for years and probably in a time beore that. Hidden in a lake in Scotland this creature has been the ideal trophy for many people. Some say it might have been some floating debris or maybe even a prehistoric dinosaur that lived underwater but in any case it could be deadly. Scooby Doo and his friends found that out when it tried to eat them alive in an underwater cavern.

#4, The Boogieman. This guy has been the night filled terrors of many little kids with either cruel parents or evil siblings. This phantom has been said to live in the closet or underneath the bed, anywhere it is dark the boogieman can be lurking. Said to take the form of whatever scares you the most this thing lives to scare, sometimes it can be a harmless scare or a terrifying fatal encounter. While the main Boogieman is said to be nothing more than a story told throughout the years there have been many real life boogiemen, each almost worst then the last.

#3, Freddy Kruger. This guy has also been called the Boogieman before. This killer lives in the Dream World and is capable of entering dreams of those asleep. He can twist and turn your dream into a nightmare, whatever you are scared of he can bring into reality. When asleep you are in his world, he controls it. Freddy sports his clawed glove and stylish fedora with sweater as he commits his murders, oh did I forget to tell you? If you die in the dream world you die in real life. Showing Freddy his reflection in a mirror or pulling him into the real world is said to be the only ways to kill this maniacal man.

#2, The Wolfman. The Wolfman or better known as simply a Werewolf is the mortal enemy of the Vampires. Unlike its monster counterpart this hairy mutt is fueled by the hunger and beast like ways. When in the wolf form the character gets a massive boost in strength and speed, razor sharp claws and teeth as well as enhanced senses. However unlike the Vampire the Werewolf has little to no control over what it does, once transformed it kills and eats anyone it comes across. If you ever see one put it down with a silver bullet, it is the only way.

#1, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Jekyll was once a well liked scientist before he drank a serum that brought out the darkness inside him. Mister Hyde is a mean and sadistic person, he killed a man by beating him to death for really no reason but the enjoyment of the act. Mister Hyde cares nothing for anyone or anything, he only looks out for himself. Unlike any of the others on this one he is simply human but in some cases he does have above average strength for a normal human being. While Jekyll can be as kind as he wishes he has become addicted to the formula that brings out Mister Hyde, and with Hyde comes death and a whole lot of blood.


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