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Begin your writings on Hubpages( this was my beginning and now I am a published author)

Updated on December 7, 2021
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1.)Author:Snippet’s by Dr.Brendell Thomas Francis 2.) CEO and Founder Daughters of Tamar Community Outreach 3.) Certified Life Coach

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Enjoy The Small Things

... In my quest to complete this journey I have come to believe I am just a twitter.Hub life for beginners is a challenge.My quest is to join the HUB city dwellers.But just trying to Hub is more than I can think. 16 hours latter.Wow. I need renewal of my topic.My thoughts are drained. ENOUGH INFORMATION .HUBBED OUT.My journey has taken another turn...

2 months later :

I have learned that you do not dispise small beginnings.Small beginnings lead to great things.Let me explain.

I have learned that placing your work in the right category is very important it will send people to that site you want to help.Also placing your work in the right category causes an increase in your ratings.

I have learned that having a lot of fans is good.But having fans means you might have to keep intouch by commenting on their hubs or keeping intouch when they comment on yours .You might want to say something to them personally via email.There are people I had to email personally to talk with.And believe me it helped me and them.Small things lead to great things even new beginings(friendships,love ,peace,money)...etc.

You will also find yourself reading a lot of your fans writings.It takes a lot of creative writing to be a hubber.Thinking of what to do on your site takes time.Thinking about how to draw attention to your site takes a lot of thought .Time and time again you will reach deep within you to pull out material to write and share.And you might use a lot of time thinking about your next hub.

Then by the grace of God something deep within you pulls at you to write another hub.After awhile you rest.Then you research.Then you are at it again.

I have two friends that kept writing and reading and now they have two best sellers.So enjoy the writing journey.Enjoy the small beginnings.Small beginnings lead to great things.

There is joy when you realize that someone joined your fan club.And there is a sadness when you enjoy someones work and they do not respond.But you get over it .You realize that you do like to write.Hubpages is where the real writers hang out..You will and could get bored if you are in it just for the money.

As I went along this hub trail I found out that answering questions is very helpful.And asking the hub community questions gets responses.

Here you can learn alot about writing skills and where you can learn about (people,places and things,) and their emotions. Enjoy the journey of small things.The rewards are beyond measuring.Sometimes you do have to go back and reread your work after two months.There could be errors.Keep an open mind.Remember your purpose for doing anything is always success.Peace.

Update:3months later.

I found out if you have 1000 fans =1000 contacts which could increase the amount of people visitng your site .Which could increase ratings.WoW !

You will learn that when ratings go down they will go back up.(check content)

Just remember you will learn vauable writing skills.Small beginnings lead to greatness.Take each step knowing your way to success in great things.You know more today than you knew a moment ago.Don't give up on the small things.

You do need motivation.Writing has got to be a passion or else you will lose the incentive to push on to the next hub.

UPDATE 4 months

I have learnedthatifyouadvertizeyourbusiness on your site it does bring down ratings.When I removed the personal site ratings went up.I found out the computer senses when you are not following guidelines.Just wanted to do my own study.So just follow protocol.If you follow protocol ratings will fluctuate keep writing it will change again.Just keep writing because you like to write..

UPDATE 5 months

Stay in contact with your fans.That helps motivate you.Always review your work for updates don't be lazy.Especially if you want more money coming into your account.I have learned the hard way.When I went back to revise my hubs ratings went up; money came to my account.You get the benefits of writing on hubpages because of the encouragement of others.You may pick up other tips along the way like who you are when you write.Read other hubbers writings and please make sincere comments..

6 months later:
The tag section leads viewer back to your hub.

I will continue to write more as I learn more.Enjoying the journey .Peace.

13 months later:

Donot give up on your on writting skills.Get envolve in other writting jobs.

2 Years later Update.

Go back over your work retitle it,reread it.Rereading causes you to notice it needed to be updated and revised.Take one hub at a time and edit it.Put in fresh ideas.Remember new people will visit your site.

You will find success.Keep at it.

Before you realize it you will want to expand these short hubs into BOOKS....



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