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how to make money with adsense

Updated on September 5, 2010
Adsense Logo
Adsense Logo

Easy Adsense Money

Adsense is one of the most popular platforms on the internet that people use to make money from their content online. It works by searching the website for keywords and displays relevant ads to the audience. Don't worry, nothing to sell here! You get paid by the amount of people view the site and also for the clicks. I have been using Adsense for a couple of years now and I find it real easy to earn a living from it alone, although getting there takes quite a bit of work.

The whole objective of using adsense is to get loads of people to click the ads. This will be of no use if you ask them to click the ads, Google tracks each click and if they find loads of repeated clicks from one user, you account can get banned. They can tell the difference because if your site is not getting much impressions but loads of clicks, something must be wrong. If you click your own ads you will definately get banned more or less immediately. They know by tracking the ip address of the user who clicked, if it matches up to the same as the owners ip then they'll figure you out right away.

Getting users to click ads

The best chances of getting someone to click any ad is by getting loads of visitors but never ask them to deliberately do it. The only way you can do it is by driving loads of traffic to your website, there are many methods but the best way is to get ranked high in the search engines. To rank high in search engines you have to provide content that people actually find useful, keeping in mind that it has to be unique and not stolen. Useful content can be defined as information that is clear and well searched. If it meets the overall standard of the internet community, it will be recommended by thousands and bring traffic for itself. You will find yourself getting traffic from locations you never wouldv'e guessed and people posting links for you. No longer do you have to hunt sites for backlinks because they will find there own way on other sites. Sites with stolen content often rank very low, if you steal content from a site you searched and copy it, the search engine will realise that it saw the same information before it found it on your site. It will label it right away and your other connecting sites will rank lower as a consequence. Avoid this practise or you whole site could end up being banned from Google.

Where to place adsense ads

In order to get people to click your ads, make sure they are well placed. Many people put ads near to the "juicy part" of the information. Say for example you are talking about shoes on your website, as soon as you've talked about the coolest feature of the shoe place an ad there. This is the moment when the viewer is enticed and wants the product. Because adsense only show relevant ads, the user might be tempted to click it to buy the product or something similar. As soon as you find the method that brings in the most money monthly, repeat the method over and over. You will find that you can leave it after time and let it make money with no input whatsoever. Trends change often lately so make sure your content is written in a way that passes the spell of time. 


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    • Healthy Fat Guy profile image

      Healthy Fat Guy 6 years ago from Cincinnati, OH

      Adsense is my weapon of choice on my self hosted blogs. I just joined Hubpages today, so when I get some traffic, maybe I'll put in my Adsense code.

      Do you make any money with the Amazon module?

    • Víctor Manteiga profile image

      Víctor Manteiga 7 years ago from Spain

      I'll listen to your advice. Thanks!

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 7 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Very helpful article for hubbers. thanks for that

    • motricio profile image

      Mauricio Rodriguez 8 years ago from Bogota DC, Colombia

      Nice hub men,

      Thnx for adding information about freelancer living and also adsense tips. =)

    • retellect profile image

      retellect 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Livingsta, it can be one of the hardest things to try and earn good money from adsense. I wrote this hub to help get people on the way of earning themselves some adsense riches! Whooo!

    • livingsta profile image

      livingsta 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Good information as to how adsense works. Thank you for sharing Retellect :)