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Easy Instructions on How to List Your Item on Ebay Fast!

Updated on January 28, 2016

By far, the fastest and easiest way to post an item on Ebay is by using the Ebay app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you have the free app downloaded, get to listing!

*This article is geared towards Ebay sellers located in and shipping within the United States, international sellers may have to change some suggestions to adapt to any requirements or procedures that may differ for your country*

First and foremost, you need an active Ebay and Paypal account. You can buy as an EBay guest but you can’t sell as an Ebay guest. You can register for an Ebay account by clicking here and register for a Paypal account by clicking here.

Open the app, log in and select SELL.

You’ll be asked to enter the title name. Make it easy on yourself and just enter the name of the item from the box it came in or the tag that was attached to it rather than trying to brainstorm a title. If you don’t have anything with the original name, just make sure to include the name of the retailer/manufacturer/designer, the name of the item (if known) and basic description of item (ie shirt, doll, mug, video game, etc.) in the title. For example: Calvin Klein Dress or Disney Buzz Lightyear Figure.

You’ll be given a default category, go with it and move on unless it’s really off. If so, then select the correct category and move on.

List three photos (possibly four) – you’re given the option to take the picture or upload from your photo gallery, choose to take the picture. The first (main) photo should show the item in its entirety. The second photo should be a close-up of the model/year or label if possible. The third photo should be a close-up of the main or most interesting detail of the item (i.e. décor buttons, a unique feature, etc.). The fourth picture (if necessary) should be a close up of a flaw (preferably the major flaw if there are a few flaws). Examples of flaws are missing parts, holes, fading, etc.

Condition and Item Specifics you can breeze through. Only complete the items that are required and that you know. If you don’t know the height of your item, don’t guess. If a person is really interested, they’ll ask you about it. That’s when you can take the time to measure it and then add it to the description. You want to list fast but not list with bad information.

When writing a fast item description, keeping it short and sweet is key. The information provided in your description should be:

Name of Manufacturer, Designer, or Retailer

Size or Model

Season or Year (if known)

Features or Material

Details and/or Flaws (definitely the flaws – never skip on listing the flaws!)

Format and pricing is also a breeze to get through. Select if you want to list your items at a fixed priced or have your item be up for auction then enter your sale amount or starting bid amount. The listing timeframe defaults to 7 days regardless if you select auction or fixed price – just go with the default timeframe since this is a quick listing.

When selecting your shipping option, choose USPS flat rate – this way you won’t have to bother about guessing the weight for shipping calculations and the boxes are free! The deal with USPS flat rate shipping offer is if the item fits in a certain envelope or box then it ships for that price no matter where it’s shipping to in the U.S. or its weight (this does not apply to international – which you’re not going to be doing anyway). Remember the commercial “If it fits, it ships” – that option is a super timesaver. You can click here to view the different flat rates sizes and amounts and list the correct shipping price for your item. Select no international shipping if it doesn’t default for you – researching what items are allowed and disallowed in certain countries takes up time for a quick listing.

Your preference defaults to Paypal and no refunds – if it doesn’t for some reason, change it to these. We all know that Paypal is the fastest and most secure means of doing online transactions and you really don’t want have to deal with a refund.

Review your item, submit and you’re done! Happy Ebaying everyone!


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