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Eight Hubs to go, and I'm Out of Here!

Updated on November 4, 2011

Time to recharge the creative batteries


All ends: good, bad and indifferent

Eight to go and I’m Out of Here!

Now there is 392 hubs attributed to Diogenes on this hub account. More than most; fewer than many. There could have been many more in the year and a half of writing. Pleading retirement is only 20% true; laziness makes up the other 80% of the reason for a mediocre performance.

Why do I bother to practice keeping myself out of the story as in the above paragraph? Many years of journalism does that, but it still makes the story sound artificial as if the author knew how clever he was being but was really itching to use the first person singular. But for aspiring writers, it is still a good practice to ‘practice. Churchill once said he cut any person dead who mentioned the word “I” in the first five minutes of knowing him. Conversation with Churchill made that easy, because it was sure to have been mostly about him!

Now, you read the header and what it said. Actually, it will be a relief to have a rest from HP and all it implies to members. Not so much from the writing, which is easy, but from all the duties membership requires if one is to keep a decent score and get some returns, both personal satisfaction and monetary.

Did that read “monetary?” OK, that’s not true, I never made more than ten pounds in any month from Google Adsence, and it was usually less than five pounds. In fact, it has been so little I have actually banked 120 pounds in over two years, and I have forty owing! I know - or have heard - some hubbers are making thousands, but they are the rarified air and I can’t find their secret, or who they are - anyone know?

It must be confessed, much as I respect and like many of my fellow hubbers who I am regularly in contact with, I am sick and tired of emails and commenting. There’s something not quite right about the comments requirement, unless this is just me. So often you don’t have time to really read and absorb a story - especially obscure poetry - yet you say a few trite words in comments. Many comments I see aren’t worth the 10 seconds in keying them. If you can’t say something that appeals to the intellect, mind and heart of the hubber, forget it and pass on: at least, that is what I believe and have tried to comment accordingly, which has elevated me to a level 7 commentator (or commenter) I know not whether this is good or bad after all this time.

So I won’t miss the income (Ha!) which pittance will continue anyway, because I will probably return, or stick around to just publish something meaningful, interesting or ground-breaking, and Google articles are almost carved in stone and stay up in perpetuity. You will be seeing my hub score, consistently at 100, going down and down as my articles get less attention and I am not contributing to all the other bits and pieces which HP says increases our scores.

I may pop in to keep up with the regular hubbers I admire, they know who they are by now. Some whom I miss occasionally seem to have left or are resting.

When you start to feel you are doing things by rote rather than as a result of creative energy or a joy in success, it’s time to step back and reevaluate. Perhaps - in fact, I am sure - the big problem after a while is the thought I am enriching Hubpages while getting no reward except personal satisfaction, and, heck, I am on a pension, a few quid here and there wouldn’t go amiss!

As long as I felt the personal satisfaction it was enough, but now that has unfortunately lessened and the quality of my articles has dropped off: so much so, I often just delete them half way through in disgust.

So about another two weeks should see it through; at least before this blasted Christmas nonsense anyway (…see how I am?)

So this is a sort of goodbye; more a “hasta luego.” Much thanks to friends met on here and to HP itself, they are, all in all, good guys…see ya later.

I may be in Mexico soon! Pleeze, pleeze anyone!

Robert Challen de Mercer as Diogenes.



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    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 6 years ago from The English Midlands

      LOL :)

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi Trish...Thanks...I like the wet look best! Bob

    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 6 years ago from The English Midlands


      You are too kind!

      Thank you!

      Trish :)

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Teresa: Thanks for comments and professional advice. I may do that from mexico if I ever get there...Bob

    • Teresa Schultz profile image

      Teresa Schultz 6 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      I too hope that you stick around or at least pop in from time to time - sorry about the "I" as the first word in this comment :)

      I do believe that if the monetary rewards were a bit better, people would put more effort into writing for HubPages. The HubPages community is indeed wonderful, but money does help.

      Speaking of which, I think that if you were to take all, or many of your articles off HubPages and publish them on your own WordPress site (self hosted with domain registered site not site) these same articles would make you much more money from Adsense, than they do here.

      If you had to try it, I'd suggest leaving a few articles on HubPages and even sometimes still add a new one to HubPages from time to time, to link to where your other articles are (if they're related to your article on HubPages in which you are leaving the link) and that you still stay a part of the HubPages community.

      Whatever your choices are, good luck with your future.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi Suzie. Nearly missed your comment. Now I am trying to escape, all you wonderful caring people are making it hard! Maybe I won't make it and will definitely return with new energy from Mexico...Bobx

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi again again Trish. As I have said before, I think your articles are among the best I have ever read and seen on HP. You take so much trouble with them, I know what they cost you in time and creative effort. It's a great shame the rewards are so thin for such quality. Incidently, I read some of my older hubs today after your "exam" comment elsewhere and I was quite amazed to see how both the content and quality have fallen off this year. Definitely time to have a rest to get the juices flowing again. Bobx

    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 6 years ago from The English Midlands

      Hi Bob :)

      Well, I shall certainly miss your presence here ~ most definitely ~ but I do understand.

      I have been submitting fewer items, myself, lately.

      Sometimes one does just wonder if it is worth all of the effort. I thought that writing for the Internet was 'the future', but now I am not so sure :)

      Certainly it isn't for monetary gain!!!

      Some fascinating discussions may ensue, as a result of some hubs, and this can be very enjoyable ~ but they often become argumentative, which is less satisfying.

      And accusations of plagiarism, etc, can be aggravating.

      As you say, if one enjoys writing, and 'meeting' fellow hubbers, then there can be some real personal satisfaction, but I agree that something seems to be missing.

      The sad thing is, though, that if all of the really interesting writers leave, then the site will go down and down.

      Perhaps your creative energy will return when you get to Mexico. Maybe you just need some warm, reliable, long-term sunshine.

      All the best! :)


      Does anyone really earn thousands on here?!?!

      It seems like a pipe dream to me.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

      All the best to you, Diogenes. I hope you come back to visit once in awhile. Mexico sounds wonderful - all that sun and the siestas... Take care.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      All noted, thanks guys Bob

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Hasta luego, my friend!

      Via con Dios.

    • profile image

      Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

      Bob, by the way, I have left HP. Essentially, I'm now writing ebooks and marketing them. I also blog. My sojourn here during the last few weeks have more to do with needing a venue to vent about politics than anything else! :)

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      I never understood why you were staying in the UK. My brother retired to Mexico long ago.

      Go on down there, find you a nice spot and some like minded friends and have a blast. Write a novel. Whatever. If I were single, I'd go too. But I'm not, so I have to stick around.


    • profile image

      Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

      Bob, my father was still writing the day before he passed. He started reporting on events in his early teens, covered the first television fair in Berlin in 1929 and the 50th one in Paris in 1979. He passed in 1984. When I went through his things, he was still writing.

      I think you're going to find it a little harder than you think to just stop...

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Well, my excuse is I was retired and bored and living in the UK again, a place I am not compatible with. Lots of disappointment among hubbers, but have to take it for what its worth. Sorry we will have such a short romance. I may be back...Bob

    • Lisa Kramer profile image

      Lisa Kramer 6 years ago from Auburn, MA

      Bob, of course I just stumbled on you today, to read your Hasta Luego, but I completely understand. I've only been on HP for a couple of months, and I find myself struggling to figure out why I'm here. I think I will stick it out for November, as I am trying to contribute some creative things for the contest, but then I too may simply fade away. I find much more appeal to my blog elsewhere where everything written seems to come from the heart, while here I find a lot of not so interesting things. I don't know, maybe I'm already jaded.


    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hi skymaster: Who pissed on your parsnips? No wonder Greece is just becoming a sad memory with citizenry like you...Bob

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      You got it Bobbi...maybe I'll only "leave" like you did...Bob

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hi Sunnie. The ships pass on into the infinite night. I have enjoyed your articles and will be back from time to time...never say never! Bob

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Hi Wol: According to editors and the head honchos of pubications, writers never had much cachet anyway, as they will not hesitate to tell you when you ask for a raise. I'll be back to see what you and a few others are doing anyway. Take care...Bob

    • profile image

      writeronline 6 years ago

      Geez Bob, I don't know what to say... unusual I know, for a mouthy ex-ad guy like myself, but still, there you have it.

      I look at the quality of your work, both the things you have to say (subjective analysis) and the way you say / write it (objective analysis), and I know that HubPages will be much the poorer for your passing on (pissing off..).

      The real tragedy to me, is that your departure will register on HP's list of What Really Matters, as negligibly as a bee lifting off from a freshly pollenated flower, or the waters closing over a freshly thrown stone. Both of these actions create an impact, and one of them quite lasting effects. But HP's attitude clearly is "Who cares, there'll be another writer along in a heartbeat. Our revenue won't suffer".

      I don't think they who run this establishment really give a toss about 'writing', as witnessed by the formulaic dross that regularly fills the Hub of The Day spot.

      All that matters is the world according to Google.

      Google can't tell the difference between 'writing' and 'content' and sadly, because lowest common denominator 'work' fulfils its needs, it's unlikely to ever need to.

      Personally, I think Google has done to writing what the Model T did to the horse.

      And now HP has done it to you.

      I wish you all good things, I hope you get back to your beloved 'May-he-co', and I look forward to reading, and learning from, your last eight Hubs.

      Best, WOL.

      PS: If I had a real name like Robert Challen de Mercer, I wouldn't have bothered with a nom de plume like Diogenes...

    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

      Oh no! Hey, you cannot leave us. I would miss your humor too much. Come on! You must stay. At the very Least, you must come back to make my day, at least once in a while. Yes?

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      Wow Bob..I have to say I am really going to miss you..I say that so sincerely..I love your humor and way of telling it like it is..I truly understand the needing a rest too..I hope you will come back from time to time..Enjoy some fishing..seeing new sites..and most of all have some great holidays ahead..I do hope you will keep in touch..Wishing you the very best..