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Ever Earning Topics

Updated on July 5, 2011

Ever Earning Topics...

When it comes to making money with freelance writing, you need to be competitive, especially when it comes to the topics you choose to write about. This shouldn't be your only focus, as just writing to make money often produces unworthy content. Though many passionate writers would also like to make decent money while writing. In order to be competitive in the ever growing field of online freelance writing, you need to know which topics will bring in traffic. More than that, you need to know which topics will continue to earn as the days tick by. Otherwise, you'll remain in the ranks of the unread.

In this hub, I would like to talk about many topics and subjects that I have found to be "ever earning topics". These are topics that might not immediately bring in traffic, but over time they will bring you much more than most of the immediate earners. If you can find a unique way to write about these subjects, or offer a different perspective in them, then you will see your ROI produce well over the long run.

The List..

Here is my list of Ever Earning Topics. Remember also, that there are many topics that I have yet to experience that others have found to be great earners. Don't let this list stop you from continuing to explore ways to be a successful writer. Instead, let it be a beginning or a compliment to research.

List of Ever Earning Topics:

1) Holidays - there are THOUSANDS of them. Dedicate some time writing about your favorite holidays or be daring and research one you've never looked into before and produce a hub about it.

2) Health - even the most obscure health topics are sufficient earners in the long run.

3) Spiritual Pursuits - It doesn't matter what your faith is, there are plenty of people who want to read about your experiences or who want to seek a different perspective.

4) Education - Pre-k all the way to graduate school.

5) Love - Romance, sex, dating, marriage, divorce. They are always hot topics, write about them!

6) Parenting - As parents, we don't often like to admit that there are plenty of times we don't know what we are doing. This is where the internet has become so helpful (and sometimes not helpful). Help a parent out and offer what has worked or not worked for you as a parent.

7) Pregnancy - From conception to the after birth, pregnancy has always been and always will be a regularly earning topic.

8) The Four Seasons - Winter, spring, summer or fall... all ya have to do is write, and they'll be there! Yes they will...

9) Tattoos - They have been around since the dawn of humankind, and it isn't likely that tattoos are going to go away any time soon.

10) Local Activities - These are good to write about not only because they are useful, but many search engines give local or "city" searches priority over other searched topics.

11) Recipes - Get experimenting in your kitchen and then write about your successes and failures. Write about a favorite family recipe or put together a list of your favorite recipes. People are constantly searching for meal ideas.

12) How To's - In this age of information and heavy economies, people love DIY projects. If your readers can learn to do something for themselves, they will. So write How To's in any topic and you'll notice they bring you regular revenue.

13) Reviews - Books, television shows, movies, attractions, shopping deals. What can't you write a review about?

14) Pets - Have any fido fetch training tips? Know how to safely get rid of that litter box smell? What about teaching your tweety bird to sing? If you have any pet expertise, you can help others and bring in a continuous traffic flow.

15) Kids Activities - Birthday parties, summer activities, educational adventures, ect.

16) History - Do you have a passion for historical events? I can guarantee you that there are plenty of readers out there waiting to read what you have learned about history.

17) Controversial Subjects - Politics, cannabis, drugs, abortion, philosophy, laws, vaccinations. Can you think of a controversy you're well versed in? Write about it!

18) Making Money - This topic does tend to fluctuate, but you'll find that well written articles that are wholesomely produced are continual earners.

19) Time Savers - Finding efficient ways to make normal life less time consuming, is a worthy skill. Share your tips and bring in traffic.

20) Gardening - This topic will often fluctuate as well, but over the long run, gardening is an ever earning topic.

21) Self Help - Addictions, weight loss, self hypnosis and more.


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    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

      Для решения урбоэкологического вопроса необходимо на основе имеющейся информации с учетом социально-экономических задач проанализировать общеэкологические условия на территории страны, условия жизни населения, состояние природы в агломерациях, чтобы ясно представить проблемы расселения.

    • AC Pawelczyk profile image

      AC Pawelczyk 6 years ago from Michigan

      Great article! Eye-catching title, highly helpful list of potential focus areas, and hard-hitting when it comes to keeping your target audience in mind and what they want to know. Fantastic resource for writers new to HP =) Thank you for sharing!

    • profile image

      writeronline 6 years ago

      Very helpful stuff. Thanks for posting, and for sharing your success formula.

    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 6 years ago from Seattle

      Glad I could help Dilara! Thank you for reading and commenting =)

    • profile image

      DilaraMawlaMonzur 6 years ago

      Beautiful hub, and very helpful too. I got a few tips there. It mostly matches with the way I think too.