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Updated on December 1, 2010



Creating a presence on the internet requires the use of search engines. These search engines index your search when someone searches for information you have placed on the net. But waiting for them to find you would take quite a while. But instead waiting for them to find you, alerting them that you exist could get you indexed a lot faster. This is achieved via pinging.

A ping was originally a program that bounced a request off of another computer/server over a network or the Internet to see if the remote computer was responding. This system is now being applied as a means of alerting other people that new material is available on your site or blog. This is done via registering with search engines individually or better still using one that has a list and alerts them for you

There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking blogs and websites. By sending a small ping to each service you let them know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. Search engines crave for new content Pin-o-Matic gives you access to a number of search engines alerting them that you have fresh content posted. This saves you the time it will take you to alert lots of those sites. These search engines include:


·         Feed Burner

·         Feedster                                           

·         Blogdigger

·         Moreover


·         Syndic8

·         My Yahoo!

·         Blogrolling

·         Weblogalot

·         Technorati

·         NewsGator


·         Blogstreet

·         Blogging With Dr P...

·         w3matic's Traffic & Viral

·         Stephen Downes Blog site

·         Kmax

·         Libdex

·         Diarist

·         The Pepys Project

·         Crayon

·         Kiosken

·         Headlinespot

·         Rocketinfo


·         Bloglines

·         Blog Matcher

·         Blizg

·         Blogz

·         Bloogz

·         Eatonweb

·         Blog Search Engine

·         Memigo

·         Truth Laid Bear

·         Blog Universe

·         Blogtree

·         Open Weblog Directory

·         GlobeofBlogs

·         2RSS

·         BoingBoing

·         Blogwise

·         Blog Critics .org

·         Popdex

·         Topix

·         Blogdex

·         DayPop

·         Genecast News Service

·         Guardian WebLog Guide

·         YellowBrix

·         Newsknowledge

·         NewsIsFree

·         Open Directory

·         Rssxpress

·         PheedCentral

The steps for pinging pingomatic is as follows

  • Go to
  • You will need to fill out two fields – the Blog Name and the Blog Home Page.
  • You have a list of services to be pinged to select from. Tick the ones you want pingomatic to ping for you. (they are, Feed Burner, Feedster, Blogdigger, Moreover,, Syndic8, My Yahoo!, Blogrolling, Weblogalot, Technorati, NewsGator,, and Blogstreet)
  • Click on “Submit Pings.”

Your blog has been submitted to each one of these blog search engines. Simply

bookmark the page and then each time you update your blog, you can have Ping-o-

Matic tell the other sites.


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