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Fast and Easy Adsense Approval for Hub Writers

Updated on October 16, 2012


Hello fellow Hub writers.

In the past few days I had some problems with getting adsense approved (I guess like you do, since you are reading this). Here is what I had done and you should do too, before applying for adsense:

  • I had filled my bio box
  • I had finished my profile setting, providing full information
  • I had uploaded my picture
  • I had written 2 Hubs

The reason was as always "insufficient content". So I started reading articles in, googling and all this kind of stuff! I read that you had to write like 10 hubs before you get approved by Google Adsense and variations of this advice (which is probably correct). The thing is that I haven't much free time, so I didn't want either to write 10 quality articles without getting the chance to be paid, or writing 10 trash articles just to get approved.

I also heard that if you get denied the first time, then you have to use a different account to apply for google adsense. This didn't happen with me, so please let me know if you have experienced something like that. I had 2 denials in 2 days already :P

So, after I collected some information, I decided to give it another shot, but from a different route. Now, read carefully the steps below! :)

The fast, easy and double profit way

Alright, so here is what you have to do step by step:

  1. First of all, you have to find a field you want to write about. Imagine you will have to write like 8-10 articles, but they have to be relevant to each other (example, write about dog training).
  2. After that, go and start a blog at (NOT Wordpress, it matters).
  3. Write 8-10 UNIQUE articles about a topic. (do NOT use exact content from other sources, this might get you banned). I repeat, do not copy-paste articles (this is very important!). You might write articles in your native language if it is different than English.
  4. After you publish these articles (personal experience: it took me 8 to get approved), apply for google adsense with the domain of your new blog.
  5. You will get half-way approved (I got half-way approved the same day of application) and when you get half-way approved, then you can use HubPages to earn from Google Ads.
  6. What is more important, not only you can start getting paid from the very first article you publish, but also you have a brand new blog to monetize with Google Ads and get double income!

Last words

I am sure this will help you get fast and easily approved by Google Adsense. Please, if this helped you, or you have further questions, let me and others know.

I struggled and frustrated a lot during the process of getting approved and I don't want others to go through the same tough process. There is the easy, legitimate and double profit way.

It is vital you follow all of the above steps-instructions, as is. Really, it is that easy.

Once I learn better the ropes of HubPages, I will write more hubs on how to go through other steps, so if you like, you may follow me.

I hope it helped you and have fun writing quality Hubs and more! :)


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    • Livehappy89 profile image

      Livehappy89 5 years ago from Athens

      Yes it doesn't matter. My blog is in my native language Greek. Just keep in mind to do it in

      Thanks you too! :)

    • Mihaela-2012 profile image

      Mihaela Raileanu 5 years ago from Bucharest, Romania

      I have had this big dilemma with adsense starting from Friday. Thanks for sharing this, i will start to write more on my blog, (well, it's not in English, but i understand that it doesn't matter). Have a sunny week!

    • Livehappy89 profile image

      Livehappy89 5 years ago from Athens

      You give it to google. I think yes, you have to give them some bank info, like IBAN and BIC.

    • TheDoItAllGuy profile image

      TheDoItAllGuy 5 years ago

      Do you have to give them you bank account information?

    • Livehappy89 profile image

      Livehappy89 5 years ago from Athens

      I got approved the previous day, so I haven't past experience, but I think it is deposited to your bank account....

    • TheDoItAllGuy profile image

      TheDoItAllGuy 5 years ago

      Okay thanks, and one more question, how do you get paid through the HubPages adds. Is it by PayPal? Thanks again!

    • Livehappy89 profile image

      Livehappy89 5 years ago from Athens

      You 're welcome. Let me know, if you ran into any trouble....

    • fullscoop profile image

      Christy Waltz 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Thanks for sharing, that's exactly the information I needed and I'll give it a try.

    • Livehappy89 profile image

      Livehappy89 5 years ago from Athens

      Yes mate, approve HubPages too, in order to have an extra income. They work with each other (basically it's the same, in different websites) :)

    • TheDoItAllGuy profile image

      TheDoItAllGuy 5 years ago

      I have gotten my adsense approved, but should I also enable the HubPages adds too? Do they work with eachother? If you could help I would greatly appreciate it thanks!

    • profile image

      Bernadette11 5 years ago

      Thank you. This was really useful.