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How I find the best Online earning site

Updated on July 3, 2014


Hello friends, I am Praveen Pal from New Delhi finally I had decided what actually I have to do in my life. All of know that in our childhood life we don't had to worry about any kind of tensions and worries. When we were about 2 to 4 years only learnt how to talk and how to walk. At this age we were unaware of all the things that were around us. At that time there was not any kind of fear like the fear that we are fear having now. As the time passes away we all were admitted in the schools. In schools we had learnt how to talk to others and also learnt various types of things like ABC and 123.

After two or three years of school we had started making new friends and with those friends we shares all our thoughts, things lunch box and many more. Our daily routine at the age of 9 to 12 years had became something like this.

1. Daily we woke up around 6 am

2. After coming out of bed we gets refreshed

3. Then goes for bathing

4. After having bath, wears our school uniform by taking our parents help

5. After wearing school uniform have our breakfast and our parents drops us in school by giving us a sweet smile

6. After we enters in school meets our new friends and teachers.

7. And after sharing all our things with our best friends promises them to meet again the next day

8. After coming out from school in the afternoon our parents gives us lunch to eat.

9. And after having our lunch some of us might takes rest and some of us goes for a tuition and some starts playing video games, and others starts doing their home work.

But as soon as we enters into our 15 some burden come onto our shoulders. When we takes admission in class 9th and 10th we all worries about our board exams. Our daily routine changes, from 6am to 4am so that we ca study one or two hours for our board exams. We remains in hurry in these two years. And as soon as we clears our board exams, we all starts enjoying with our friends. Some of us may ask their parents to give them precious gifts because they had cleared the board exams. When I had cleared my board exam my elder brother gifted me a wrist watch. I still remember the day how happy was I at that time. But this happiness remained till one year, because after one year I had to clear 12th standard that was also a big challenge for every student in his or her life. And after clearing 12th standard exams some of us might have gone for summer vacations and some might had visited their relatives home etc.

These days I think is the best days of a human's life, because after leaving our school we have to decide what we have to do in our graduation. And in which stream we have to complete our graduation.

How busy we were in our school days.
How busy we were in our school days.

Our college life

And after taking admission in college we all starts our college life. All of us knew that what a college life is. How much we study during our college days. Those days becomes our most memorable days of our life, as we met new friends. Some of them becomes our best friends and others becomes just friends. In those days our daily routine becomes something like this:-

1. Our wake up timing changes from 6am to 8 or 9am

2. Our college timings starts from 10 to 2pm

3. After college we starts gossiping with friends on phones, facebook, twitter and on whatsapp messanger

4. Our breakfast and lunch timing also changes. And in the evening some of us goes might had goes to theatre and some just wonders with their friends at new places.

5. In the evening our dinner timing changes from 9pm to 11 or 12am.

college days
college days

These were all our college days. In these days about 50% of us had decided what they will do after their bachelor degree and rest 50% just remains unconscious about their life. And I was from the rest 50% who was still thinking that life is just like a game play it as you like to play. But I didn't knew that one day I will suffer a lot if I will not change myself.

As I had completed my graduation in 2013. And till then I had not decided what I will do after graduation. But one day I decided to do a job in an IT company as I am an IT graduate. But all of you know that how difficult it was for me to get a job in any of the IT company as I was totally fresher. I had given interviews in two three companies like HCL, Wipro and Infosys. After interview when I did not receive any call from those companies I was totally frustrated. And after that I had gave interviews in Convergys as it is a big IT company. After my interview when I reached my home I received a call from convergys, and I was very surprised when I knew that I was selected in that company.

My Decision to work on Hubpages

I think it was a great achievement for me to work in any of the IT company like convergys. But after working there for three months, one of my friend who is also working in convergys told me about hubpages. He told me that if I works for hubpages by writing my own articles and publishing those article on hubpages, you can earn. For the first time I was very surprised to know that how it is possible. But when I sign up in hubpages and after reading some hubs I really get amazed.

And finally I had decided not to work in any of the company only one thing I will do that I will write article for hubpages. Not only this I will do some Internet work like online marketing etc. And till now I had written five articles on hubpages. As I am new on hubpages I think that one day I will succeed in this job. I think all the hubbers will help me in becoming a good hubber so that I can earn a living through hubpages. I know to it will take about three to four years to become a succesful hubber, but I will not stop I will keep on writing to become a successful hubber.

One more site that I found right now for Instant Earning

Right now three months before, I just read about a site that gives instant earnings payout and it also takes very less time to earn. You can earn money from that site in dollars only by writing short articles around 400 characters, not words only characters.

The name of that site is Bubblews. From this site I earned 600$ within three months. So dear friends if you also want to earn a little bit more money than try this site, and make a happy earnings only on bubblews.

© 2014 Praveen Pal


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