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Four Years

Updated on May 5, 2016

Celebrating 4 Years of Hubs

Four Years of Hubs and still here
Four Years of Hubs and still here

How it Began

In March, 2012 my then publisher told me I needed to be writing articles and getting my name known. A friend told me about hubpages and how I could make money writing articles. I decided to give it a try.

My first big challenge was what to write about. I chose some of the places I'd visited and how you could stay on a resort island on a budget. The articles were a hit.

Over the years I've blogged on my struggles with diabetes, finding a book designer, building a small publishing company. Taking on other writers. Writing a novel, writing with a partner, and numerous other articles.

Its been a great four years. The pay is non-existent, but I keep writing hubs. Why? Because I am reaching people. Those people are making comments. Those comments lead to other ideas. They also require me to come up with answers. So, I keep writing.

If I write something daily, I'm keeping up with my writing. Not all writing is meant to be published. Not all writing is good. Some writing needs to be out there to help others or to protect others. There is always a reason to write and my mind can always find a topic.

What's Next?

The Big Question
The Big Question

Will I Continue?

The answer is easy, yes. I have a ton of topics to write on. My mind never shuts down.

For example, I can write about volunteering and how it changes you. I can write about how to get involved in volunteering. And what it means to volunteer.

Starting a writing group is another hot topic and one near and dear to my heart. I've also thought about giving writing workshops. I'm looking into putting a program together.

What it's like to decide to pick up and move when you retire. Always a good topic. What do you give up? What do you gain? Would I do it again?

Working behind the scenes putting together huge fundraisers. What have I learned? What can I do better? What kind of energy does it take?

Launching new writers. How do you do it successfully? How do you keep it going? How do you keep them writing? Tons of possibilities there.

Reviving a dead project. Is it worth it? Will it work? Can it be successful? Time will tell.

Is It?

When Does it End?

Maybe it doesn't. Maybe I write until I am unable to write anymore. Maybe I find someone to carry on when I am gone.

I think it only ends when someone stops reading. What I write here, is here. Unless my daughter closes the account when I am gone, my writing will stay here.

Maybe I'll decide to put some of it into a book. Maybe I'll use some of what I've written here as lessons to teach.

Who knows? I have made no plans to stop writing. You'll just have to watch for the next hub to see where my mind has traveled.


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