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Get 2000 Visitors to Your Hubpages - An Easy Guide

Updated on October 19, 2014

Instant Traffic Guide

Traffic is the major element to monetize the hubpages. More traffic assist to more monetize and quick promote the hubpages to the top level. How to get more visitors? It is the hidden question for every hubber. All most hubbers want to monetize their traffic but low traffic rate get pain to their heart. More than 30 percent hubbers left quickly due to the low traffic rate to their hubpages. But what can be the best solution for this problem? Are you new hubber and searching for traffic to your site? If you are newbies then it will be easy to understand the traffic problem to your hubpages. Have you ever asked a question what mistake have you done? How much traffic have you been getting now? Is it sufficient for you? No it is not sufficient to monetize your traffic? Because I have calculated an estimate that your hubpages must get 1000 page views to earn $ 3 ( per 1000 page view ) from Google AdSense.

I have got some clues from various hubpages that, 20 percent top hubbers have been earning more than $ 1000 (approximately $33 per day) per month from Google AdSense. However you have other options to earn money from eBay and Amazon. But you need to gain more traffic to your hubpages. Do you know? Only 35 percent hubbers have been earning more than $ 100 and less than $ 1000 per month from Google AdSense. There are more than 45 percent hubbers earning less than $ 100 per month from Google AdSense. I think you understood the clear concepts that why you need more traffic to your hubpages?.

Professional hubbers are clever to drive traffic to their hupages but newbies and irregular hubbers might not be aware from it. Hubpages is world’s most traffic generating sites and over 36 million traffic drives every month. Therefore Hubpages is one of the best platforms to write and monetize traffic. You can get right readers in this site but you have to take better action to promote your hubpages. Without promoting your hubpages nobody knows, even search engine cannot find your presence on internet. Thus, it is the challenging issues that how you increase your presence or visibility on internet. Professional hubbers are still learning from other hubber and it is your time to learn accurate ideas and get instant traffic to your hubpages.

  • Start a campaign: You can start traffic campaign to your hubpages. Because of you have to work hard and get permanent solution to your problem. Therefore, think how is it possible to get 2000 visitors per day? Is it possible or not?. I think 1 month to 1.5 months will be better to run your traffic campaign. In this period you can really improve your traffic rate but you need to commitment to your campaign. Therefore, you have to more study and learn how other hubber are applying techniques to drive traffic to their sites. Find out you ranking, your traffic rates and you position on internet. You have to know who is your competitor? and what they are doing to uplift their activities. You have to know enemy before attack to him or her. Without knowing your enemy’s background how you present there? It’s impossible to win the game. Think it is a game and understand the overall rules and your opponent’s background or profile. It will be easy to defy them.
  • Think Different: Your activities must be different from other hubbers. It helps to build a separate identity and get quick popularity among other hubbers. There are millions of hubber doing same thing but you must do different thing. It means your activities will be one step forward and become a professional hubber. Think yourself, you are completely different from other and your activities will be innovative. innovative e ideas always get the attention to your visitors and search engines also.
  • Get Search Engine Traffic (SET): Search Engine referral traffic is the permanent way to solve your traffic problem. Therefore , you have to focus on search engine traffic rate. what is the best way to get search engine traffic? The best solution is to Optimize your hubpages and top ranking your pages on search engines. Once your pages listed top ten then your hupages get the thousands of traffics from search engine result permanently. Billions of queries raise on search engine in a single day and your pages can get chance to drive traffic.
  • Do not negotiation with Quality: You should not compromise with your quality assurance. you have to give and maintain quality to your hubpages. When you provide quality services, then you will get genuine visitors to your hubpages. Therefore focus your campaign for quality writing and quality servicing rather than quantity. Quality maintenance is the major challenges for every hubber? Because of only one time quality hubpages is not for permanently. Hence, your main duty is keep the service at the round clock and provides the result oriented services.
  • why You are Getting Low Traffic?: it can be the major question for every hubber. Because of there is something hidden beyond this question. I get some clues that why you get low traffic rate to your hubpages. what you have done mistake? I know you have done some mistake: You have less hubpages, you have low quality hubpages, you do not research keywords, you do not share your hubpages on social media, you do not care your visitors, you do not response your hupage's comment etc. You have go some ideas here and start to improve now.

You may familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s important to traffic generating aspect. Yes, SEO is the emerging issues for every hubbers and it is also challenging as well as continuous process. Therefore you have to design an effective SEO strategy to your hubpages. It is the never ending process. However SEO is the permanent way to generate more traffic to your hubpages. I have listed some easy way to generate traffic to your hubpages. If you apply all the tips one by one to your hubpages, you will get effective result within 10 days. Its mean you will able to generate more than 2000 visitors to your hubpages. If you get more than 2000 visitor every day means your page views rate will be more than 4000 per day. In the simple calculation your hubpages will generate more than $12 (only for page view per 1000 pages) per day and $360 per month.

  • Write many hubpages: You have to write many hubpages to drive more traffic. More hubpages helps to quick ranking your site on Google and Alexa and increase the visibility on search engines. Your hubpages will get higher chances to listing on top ten search engines list. If you write more hubpages then you will get visitor for every page. Let’s calculate rough data, 100 hubpages will get 10-20 visitors per hubpages. It mean you will meet your target very simple way. Hence, focus your mind to write many hubpages. There is more than 70 percent traffic generate from search engines.
  • Write Quality hubpages: Your hubpages is a king and main figure on the view of visitors and search engines. Quality content always get the quick ranking on search engines and people also share on social media, bookmark, tweet, trackback and use for reference sources. Therefore your efforts must be spend for writing professional and research base content. You should not compromise the quality of your content. Once you submit your quality content then you will get effective results (traffic) from different sources. Your quality hubpage get the right benefits like: reputation, share, comment, traffic, backlinks, trackback, reference links etc.
  • Write Regularly: You have to write regular hubpages. It helps to build your strong relationship with your followers and Google Search engine robot also crawl your page regularly. Write daily 1 hubpages (minimum 1150 words) and include some attractive relevant pictures, relevant videos, polls, tables etc. your visitor take more time to view your pages. It helps to solve your traffic problem.
  • Write Fresh content: you do not publish duplicate content. Because of duplicate (copy paste) content violates the copyright and penalize by Google robot. Therefore you have to take more time for searching new topics, attractive title and fresh ideas. Fresh content get quick chance to ranking on search engines. Search engine always try to show the result as fresh content at the tot position.
  • Write Helpful Content: You can write helpful content to your visitors. Helpful content get the right point to the view of visitors. Your content helps to solve your visitors problem and will return back time and again. Therefore, You content should not be rigid and ignorant types.
  • Do Keywords Research: right keyword at the right hubpages is the major sources of search engine traffic to your hubpages. Do you know? How many queries search in search engine per day? And what people are searching? Have you got any ideas? You must research the keyword ideas and include to your hubpages. If you do not know the clear ideas about keywords then just go Google Keywords Tools and get overall keywords clues. Therefore you have to be aware that what people are searching and what you are writing for them. You are writing hubpages for other people and if you do not know what people want from your hubpages, then they will skip your pages. Hence, you can research the keywords and make an analytical table to compare that which words are most searchable and which words is less.
  • Use Long-tail keywords: In my personal experience, long tail keywords are less competitive and chances to quick listing on search engine but short tail keywords are high competitive and will not get ranking easily. Thus, use long tail keywords to your hubpages. It helps to generate search engine referral traffic to your hubpages. For example: the keyword “SEO: is high competitive, but “The Best SEO” is less competitive. Because, “SEO” is already included in millions (About 246,000,000) of contents but “The Best SEO” is included in about 363,000,000 contents. Therefore, if you use long tail up to 8 keywords or phrase, then will be high chances to get top ranking.
  • Choose Keywords Base Username: Do you know? Your user name keywords also help to drive traffic. If you get your user name searchable like Domain name, then search engine get some clues about your sites and get authority to drive search engine traffic to your site. You can get some ideas that which keywords is most valuable - use Google Keywords Tools and be sure that your username is keyword friendly or not.
  • Write Attractive and Searchable Title: You have to use attractive and keywords friendly title. when people view your post, they see your tile at first and then they go further. If your tile is not keywords friendly then search engine skip your pages and low chances to ranking at the top position. Therefore, research which title is appropriate for your hubpages.
  • Research New Topics: You can reseach new topics for upcoming post. Because your have to get ideas that what people are searching and what is your niche to write content. Therefore you have to study over topics which is favorable or not. If your write fresh, unique and new topics then search engine list your hubpages at the top ten list. It mean you will get search engine traffics. If you are writing about technology reviews post then you have to know that which is new product and how can it get rank .
  • Write Long Content: Long content with detail information get the top priority on the view of search engines. Therefore write, tutorial base long content and use right keywords. Your content get the quick ranking on search engines. Your visitors also love to read your detail content. Your long content like more than 2000 words get the high traffic rate.
  • Submit Your Hubpages on Directories: You can submit your hubpages on top directories. It helps to get backlinks and referral traffic from directory sites. There are some Directories like DMOZ, Yahoo !, Blogline etc are really helpful to generate traffic to your site.
  • Submit Your Hubpages on Search Engines: You can submit your hubpages on major search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AOL etc. It helps to generate traffic from search engines. Google is the king of search engine and drive more than 82 percent traffic. Therefore you should not forget to submit your site on these top search engines.
  • More Engage in Forum interaction: You have to increase the interaction rate in hubpages and other community forums. Forum is the best sources of high traffic and high quality backlinks. It helps to increase your presence and visibility on forums and will get quick ranking your pages on search engines. In forum, you have to ask some critical queries and reply your best ideas to solve the queries of other hubber or people. It is the great chances to build your relation on forum and share your hubpages links. You will get chances to include your hubpages links in forum signatures and profile information. Therefore you should not forget include your links on forum post where it is possible. However you have to follow the forums rules strictly.
  • Leave comment on other Hubpages: it is the quite nice ideas to increase your visibility in different pages and get quality or natural backlinks to your hubpages. While visiting other hubpages, do not forget to leave relevant comment. It helps to leave your link to the other hubpages and increase your presence on internet. Your all activities will count by hubpages as well as search engines. You can increase your traffic rate by 10 through leaving comment on other hubpages. I have been getting positive results by using this technique.
  • Leave comment on General Blogs or site: There are many high PR blogs and site driving unique traffic through comment links. Therefore, you can visit many other general blog and site and after reading leave relevant as well as best comment. Top commentator get the thousands of quality links and traffic. In my experience, I got more than 2500 high quality backlinks from high PR blog and boosted my blog rank from PR 0 to PR 3. It is the popular way to link building and drive traffic. In my blog, I have been getting more than 7 percent traffic from comment referral traffic.
  • Run social Media campaign: social media (social networking and bookmarking) is the powerful tools to drive traffic to your hubpages. Therefore you have to take more time to promote your hubpages on social media. Social media optimization (SMO) is another task to promote your activities on networking and bookmarking sites. Social media is the best option to drive tons of traffic as well as highly trusted backlinks to your sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Myspace, Hi5, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious, Google Bookmark, Yahoo Bookmark, StmbleUpon Digg etc. are major social media. Thus, you have to use all these social media to promote your hubpages. In my personal experience, my blog have been getting 12 percent traffic from social media like, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. Therefore, you have to run a social media campaign to promote your hubpages and increase your links visibility in different sites.
  • Write Review Post: if it is possible to write review post about any product and services. You can write review post about new publish book, blogs, sites, movies, any activities and other items. Your review post must be written properly. It will get chances to drive traffic from search engines. Because of review post get quick index in search engine and top ranking also.
  • Create Video: you can create attractive and relevant video to your hubpages. People take more time to watch your video and chance to share links on social media as well other sites. Visual representation can be more helpful to understand your pages and they will return back to your site again and again. You have to submit your video on video directory and upload on YouTube & Vimeo. You will get traffic from video marketing. Your video will get search engine traffic on YouTube as well as other video storage sites.
  • Join in Yahoo Answer Forum: Yahoo Answer forum is one of the biggest forum and millions of visitors browse daily. Therefore, just join and try to solve people. You should not forget to include your links as reference. You will get lots of traffic and backlinks from this site. You can also ask some queries and increase your participation.
  • Use attractive and relevant images: You can get traffic from image search engine like Google Image search. Therefore, you have to use attractive and relevant image to your hubapages and use some keyword or phrase tags over it. Google search engine will be listing your images in Image Search engine and chances to get traffic while searching images. My blog have been getting 4 % traffic from Google Image Search Engines.
  • Create Facebook and Google + Page: you can promote your hubpage through Facebook pages and Google + Pages. It is the popular way to drive traffic from social media. It helps to optimize your hubpages on social media optimization and you link will more visible on search engines. Therefore, you have to create a page and regular update. Your follower will enter to your links and reach to your hubpages.
  • Reply Every Comment: you have to reply your hupages comment. It helps to increase your activities and your visitor get reply notification to their mail list. Definitely they will return back to your pages to view your comment. It also increases your traffic rate.
  • Use Google Map: You can use geographical Google map to your hubpages. Visitors take more time to engage to your pages. If you use Road Map then it will be better to clear view to your map.
  • Write for other bogger (Guest Blogging): You can write for other blogger as a guest blogger. You will get chances to include your hubpages links to your content. You will get referral traffic as well as backlinks to your site. I have written more than 10 posts on different guest blogging sites and still getting more than 200 visitors to my blog. My blog links up with 1500 backlinks to guest blogging sites. It is the best and natural way to generating unique visitors as well as backlinks to your sites.
  • Create RSS Feed: You can create your hubpages RSS Feed and encourage to subscribing your feed. It helps to improve your traffic rate and get quality backlinks. You can create RSS Feed on Google Feed burner. Once your visitor subscribe you feed, they will get your every new pages through their email address. You can submit your RSS feed on RSS directories.
  • Remove Broken Links: You have to remove broken links to your hubpages. Your broken link can hurdle while search engine crawling your sites. Therefore, you have to immediately remove the broken think from your hubpages.
  • Follow Other Hubbers: You can follow other hubbers but be sure that is it imporatnat or not. Make a list under your niche and follows other hubbers. Other hubber also want to follow you. It helps to increase your relation and share your activities to other hubber. You will get chance to increase your traffic rate.
  • Publish Tutorial and E-book: You can write and publish tutorial e-book or PDF book. It is the great opportunity to teach the people and they will follow you from your hubpages links. You can also submit your e-book on eBook directories. You should not forget to include your hubpages links and social media profile link to your e-book and tutorial. You will get the permanent traffic from this source.
  • Create Slideshow Presentation: You can get traffic from your slideshow presentation. Therefore, you have to design slide show and include to your hubpages and submit on slideshow directories. You will get search engine traffic also. You have to include some searchable keyword to your slide show. Slideshow can be easy to understand your content and take more time to view the post.
  • Design Tempaltes, Widget, Plugin and Application: If you have technical knowledge about the software designing. you have a great opportunity to get real traffic to your site and backlinks from different sites. When you develop software and design templates, you will definitely include your hubpages links.
  • Create Public Profile: You can create your public profile on different sites and include your url links. it means your create your profile with your url links. when people visit your profile then they will enter to your pages. There are some high PR sites allows to create profile with URL links. it is the great opportunity to increase the link popularity. if you get many high PR links, search engines count the all links where you are linked up.
  • Create Infografic: Inforgrafics refers to the visual representation to your content. Infographic includes images, text, files, and video, social media sharing plugin. It helps to quick understand the summery of your hubpages and looks more attractive to your hubpages. It also helps to generate search engines traffic also. There are many Infografic sites help to create attractive visual representation through infographic at free of cost. Hence you can get real benefit from it.
  • Speed Up Your Hubpages: You have to speed up your hubpages, because of long time killing page will be skip by search engine. so that you have to optimize your on-page to reduce the opening time of your hubpages. Therefore, Do not upload big file like images, video etc. You can use small kb. of images and video. It helps to open your pages quickly and search engine also prioritize the speed pages at the first rank.
  • Backlink Building Campaign: Backlinks building is the never ending process and quick way to top ranking your sites on search engine. Therefore, you have to make a periodic plan and build high quality DoFollow Backlinks to your hubpages. Backlinks coming from high PR sites are voting from trustworthy sites. Therefore, run a campaign for link building as regularly but do not build thousands of backlinks overnight. It is really harmful to ranking your sites and search engine will mark as spams links. Therefore do not be over smart to build links from spam boat or software or any other unethical manner. It is a serious process and it will be harmful if you do not perform properly. Thus, do not ruin your hupages, boost your site ranking and get tons of traffic.
  • Publish Ads on Classifieds Sites:

    You can publish your ads on various online free classifieds sites. Online Classifieds sites are best places to promote your business at free of cost. It helps to grow your business by 10%. There are thousands of free classifieds sites are serving on local and global region. If you want to target your business then place your ads on local classifieds site or place ads on global classifieds sites. Classifieds sites allow its users to control their own panels like posting, editing, ads views stats, deleting and profiles. Most of the classifieds sites target local business. You can sell, buy or rent of new and used items through classifieds sites. However, you have to choose relevant categories while placing ads on classifieds sites.

In conclusion, getting more traffic helps to quick monetize your hubpages and helps to continue your writing in hubpages. Because you may rely on hubpages and if you get more traffic then you will get motivation. Thus, you have to make daily plan to write a hubpages. You can use all technique but use one by one properly. All techniques are equally important. However, which technique must follow first? It is important question. I my personal experience, quality content, regular writing, fresh content, social media interaction, forum and comment participation, backlink building etc. are major issues for generating traffics. Therefore, you have to take best action to drive traffic to your hubpages. If you are new hubber then you have to work hard and upgrade your profile ranking in hubpages. Therefore, increase your visibility, activities, participation in hubpages forum and other forums. If you are dedicated to get more than 2000 visitors to your hubpages, it is not hard but need your calls into action. Your action plan helps to get more traffic to your hubpages. Right now you have to think yourself, do yourself and campaigning yourself. Finally you will get success to drive more than 2000 visitors to your hubpages within 10 days. It is an amazing course to drive traffic and monetize your writing on reality.

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