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Get More Relevant Adsense Ads on Your Web Page

Updated on October 1, 2016

Many people will tell you that to get more relevant Adsense ads on your hubpage you need to refine your keywords, check for keyword value and keyword density and really target hard to draw in the higher paying ads.

However, if you take a step back you'll realise that while that's all valid there are other forces at play here too.

For one thing, the ads you see on your hubpages are different to the ads I will see on your hubpages. This is for a variety of reasons, not limited to:

Geo Targetting

When an advertiser places their advert, they might have chosen to geographically limit who can see the advert. Some advertisers might be targetting everybody in your town, or your state/county, or your country.

It might be the case, therefore, that one of your keywords or key phrases (possibly that you hadn't even thought of or realised was to be found) has been targetted by a local business, with their ads showing only to people in your town. If they're paying more than other advertisers, then their advert might show up for you instead.

Your Hubpage CTR

Google isn't a charity - they're in it to make the most profit they can. Google have created algorithms that monitor the CTR of every page where adverts are displayed. If adverts do better on your page than on other pages, they might tend to display those ads more on your page, they fine tune their algorithm all the time, adjusting which adverts are displayed based purely on increasing their profits, thus giving you the best adverts they can at any given moment.

Their objective is to optimise their income, so they'll be placing ads where they are proving to be most profitable. Profitable for them is profitable for you .... however this could mean that somebody else is getting the jucier ads for a variety of reasons contained within that algorithm.

Perhaps, for example, the top paying keywords are skewed towards pages that are older, as well as giving a better CTR rate. In a case such as this, over time your page will age and you'd start to get higher paying ads show up.

Ad Retargetting Technology

Have you noticed these days how some (often annoying) ads seem to "follow you about?". You once visited a website and now their ads are everywhere? This is ad retargetting - a small cookie is placed on your PC and advertisers who are wanting to retarget people will be able to draw you back to their site.

You might be seeing some retargetting adverts, that nobody else will see. I like to look at houses for sale and find that I am often then retargetted and the houses I viewed briefly are tempting me to go back to that website and have another look. Nobody else sees these houses or that advert, just me; I've been retargetted.

Who Decides What Are Relevant Adsense Ads?

Maybe your perception of what's relevant differs from the perception of the advertisers and Google's algorithm. If your hubpage is a piece about a local art gallery, then you might think that an advert for an art exhibition on another continent isn't relevant - but if somebody (trained/qualified/experienced) has decided to place their ads on pages just like yours, without geo-targetting, then they won't be wanting to waste their money, so it is relevant; but relevant to them, not you.

No Worries

So, if you've done everything you can to optimise your hubpage and target the keywords you're after, the best thing to do is to "not stress the little stuff". You've done what you can and now it's time to crack on with writing another successful hub.

You can't control everything, or anything maybe, when it comes to ad placement. You're a tiny piece of a global jigsaw. Just do what you can and realise that there are other forces at play over which you have no control.

Good luck!

Photo: Target by Ogimogi taken with a Nikon D80.


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    • Nurfninja profile image

      Nurfninja 6 years ago from Earth

      ya that was great. Thanks.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Very informative, thank you.

    • Cristaphine profile image

      Cristaphine 6 years ago from Denver, CO.