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Get a hosted Google AdSense account within few hours

Updated on June 9, 2014

Getting an AdSense account is every newbie bloggers dream. There are many bloggers who works very hard to get a publisher AdSense ID. But in most of the cases these accounts are rejected due to the AdSense program policies. Here is a tutorial to get a Hosted AdSense account with few hours.

What is a hosted AdSense account?

There are two types of AdSense account: Full Approved AdSense account (or Standard account) and Hosted Adsense account (or Limited account). Standard account can be used on any website which follows the AdSense program policy, while hosted account can be used only in AdSense host partner websites like:

  • HubPages,
  • WebAnswers,
  • Textbroker,
  • Blogger blogs with a sub-domian address ( etc.

Hosted Adsense account cannot be used in a Top Level Domain website, ex: It is restricted to use only in the revenue sharing websites.

How to create a hosted AdSense Account

You can easily create a hosted AdSense account using a new Gmail and YouTube account. Follow this procedure to get a new hosted AdSense account in a few hours.

  • Create a new Gmail account.
  • Sign-up on YouTube with the newly created YouTube account.
  • After signing-up, go to 'YouTube settings'. Do not upload any videos.

  • Scroll down and click on 'View additional features'.

  • In the features tab, near to Monetization, click on 'Enable'.

  • A new page will load. Click 'Enable My Account'.

  • An agreement form will appear, tick all the boxes and click on 'I Accept'.

  • Now monetization is enabled for your account. Once again go to 'YouTube Settings' >> 'View Additional Features.
  • Near to monetization, click on 'View monetization settings'.

  • A new window will appear. Find 'How will I be Paid' and click on it.

  • Now click on 'associate an AdSense account'. This will redirect you to the AdSense page.

  • Fill the form correctly, and submit your application.

Wait for 2 or 3 hours. You'll receive an email like this.

That's it. You'll get a hosted AdSense account within few hours.

Note: Hosted account can only be used in AdSense hosted partners websites like Hubpages, Webanswers etc. This hosted account cannot be used to show ads on non-host websties/TLD websites. A hosted account can be upgraded into a full account anytime by submitting an application form ( For this, you must need a quality website that satisfies the program policies).


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    • profile image

      Deacon 3 years ago

      Good to find an expert who knows what he's talnkig about!

    • Alvinet profile image

      Alvinet 3 years ago

      I think something has changed during time. I have created an account about four years ago for another site like but in email notification there is no information what kind of account I have.

      And also a note that I can use adsense code on ony site ( sites not breaking google policy) and there is no need to inform google about it.

      Do you know how to check it currently ?

    • profile image

      Dragos 3 years ago

      do you have a complete list of where hosted accounts can be used ?

      thank you

    • kewldude profile image

      kewldude 3 years ago

      The hosted adsense cannot be used on a site with a Top Level Domain. You blog address must end with

      Hi ME 2, does your blog address ends with If not, you won't be able to display ads with a hosted account.

      If your blog ends with, you can easily implement ads by accessing the blogger dashboard. Alternatively, you can create ad codes from your Ad Sense account and copy-paste the code to the website's HTML, or you can add a HTML widget to your blog's template where you can paste the code.

    • profile image

      ME 2 3 years ago

      admin please find out what the problem in my adsense account. I approved my account, but ads not showing in my blogger? (2)

    • kewldude profile image

      kewldude 3 years ago

      Does your website address ends with

    • profile image

      ubaid 3 years ago

      admin please find out what the problem in my adsense account. I approved my account, but ads not showing in my blogger?

    • profile image

      pkarnwal 4 years ago

      nice article

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Very helpful hub.