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Getting Back To HubPages

Updated on November 7, 2011

Hello Hubber!

Hello HubPage and my fellow Hubbers! After some time being away, finally, I believe it is time to get back here. I been missing HubPages a lot and even thinking a lot about it. How's life without HubPages? Misery! I am definitely glad to be back writing and thankfully, I hope everything will be sorted out easily.

As what written, I am back to HubPages because hell was full. Joking! I am back because I miss Hubpages & Hubbers!
As what written, I am back to HubPages because hell was full. Joking! I am back because I miss Hubpages & Hubbers!

Where did I went?

Here's the question on where had I went? I was actually busy with my career and even started my own website. Well, website was taking way too much of my time but I certainly made a few friends there. Glad I am back here and I still maintain my websites along the way. I would say I will be more focus here on HubPages instead of other sites.

Seriously, I really miss HubPages and the fellow hubbers when I was away. Glad to be back now!

Something new?

As I am back to HubPages, I am definitely bringing something special to you guys and I am going to try write an article a day. I have about 50 pending articles I wrote until date and all I got to do is to sort them out and prepare them to be posted here. Am I anxious about it? Certainly! It is never as fun as being back to HubPages and will all my followers (and not to forget, fellow hubbers).

What will I be writing now?

I was lucky that I finally found my niche while I was doing my website. Honestly, couldn't be more happier than that. Basically, I am focusing more on the writing topic. From how to start as a writer to how to earn money as a writer. Certainly sounds like a lot of work but hey, I am up to it! I would like to take the opportunity to thank a few senior hubbers which I remembered their advises (when I was away). Because of them, I found what I love writing the most; that is to help other fellow writers to become a writer too!

All right, it is getting rather late now and I am going to continue tomorrow. It could take me proximally about 2 weeks before I can finally roll out at HubPages but certainly, I am up to it! See you around and thanks for reading guys!

With much love,

Reginald (nicregi)


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  • nicregi profile image

    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Dear rafeekahmedb,

    Thank you. Honestly, I have so much work to do at here. Just thinking which to do first! Many thanks for your support too!

  • profile image

    rafeekahmedb 6 years ago

    that's nice....! happy to see your hub again