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How to Increase Traffic and Earn Income With Google AdSense

Updated on May 22, 2017
Money comes from Google, but to to earn more than pennies you have to work smarter.
Money comes from Google, but to to earn more than pennies you have to work smarter.

Increase Traffic and Make Money

The idea behind making money online is that people will use the search engines, come to your page, and then will click on an ad thus, earning you money. However, this is far too simple. What this does is forget that while you want to increase traffic from as many sources as you can, it also means that you will need to think about what material you are publishing online.

For those who don't believe that you have to do work hard to increase passive income from Google AdSense or other affiliate programs, you are not thinking online business. Be it writing online or any other online income source you must understand that it is a business and you are to be to be a professional no matter what you write. The only way to grow is to fail, and then to go back and relearn the basics.

The basics are found in books, and these are found in places such as your library, Amazon, and should be a part of your personal library. There is a time when the specifics will change, but there is never a time when the basic fundamental rules of this business won't.

A business is such that you can have several streams of passive income wherein, you are not required to work for someone else because all your expenses are met with what you are doing. If you are only creating a bit of money, this is still a hobby and not a business, and should be treated as such.

Google AdSense and Traffic

But I Get Traffic, and I should get paid! Have you taken a moment to read up on Google, and its programs? One of the books I recommend which has really helped me to understand what I need to have within my websites is Google AdSense for Dummies. Part of the reason some find success where others do not, is that they have read the basics, and still read up on the basics. Since Google changes how the "game" is run frequently, understanding the basics of AdSense and Traffic is a must.

This means putting your business one step forward each day and keep on working in creating links and everything else. See, Google itself, from what I have read does like older more established websites and blogs which also have a lot of links. This can take a while, but you need to do the work. It is a long process, but as with anything worth while, it takes time to get traffic and money.

Making money with Google AdSense is simple: Create Great content, find good keywords and then begin by building links to make some magic-- that magic is what most call page rank, a term which simply means that Google finds you hub, and you have enough credibility with that hub that it is found in the first page or better with many keyword combinations. (This means on one word keywords and long tail keywords -- multi-word keywords)

Of course this is Google at its most basic, and we all need a foundation to work with. Start with the basics and then keep learning.

Increase Your Traffic

Increasing Traffic and SEO? A Good Thing?

So what about visits? What about SEO, and page rank and everything else?: You are right these things are important, but the key thing to remember is if no one, and I mean if no one finds your writing (content) useful, at some point, fairly quickly, there will be no traffic. Then it does not matter what you dream of-- it will not happen. This is why there is a huge push that you publish content that is useful that you work hard at improving your writing to make that traffic stay and read more of your work.

SEO is search engine optimization, and to me that not only means links but also what you give to the traffic that comes to your site, you want them to go away with the basics-- or at least find why you published useful for their needs. There should be something for each reader. Again it can also be more advanced, and you should have links out there to experts as well as your own things. It increases your professionalism.

That is why hubpages does what it does, in other words allows us to vote up and down content. So, if your content is not good there is more of a chance that people will not find it useful or helpful, and will not come back to look at your other work. Also allowing comments is a valuable part, but telling people what they should and should not comment is a discourtesy to you and to others. I am of the mindset that if you say on a hub that you should not comment if you do not have anything nice to say, then this hub should not be published, you need to have a thick skin, we all know this.

Content is a must, again hubpages is not a blog nor is it a site where you post one hub and then let it be. It is an ends to a means, which is traffic and content.

a writing quote
a writing quote

Content, and the Value of Good Content

Content, not a problem... but my problem is traffic: Again, wrong, if you have content that people don't want or need, you've got a problem. Often traffic comes in wave or comes and goes, and it is up to you the business owner, and CEO and lifelong learner to figure out why. If you are online to simply increase income, then you need to start planning a business, and working out what will work for you.

Content is a must, but when you have traffic then is the time to encourage it, and to keep it by adding links carefully and slowly, and do this each day. I was one who used to do this at a rather fast pace, but I have found that traffic which comes from the search engines needs more of a reason to stay when they have choice.

The other thing which is important is the idea that you will always have a few hubs which don't do all that well and a few hubs which do. Which links are you going to focus on?

For me, I would add some external links to the hubs which are getting great traffic over a long period of time, and then interlink inside that hub with other hubs which could use some help. In other words I find what works well, in terms of which older hubs are getting traffic and use the power of traffic to my advantage.

Now this will create traffic between your hubs, but there are a few other things which help. So I'll explain these now. SEO and links.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Traffic comes, no money, and no clue: First, go online and use Google, and Yahoo then, type in some of your keywords. See where it gets you, most of the time some of your articles will be found buried. This means in search engine terms your SEO and your writing are "crap" or you are in a rut, or people aren't looking for your articles. Now, some will argue to focus only on Google, but the other search engines have value as well. The more your view of a professional business expands the more likely you will create something original that people find value in. This is a basic level of skill that can take years to master. (I used the SEO 2015, and learned a lot, and I generally update it, as it comes out every year)

For example: If I write an article and then put links to all the social networking sites and then begin to write somewhere else and adding a link back will that help me? No it will not, if you want to make money. You've taken a simple step, and one which almost everyone should do to increase traffic to your writing.

What about your keywords? This is something about SEO that most people don't understand. In fact, it took me a long time, and a lot of books to understand what I needed to explain and expand on with the search engines. They aren't looking for clickbait, and they aren't looking for the latest craze. They, the search engines and readers, are looking for solid content, and a lot of learning put it.

Use your knowledge and books to learn about how people search to your advantage. I use Google AdWords as a starting point in finding out a few extra keywords that help with my traffic or will help improve my content. However, I also have used many books such as SEO for dummies, or basic SEO books. I personally prefer to buy it in kindle, as then I have it at my fingertips, but that being said,

What I want is....

See results

The Last Word--- most people do not like to hear that links and content and traffic and SEO and all these things relate but they do, you need to keep writing and keep learning. This is a business, and you need to have a rather thick skin and understand that some will love your hub and some will not. Again this is a business. You might or might not be right but....

Frankly, your content will prove if you are correct or not, you will get traffic and you must at all times be the most professional person you can be. You need to care about comments and you need to write well. You also need to learn. Even I am still learning, and it is thanks to so many hub writers that I can say I will always be learning.

Keep writing, keep aiming to make money, keep linking, and keep learning, and with traffic will come what you want money.

To your success.


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