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Google Reigns; Comprehending Networking

Updated on March 15, 2015

Traffic Check

Those of us who write on line have broken ourselves into the 'Stumble-Digg-Reddit-Etc' habit, as if this 'Networking' assists us in getting hits.

We seem to believe that if we don't 'Stumble-Digg-Reddit-Etc' our work won't be seen.
Until we have a chance to check from where most of our hits come from.

The overwhelming majority of hits comes from Google.,,

I'm not talking about 100 hits from Google, 79 from Stumble, 48 from Digg and 33 from Reddit, I am indicating that there are 1000 from Google, 17 from Stumble, 0 from Digg, 9 from Reddit, and every other network together equals 4 hits.

And then there are the Trolls

As shocking as it is to find that all your Networking is a waste of time, comes the awareness that it might be negative. Attacks and down votes by Trolls on sites like Reddit makes it un-useful to Network.

You've probably heard the story already, but I'll post it here in case you haven't.

A well known Hard Copy Published Writer posted an item on a Publishing Site and Networked it. Within seconds his item was voted down on Reddit, followed by a slurry of attacks calling it Spam, Blogspam, and using all sorts of unpleasant terms to describe what a bad writer he was, etc.

He deleted the item from the publishing site, from the Networks, sent it to his Editor. It was accepted, paid for, published in Hard Copy, and got quite good reviews.

This is just to emphasise how pointless Networking sites have become not only as a marketing tool but as any kind of peer review, or even honest response to your work.

Recognise that the Majority of persons who will respond to your work are Trolls who have nothing else to do except insult other people.

Where sites like Hubpages, Triond, etc. give you the authority to prevent attacks, to remove comments, sites like Reddit exist for the point of encouraging attacks.

SEO, Links, Tags, Ads

There's a difference between writing crap full of words that Google will find enticing, (SEO) and writing good prose.

If you 'Hub Hop' you'll find many advertisements which pretend to be articles. These are overlinked to the selling something sites.

For example, you think this is an article about baby clothes. It isn't. It is an advertisement for some company selling baby clothes. As you read it, you realise you aren't reading a Mommy's prose but that done by some junior clerk at the company which sells baby clothes.

This advertisement will gain Adsense revenue from honest advertisers who are paying to advertise their items.

You can see why Google is becoming rather annoyed.

So How To Market?

If you're writing an item which should be of interest to persons who (fill in the blank) then finding the right forum/message board/blog is knee jerk. You'll get traffic from those who are interested in (fill in blank).

If you are writing for a mass audience, you can only make your Title and your Tags the kind that people might click on AND the kind Google would look for.

For example, if I want to know how to wash this silk blouse I might enter; "Wash Silk" in a Google search box. If those words are in your title, in your tags, then Google will find it.

Double Titling, for example has become almost the 'Rule'. The 'catchy' title is the heading of your first paragraph, your actual Title might be mundane.

Using the example above the title might be "How To Wash Silk" and the subtitle; "You really can wash silk yourself!"

Gone are the days when Stumbleupon is your main traffic source.
Come are the days of Google.


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