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Great Way To Get Free Pictures For Your Hubs By HubPages Categories

Updated on August 1, 2014


Have you ever been frustrated wondering where to get pictures to use for your hubs especially since it is suggested that you use at least three pictures in your hubs? Perhaps you are worried too about whether you have permission to use this or that photo. Well, Most of the strategies that I am about to write about here involves “Public domain” pictures which have no restrictions on them. You are free to use them in your hubs. Of course still do your due diligence as the rules of websites change all the time and sometimes sites may include a few pictures that are not free to use or that are free but credit may need to be given, so still check out the sites’ terms of service. Be also wary of brand names and logos that can be readily identified. A photo may be public domain but still have those issues. Many of you may be using Google's "Advanced Search" option to get photos that could be used commercially. However, sometimes it gives you pictures that cannot be used so I would not rely on that. Others may be using Wikipedia directly to get your photos but there is a better way to use Wikipedia and Google combined that gives you many more options to work with. Rather than use Google's "Advanced Search" function use advanced search techniques in Google. (Believe me there is a difference between the two). Below you will find a method for each of the broad twenty-two HubPages categories.

1. Arts and Design – This site is billed as “The Famous Artists With Works In The Public Domain.” You will not therefore see the words “public domain” next to the images as every images there is understood to be in the public domain.

As a good backup you can search Wikipedia via Google by entering the following search phrase in intext:“public domain" “landscape art”

You can just change “landscape art” to whatever your keyword is. Let me demonstrate what that the search term above pulls up:

Arts and Design Photos


2. Autos - Not all the photos on this site are public domain so here is how you can zero in on the public domain ones, search the site via Google by going to and typing in the following search term with the quotation marks around the words “public domain”: intext:”public domain" Chevrolet.

That will give us so many choices:

Car Photos


Change “Chevrolet” to another type of car to get a different type of car or leave it out entirely if you want any type of car. Click on the picture of the Chevrolet you want to use and then click on “visit page.” That will take you directly to the site where the image is housed. Make sure you see “public domain” next to the photo of the car you choose to confirm its status as several cars will come up.

You can do the same thing with Wikipedia. Go to and type in the search term: intext:"public domain" Chevrolet

It will pull up the following images:


3. Books, Literature, and Writing

For this category especially I would use Wikipedia though not directly. In type the following search term: intext:"public domain" "Romeo and Juliet"

The results for “Romeo and Juliet” are:

Books, Literature, and Writing Photos


Now change “Romeo and Juliet” to some other play, literary figure or novel and see what it takes you. Remember if you get a lot of black and white results you can tweak the results to get “Full Color” images only.

4. Business and Employment

Go to and in the search box copy and paste the following search term (you can change “doctor” to “physician” or change it to another profession): intext:"public domain" doctor

Business and Employment Photos


5. Education and Science

For the Science category search Wikipedia via typing in the following search term: intext:"public domain" biology

See what comes up:

Education and Science Photos


Do something similar for the education category but changing “biology” to something more related to your target area.

For History is a great site but be sure to read their terms of service there at because while you are free to use the images commercially you cannot give them away to compete with the site or package them to sell.

6. Entertainment and Media

For this category type the following into the search box: intext:”Public domain” “Michael Jackson”.

You can change “Michael Jackson” to another celebrity and search again to get public domain pictures of that celebrity. The search turned up the following results:

Entertainment and Media Photos


7. Family and Parenting – They state that the pictures are “free of copyrights” but they may still be protected by trademarks, privacy and publicity rights. See Look at each picture you wish to use and see the license type.

A search for the word “parenting” turned up some great pictures. See the photos below:

Family and Parenting Photos


8. Fashion and Beauty

For fashion and beauty you can search Wikipedia via Google. In type in the following search term: intext:"Public domain" fashion

Do you see what that turns up?

Fashion and Beauty Photos


For the beauty category type into the following search term: intext:"Public domain" beauty

Tweak the results by clicking “Search Tools” then “Type” then “Face” to get only faces. You can further tweak the results by clicking “Search Tools” then “Color” then “Full Color.”

9. Food and Cooking

Go to good old reliable Wikipedia via Google for this category. Type the following search term into intext:"public domain" food

Below are the pictures that that term fetched. As you see, those pictures could work for either “Food” or “Cooking” just type in a more specific type of food instead of the general term “food.”

Food and Cooking Photos


10. Games, Toys, and Hobbies – As their “Frequently asked Questions” page says at the pictures there are free of copyrights. Type in the word “games’ in the search bar and you will get a wide array of games. The following is just a sampling of the pictures they have related to games:

Games, Toys, and Hobbies Photos


11. Gender and Relationships

For “Gender and Relationships” copy and paste the following search term into intext:"public domain" gender

Here is an example of what this pulls up:

Gender and Relationships Photos


12. Health

For this HubPages category, go to the search box at, type in: intext:"public domain" fruits

Later tweak your results by replacing “fruits” with such words as “vegetables”, “health”, “healthy”, “nutrition” etc.

The “fruit” search term pulls up the following Public Domain pictures:

Health Photos


13. Holidays and Celebrations

For “Holidays and Celebrations” go to and type the following into the search box: intext:“public domain” Christmas

You can easily tweak this by changing “Christmas” in the search term to some other holiday that you want to write about. Here are the results:

Holidays and Celebrations Photos


14. Home

When “Home” means “family house” type the following into’s search box: intext:"public domain" family home

That gives us a string of beautiful houses.

Home Photos


Now just leave out the word "home" using just the following for family photos: intext:"public domain" family

Family Photos


15. HubPages Tutorials and Community

For this category enter the following search term in intext:"public domain" teacher

You can tweak this by selecting the “Clip Art” option in

HubPages Tutorials and Community Photos


16. Personal Finance

For the HubPages category of “Personal Finance” go to and type the following into the search box: intext:“public domain” money

Afterwards change the word “money” to “dollars”, “cents”, “shillings” etc. and see what the search gives you.

Personal Finance Photos


17. Pets and Animals

For this category copy and paste the following into the search box: intext:“public domain” animals

You can change the general word “animals” to “dogs”, “cats” or some other animal to zero in on what you want.

Pets and Animals Photos


18. Politics and Social Issues

For “Politics” you can go directly on to search for a political leader. The alternative, if you are a bit more choosy about the photo, is Type in the search term: intext:“public domain” “Barack Obama”

This will give you a much wider range of photos to choose from. You can change “Barack Obama” to another search term of your choice.

For “Social Issues” you may want to get pictures of crowds so type in the following in the search box at intext:"public domain" "crowd"

Politics and Social Issues Photos


19. Religion and Philosophy

For those who write on religion you know that after you have used that first “Jesus” image from Wikipedia you cannot use the same photo over and over. Do you know that Wikipedia has even more photos of the religious personage of your choice? You can search Wikipedia via like this: "public domain" Jesus

Remember that you can tweak the results by clicking “Search Tools” in then “Any Color” and selecting “Full Color.”

That will bring up the following images:

Religion and Philosophy Photos


20. Sports and Recreation

Would you believe that actually has a category called “Sports and Recreation” on its website and they have free or public domain pictures? In fact they say:

We are a group of photographers who enjoy taking pictures and decided to share them with the public to use them for free in their private or commercial projects. We hope you will find the collection of free and public domain images useful.” also has a “Sports and Recreation” section. At you will find many photos to choose from.

A great alternative is to use the following search term in intext:"public domain" sports

Look at what that gives us:

Sports and Recreation Photos


21. Technology

One of the sites where you can find technology-based photos is The pictures can be used commercially but they must not be used as stand-alone products. This is what a search for technology-based photos turned up:

Technology Photos


22. Travel and Places – Once you register you can access photos that are free to use even commercially. See their terms of service. Be sure that when you search this site you look in the Freerangestock section of the results and not the Shutterstock section etc. which is a paid option.

I typed in “Atlanta” and got the following results that are free to use:

Travel Photos



So there you have the twenty-two HubPages categories and ways to get pictures fort each of these broad categories. Remember that you can tweak your Wikipedia search terms to relate to any of the above categories. Get pictures with ease for a picture is worth a thousand words.

For another hub by the same author see:

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Video Presentation of Pictures By HubPages Categories


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  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Thanks teaches12345.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    4 years ago

    It is sometimes a little frustrating when searching for just the right photo. YOur advice is very helpful Thank you for doing the research for writers.

  • shelpeare profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago

    Thanks jpcmc and DDE.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Awesome! A well-informed hub and so useful

  • jpcmc profile image

    JP Carlos 

    4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

    Wow, this is a very useful hub. I usually go to wikimedia commons or pizxabay for my pix.


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