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How to Increase Traffic to Your Content.

Updated on April 30, 2014
Web Traffic is like New York City Traffic!
Web Traffic is like New York City Traffic! | Source

As a writer and publisher for original content on a popular website, Hubpages, you are in the thrones of creativity, a mostly positive community AND constant and stiff competition. Friendly competition but COMPETITION nevertheless. Even so here are some tips on how to make your hubs stand out and gain some traffic.

Best Quality will increase your audience
Best Quality will increase your audience | Source


Do your best to write content of high quality. Writing high quality works shows respect to your readers and to yourself. Who wants to read writing that is filled with spelling mistakes, run-ons, and other ghastly off-putting errors?

I hate grammar and its rules but I try to incorporate it into my writing. This is because it reflects me and if it’s horrible it’s a bad reflection of me and my writing skills. Plus it’s a disrespect to readers.

Readers choose to read your writing. You can’t force someone to, and readers CHOOSE to read your work. They set out time to read your content because it has caught their attention and they want to explore your words. Even so, if its filled with spelling errors, unclear sentences, and missing words, then it lowers quality and defers people from reading more of your works.


Usefulness/Relevance to Audience/Readers

Remember to be mindful of your content’s usefulness/Relevance to Audience/Readers. Writing is and should always be regarded personal, emotional and beautiful. Even so, sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes people just want to know how to do something and learn something new without focusing on the personal, emotional and beautiful. It’s hard to say this but sometimes you have to write to please others, especially online and if you want to garner more traffic. I mean as writers we write for ourselves.


Even so, this is an article about increasing web traffic on your content online. You put your writing up online for essentially the world to see. You want a reaction, you want attention and you want to feel appreciated and valued for your writing skills, opinions, and perspectives. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be for yourself it just means that perhaps sometimes you can write about subjects and topics that interest you that others can relate to. Balance it.

Don’t Plagiarize
Don’t Plagiarize | Source

Be Original

Don’t plagiarize. Be unique and forthcoming. Readers want someone who is honest and unique. If you plagiarize you lose the respect of readers and can damage your online reputation. Plus plagiarizing is unethical and an effects your moral character. A lot of people on here spend a lot of time and effort writing hubs, and also the people outside Hubpages who write blogs. Stealing is wrong, but stealing someone’s thoughts, feelings and hard work is really wrong and evil. If you plagiarize you should not be writing at all. Plagiarizers’ are vermin’s’ that are just too lame to be unique and original.


Make it in interesting

Whether through humor, pictures, videos, etc. make your content interesting and show your personality. Again people choose to read your writing, so they already have your interest. Treat them, make them laugh (in their heads because it is weird to laugh at a computer screen without any headphones on).Especially when you’re in the library.

Make your audience and readers smile, make them angry, sad, etc. This is where you can show the beauty, emotions and personal through your writing. It’s where you can truly be free.


Post frequently and update regularly (and religiously). To keep readers coming back, they must have something new and fresh to come back to.


Be Engaging

Engage your readers. Show them that their presence, time, and opinion is important to you. Even if it’s just to say hi or a simple thank you for reading, engage your readers and show you care. Also be engaging with readers, ask questions and ask readers to share their opinions.

Social Media sites can drive web traffic to your website
Social Media sites can drive web traffic to your website | Source

Use Social Media

Promote and cheerlead your writing/content using Social Media. Whether through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. use social media to increase visibility of your content. Post links, share your content, and write posts/statuses/ tweets about it. If you are writing online, it is automatically meant to be viewed, shared and of importance. So use this natural visibility to be even more visible.


Even so, this is how to increase your web traffic. You can use this for Hubpages, your blogs, YouTube, etc. Hope this helps. Thank You!!!!

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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 4 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Nicely presented and full of truisms worth reading. I appreciate the information and liked the style it was presented with. Thank you . . .


    • snerfu profile image

      Vivian Sudhir 4 years ago from Madurai, India

      Nothing easier than wishing, but like you have outlined, it does not happen. Good article, keep it up.


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