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HUBS as a Choice for Blogging by Merwin Severtson

Updated on May 8, 2010

Learning Curve and Ease of Use

HUBPages... so far, is working as a lot friendlier system than the one I used previously. All of my HUBs are easily accessed by me and others, whereas with my other blogs, each category of use was its own blog site. This was way too much to keep track of and I finally gave up about ten months ago and haven't blogged since. HUBPages has changed all that.

The tracking of activity is all on one screen for me to see. The information about getting paid for the advertisements that line the sides of HUBS or Blogs is laid out clearer (at least for me). And linking to valuable sites of mutual interest is done for me through HUBPages.

This results in all the topics that I would like to write about are found under one byline, CoauthorU, and yet work independently from one another with their own titles and categories of interest. Easy, easy easy.

I simply pick the various areas that my HUB (blog posting) relates to, and HUBPages provides those area networks with my link and shows my rating.

So far, so good... and though the learning curve is still being explored, I am very pleased with this "find" of the HUBPages system. It has had the result of generating in me a more productive and enthusiastic outlook and I am now HUB'bing a lot instead of struggling with disgust in blogging.


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    • SmilesDoc profile image

      SmilesDoc 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Good to know!

      I just setup Wordpress yesterday and it looks like a black hole of time-sucking oblivion!

      So far Hubpages has been easy and fun.