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Hiding in plain site

Updated on May 15, 2009

Is the question about who people are, or about the fact that their identity isn't one you know? The question suggests an unwilling acceptance of the fact that others choose to show one side of themselves. The word usage "hide behind a name without a photo" brings with it imagery of American airports and new policies where vacationers are scanned by facial recognition machines. (This image is clearly my own, based on my own experiences of travel, not written to explain a disdain for neighbours to the South).

Its interesting that we are blogging about the transparency of blogging, for there is no way to confirm a picture to be the legal representation of a person. People morph into what they write, they become an entity through words, through the thoughts they are trying to convey. The picture that is with it does not confirm the existance of said person, simply creates a sense of safety through the process of posting a picture that could be anyone else in the world but the writer.

I've been blogging for about a week. I have had little connection to this new portal, and I am safe enough to share my thoughts so far. I feel that some of what I may say may not be enjoyed by everyone. I also know that if I do write something that people do not enjoy that it will tarnish anything else I may write. I feel that (based on topic or heading) someone may be intriqued to find out about it, and fear that a person's bias (that they didn't like my last blog) will be transfered to all of my future works, I contrarily feel that it should be by my words alone that a person would like to read what I have to say.

I do not feel I am hiding, and if I were (hiding) I would not write. What can one infer or conclude from a picture that one cannot grasp from a minds eye account of how another feels, thinks, believes?


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    • brandonfan profile image

      brandonfan 7 years ago from Mid West

      I agree with you Enigmatic me. People on the internet in general, ( Not even JUST writers ) seem to hide behind their photographic identities. Reading a person's writings is a window directly into their soul. What else is really needed to determine whether you choose to be another writers fan? Even on other writing sites this is an ongoing problem. I do believe that certain people just "surf" looking for others that they simply find attractive. Pretty sad actually.