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How Long People can Go To Protect Their Pets?

Updated on June 1, 2017

In the world there exists thousands of living beings who range from animals to plants, bacteria and human beings who are arguably the most intelligent. Since pre-existence, human beings have evolved and are nowhere close to becoming extinct. In all these circumstances, human beings have developed ways of finding satisfaction. Some of these ways involve work, charity, fun activities and self-meditations. These activities are aimed at finding happiness. As much as people can find love from other people, pets play an enormous role in improving people's happiness by the love they instill in people’s lives. In return, human beings have developed various ways of showing their love to their pets.

People have different preference when it comes to pets. Some prefer dogs, others cats, doves, moles, horses even snakes. While the reasons for pets’ preferences vary, it is obvious that they love their pets. At least two out of five people love pets and consider them their friends and companions. Long ago people kept animals around for protection against intruders, keeping other animals away, for help in domestic chores and many more reasons but today the reasons people keep pets are mostly for companionship. With a long boring day, you can actually decide to go play with your dog or go feed the doves or engage in any other activities that improves the situations. People who own pets are considered healthier, happier, more content and sympathetic.

A lot of people have gone extra miles to protect their pets. This include filing for cases in courts for the abuse of their pets, campaigns against animal slaughter, animal rights and not to mention finding homes for orphaned pets. People are waking up early to walk their dogs, some are driving hundreds of miles for their fluffy companions to be immunized while others are willing to work extra hours for their pets to find food. Pet adoption is becoming very common in today’s world. A lot of people also have formed pet finding operations where lost pets are reunited with their loved ones. Grooming of pets is also a way of showing love for the pets. Some people also engage in fun activities such as fashion shows for their little pet friends.

Incase these cute pets of ours fall sick, we take them to veterinary services for treatment. Losing a pet is one of the most trying times pet lovers face. Statistics show that people who lost their pets would go into depressions which had very sad consequences regardless of the owner's age. Some choose to bury them with a ceremony, not necessarily official in order to keep memories of them. A lot of people today take funny videos of their pets and share with their friends. This actually has made pet owning to be common. A very popular celebrity admitted to spending an average of $500 a month courtesy of her kitty cat. Is not that the love for a pet or what!


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