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Google AdSense is Not Worth it.

Updated on December 3, 2015

Google Adsense is tricky to maneuver

I have been aware of Google Adsense for a few years. I never really paid them much mind. I repeatedly recieved the mail in my g-mail account for using Adsense. Finally I decided to give it a try. I broke down and said "Why Not?", what did i have to loose?

It seems that everyone, these days, is looking for ways to make money online. I can not begin to list the emails I have recieved on making money online. I was not looking to make money online. I simply wanted to have a blog and now a Hubpage. I finally gave in to the Google emails about Adsense. I signed up and started displaying ads on my sites. I never believed it would amount to much.

Next thing I knew I was making money. I had read the terms of use and was aware of the policies. I am a very moral and honest person by nature. I never would dream of clicking on my own ads, much less actually do it. I adheared to Googles terms. I watched as my small amount of money grew to 88.00 dollars. I was amazed. I thought, "Hey, this is alright." I knew I was not going to become wealthy, or make a living, but at least this was a small source of income to fund other things. I was planning to contribute my earnings to the Humane Society in my area. Then it all fell apart.

Just when I thought I was going to be able to contribute to the Humane Society, the money stopped coming in. I noticed I was not getting anymore income even though I was still getting clicks. I even sent a note to Google to ask why this was happening. I did not recieve a reply from my note. Instead, what I did recieve was a letter from the Google Team telling me I was making invalid clicks to my ads, and that they had terminated my adsense account. Now I am sure they have ways of monitoring their site. I appreciate that. What I do not appreciate is the fact that they are accusing me of making invalid clicks. I can assure you all, I did not. I do not know what happened. I believe in my heart that Google is a fraud. I can not control what someone else, somewhere in the world is doing. I believe that somewhere, someone was clicking my ads and caused me to be accused of invalid clicks. I am just so terribly disappointed. I am disappointed in Google. I am depressed at this event. It makes me hurt inside. I feel horribly violated by Google, and the individual that was at the head of this invalid click violation.

I am such a good person at heart. I always abide by the rules. Even when others say, "no one will know" I say, "but I Will". I can not help but feel terrible over this. I regret even trying Adsense. I am having a hard time dealing with this blow to my heart and soul. I know it is a stupid adsense account. I know I was not going to make alot of money. It is not about the money. I am hurt at being a victim to someones cruel joke. I am hurt because I wanted to contribute my income to the Humane Society, "for the poor animals".

This is why I am saying be very careful when entering into Google's Adsense program. I am apprehensive about the program. It is not there for you to make money. At best you will make a small wage. I made a whole 7 cents last month. If the day comes that I actually make a decent amount I will contribute to the Humane Society.

Trying to contact Google

Google is almost impossible to contact. I think that Google feels like they can just do what they want to people. I do not appreciate the way Google makes it Impossible to contact them. I had to spend a lot of time searching for the area where I could file an appeal. Everyone knows time is valuable, and I wasted so much time just trying to contact Google. I did manage to appeal their decision, but it did not do any good. They were adamant about their decision to cancel my Adsense account. I was upset at that decision. I let it go and came back to it later and now they have allowed me to reopen my adsense account. I hope the same thing does not happen again.


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    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 22 months ago from London

      Wow! Just started here in HubPages and have been wondering and researching how this HubPages Ad Program and AdSense work. I was surprised to find out that this is what happens to a lot of Hubbers trying to earn an income online. So scary and frustrating. Thanks for your Hub ePetNation. And thanks to everyone else's info.

    • ePetNation profile image

      ePetNation 2 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you everyone for your valued responses. I really appreciate the feedback and hearing your stories.

    • profile image

      bootsguy 5 years ago

      My AdSense Account was suspended forever and I am banned for life for making another AdSense account just because of invalid click activity I've done to none of my control only ONCE.. This AdSense program is worthless, conservative and sensitive... They are run of the mill ad serving program that eats everyone else. AdSense sucks! worthless...

    • profile image

      Rightinfront 5 years ago

      have been with goggle for over 5 years, before they went public I was earning $2000-5000 per month. 3 months after they went public I dropped to $500-$1000 per month and down from then on.

      Today Goggle told me that I had violated their terms I am earning $50 -$100 per month, I have been really careful on violations and unsure why. I also run reviews for Schools aboard and third party people can post what they want ie. blacklisting schools, the only thing I can think of is that someone wanted to hurt my earning low as it is multiple clicked the ads .

      Anyway I explained why (considering that all most all my adsense earning went to adwords) I think this has happened I have been told that I can no longer use Google and I can not even appeal I have once. Really Google! I earn $50-$100 per month do you really think I will violate my terms for that. Anyway I hope that Yahoo will appreciate my business.

      Goggle does not care of for the small business man only for the big boys.

    • joehilton84 profile image

      joehilton84 6 years ago from Emmetsburg, Iowa

      Well I agree and disagree. Google is sooo strict to the point that they are ridiculous. Not knowing the exact situation you or anyone else had I can tell you a few things that might have got you invalid clicks:

      Someone with your ip address was clicking on ads. YOU yourself may not have. But your roommate, wife, someone on your network (especially if you have wifi or use public internet such as the library), etc.

      You were accused of giving incentives to click on your ads. This is a big no no for many companies.

      You have multiple accounts

      One ip address spends 30 seconds on your webpage and clicks 25 ads in that time period. Yes this isn't exactly your fault however look at it from a business point of view, as in your google paying an affiliate per click and don't want to over pay or get screwed and you notice one ip address is just clickin the hell out of this guys ads, your going to assume that this affiliate is paying this guy to click his spent money lost..

      Now I have had situations myself where money just stopped coming in. Then picked up. Then stopped...Its mainly do to content. But to be kicked off or blocked is ruff. Never had that happen and would be very upset.

      However we are kind of stuck with a minimal amount of options. Even hub pages doesn't offer very many other ways to monetize your Hub. You kind of have to think outside the box..which "thinking outside the box" is how most of the millionaires made their money.

      Anyways I do way too strict and has a tendency to falsely convict so to speak. But I disagree in a sense that many people have become rich with them or at least using them as a sub income.

      Good luck to everyone who ventures to make money online or out of their home. Instead of finding jobs we need to create jobs!

    • ePetNation profile image

      ePetNation 6 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you for sharing, I am happy, well not happy , but I feel better knowing others have been treated as poorly as myself. I do not know who sabatoged my adsense.

    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      ePetNation, the same thing happened to me too and I went through all those feelings that you did. I've made an appeal but it looks that nothing will come out of it. You are right in that Google can just do what it wants and is not obliged to explain themselves or their decision. It is so frustrating.

    • ePetNation profile image

      ePetNation 6 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks Rosie2010, I will check it out.

    • Rosie2010 profile image

      Rosie Rose 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hiya Epetnation, sorry to hear about losing your Adsense account. You are not alone. Go to the forums and you will find out that other people had lost their Adsense accounts too for reasons unknown to them.

      Welcome to Hubpages!