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How I began to Start Writing

Updated on September 26, 2012

Reading has been my passion from ever since I can remember. What started with reading comics during classes developed into a hobby over the years. I find solace and peace when I sit down to read, and all my worries seem to disappear into thin air. Be it science fiction, psychology, or even art, any book attracts my attention. I am an avid reader who sets aside time to read on a daily basis.

I never thought I could write,at least not until a year ago. In my ninth month of pregnancy when I finally decided that I was going to take a break from work and start planning to welcome my lil one, I sat down to pen down my feelings of joy and apprehensions. I penned down a few words in my diary and soon forgot about it with my son's arrival.

Time flew by, my maternity leave was exhausted and it was time to return to work. One day at my desk and I knew I could not return to work the next day, I had to be with my child who needed me more than anything else.

Papers were put down, goodbyes and numbers were exchanged. I became a full time mom tending and caring for my 2 month old infant. Soon boredom caught up, as my son slept most of the day, like most babies do.

I began exploring various work from home options but nothing clicked. And then one fine day when my son was 3 months old, an email was waiting for me when I opened my laptop. A rejected application for a home based job, but with it was an offer to write if I was interested.

Write? Me and writing? I was rather apprehensive, but what did I have to lose in replying to an email.

That started my journey as a freelance writer. My son is now 18 months old, an active and energetic child who has started speaking his first words. Writing was difficult initially as I had to not just manage my son but also household chores. But with time writing became a part of my daily schedule. Today I write at least 3000 words a day for various clients.

I earn my own money and spend it on my son with pride. A smile crosses my face when I get compliments from my friends that my son is perhaps one of the most cutely dressed kids his age. Writing has been able to not just spend these wonderful growing moments with my son but also earn well enough to be able to afford expensive labels like mother care.

A typical day starts with bathing and feeding my son, cleaning and cooking. And then we the mother son duo sit down to write. While I sit and write my son keeps tottering around me playing and babbling, occasionally he comes and gives me a hug, knowingly looks into my eyes and gives me a million dollar smile. And I know he is trying to tell me Mom I Love You.


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